FiGPiN Reveals an Impressive X-Men Animated Wave

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

The Animated X-Men series is getting a wave of FiGPiNs! Each one of these pins are highly detailed and feature each character in a stylish pose.

The new lineup consists of Professor X, Sentinel, Logan, Sabertooth, Mystique, and Phoenix. Each pin is a common release, available to order on FiGPiN’s official site and other retailers like Entertainment Earth and PiNS ON FiRE.

These pins will go great with the other X-Men and Marvel pins currently in my collection and are a must have for any fan!

Don’t forget to add your pins to the FiGPiN app to log your collection and build up your collection power!

These X-Men FiGPiNs and more can be ordered on FiGPiN’s official site and other retailers.