Days of our Lives Week in Review: Pieces Falling Into Place

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Pans of the Week

  • Hungry Like The Wolf

Just when Kate DiMera started to get on my good side again, she goes and wrecks it at breakneck speed. With suspicions of internal sabotage at DiMera Enterprises running high, Kate enlisted the help of Theo Carver to hack into the company’s systems (I think…) to figure out who might be tripping her up. Apparently, she hasn’t been able to close any of her vague deals as they continue to mysteriously fall through. But honestly, I don’t care!

I get that soap operas these days can’t focus on big business storylines like they used to because they’re often too slow paced. Soaps have to keep it moving so in turn, these business stories get glossy and shallow treatments. I’m still not 100% sure what DiMera Enterprises does (on the legitimate side), what companies they’ve acquired or why the business only seems to run out of the DiMera living room. I think more than any other soap opera fan, DAYS fans understand the limitations with budget and time but I do think the setting does this story a disservice. Corporate espionage should at least involve the corporation to some degree! All we need for DiMera Enterprises and Titan is a board room, give us that and then try to peddle business stories to us. Other than, it just feels thin and rushed.

Other than that, Kate should honestly be more involved in Lucas Horton’s life than worrying about business. When has she ever taken no for an answer when it comes to her children? Lucas’ denying of support should have invigorated her even more, if not the search for her beloved grandson. It just doesn’t feel right to have Kate pouring herself into work when her family is in jeopardy in so many different ways. I would have liked to see her come to Memphis, not to roll in the Mystery Machine with the other members of the gang, but to be there for Lucas. Kate’s no adventurer like Will’s other grandma, Marlena Evans, but she should be there supporting this hunt in some capacity.

  • You Spin Me Round

No one can tell Judi Evans that she doesn’t it. From flexing her comedic chops playing the deliciously bad Bonnie Lockhart, to the sweet sentimental melodrama that is Adrienne Johnson, Evans can do it all and so effortlessly. Unfortunately, the latter of those two characters was not at her sweetest this last week. Her behavior reminded more of what I’d expect from one of Salem’s resident women haters instead of Adrienne.

When Ron Carlivati was appointed head writer at DAYS, he made it known that he was looking to reunite couples that he felt should be together. Justin Kiriakis and Adrienne was one of the couples. Though we had to sit through Adrienne wailing behind bars for Lucas Horton, as soon as she was out and pleaded her case of the doppelganger to her fiancé, her attention went right back to Justin when he turned her down. Didn’t that feel just a little insensitive? To me, it felt pretty damn insensitive actually.

Not only had Adrienne heard from everyone else in town that Bonnie breaking up with him as Adrienne had sent Lucas over the edge, but she’d seen his room full of empty alcohol bottles. Lucas is visibly struggling to deal with his very own life at the moment! She’d proclaimed her love for Lucas repeatedly but she gave in as soon as he told her no. That was just so unrealistic! I’m no fan of Lucas and Adrienne as couple, but if I were then I’d be feeling really sour from this last week’s episodes! I think they may have always known that Justin would win out in the end, but I don’t think anyone would have expected such a rush job with so little conflict. The beginning and middle of the story was so vibrant and exciting, only for it to pitter out so predictably.

It’s okay for characters to be single for a while and find their way back together! Adrienne should have attempted to be a support system for Lucas, distance herself from the calamity Bonnie caused and then work Justin back into her heart. Since we’ve seen there’s room for more than one man in Adrienne’s heart, there should also be room for different kinds of love and compassion too.

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