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Merchandise Every ‘Mr. Robot’ Fan Will Love

Photo by: Spencer Barrett

We’re just over one month away from the third season premiere of USA Network’s critically acclaimed series Mr. Robot. If, like us, you’re obsessed with the series and counting down the days until the show finally returns, we’ve rounded up our favorite pieces of Mr. Robot merchandise that every fan needs to own.

Red Wheelbarrow

Red Wheelbarrow is the sole official novel for Mr. Robot and, much like the TV series, this book is not a typical tie-in. Written by series creator Sam Esmail and show writer Courtney Looney, Red Wheelbarrow presents itself as Elliot Alderson’s (Rami Malek) journal we see him writing in throughout Mr. Robot season two. The book fills in all the details of Elliot’s life before and during the sophomore season in a way that truly makes you feel like you’re inside his head. There were many times I was reading the journal and was taken aback by just how real the writing and drawings seemed. The physical book is also full of removable items that provide even more insight into Elliot’s world and his battle for control with Mr. Robot.

One warning: this book does spoil major plot points of the series’ second season, so be sure you’re all caught up with the show before diving in.

Red Wheelbarrow is available for sale on Amazon.

FSociety Mask

fsociety is the hacker group led by Elliot throughout the series. When its members need a disguise to keep their identities hidden from the public, they put on the famous fsociety mask. The mask of the mustached man is from a fictional film called The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, which USA Network released online for fans to watch. Thanks to costume company Rasta Imposta, you too can own this mask and start your own revolution.

Mr. Robot T-Shirts

One of our favorite parts of loving a series is being able to wear clothing featuring the show and its characters in your everyday wardrobe. Luckily, you have quite a few options when it comes to Mr. Robot t-shirts – allowing you to share your allegiance to fsociety, Evil Corp, or the series itself. Choose wisely, friend.

TV Source’s own Spencer Barrett! Photo by: Spencer Barrett

Vinyl Score Volumes

The music of Mr. Robot has been a consistent highlight of the series throughout its first two seasons and for good reason. Composer Mac Quayle scores the show with atmospheric, foreboding music that pairs perfectly with all the drama of Mr. Robot. Compositions like ‘What’s Your Ask?’ and ‘Fuck Society’ instantly pull you into the complex world of the series and keep you coming back for more. The first two volumes of Mac Qualye’s Mr. Robot score are available now on vinyl via Lakeshore Records and stylized like a CD in Elliot’s collection. Look for a vinyl release of Volume 3 later this year.

Funko Pops

Is there truly anything cuter than a Funko Pop? We think not. These stylized vinyl figures of your favorite characters from the big and small screens are a huge hit among fans and collectors alike. Released this past spring, Darlene, Mr. Robot, Angela, and White Rose have all been released in Funko Pop form to add a little more adorable to your collection.

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