Days of our Lives Week in Review: Everything Sami Wants (She Doesn’t Get)

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Days of Our Lives, I love you. Week after week, I’ve been itching to run home and watch the same day’s episode. No longer do I dread sitting through scene after tired scene but instead I find myself wishing each episode was longer. This last week was just that, giving viewers a slow burn of an opener to the week before the full inferno set the whole town of Salem ablaze. A mother’s desperate plan to a father’s grief overtaking his logic and a young man’s guilt eating away at his sanity – emotions were rife in Salem, USA this last week. After years of seeing one note stories and flat characters, I cannot commend DAYS’ new writing team enough for coming in and wrecking house in the best way.

With that said, let’s check out my top pick and pan from the week of November 27th, 2017 on Days of Our Lives!

Pick of the Week

  • Everything She Wants

Just when you think Samantha Gene Brady-DiMera couldn’t further cross the line, she draws a new one and bulldozes her way right over it. This last week, after digging through her mother’s medical journals, Sami decides that in order to get Wil Horton’s memories back then she has to get him killed again. Well, almost! I loved that there was an actual scientific study about trauma and triggering events to back up her reasoning and not the usual “She’s Sami, She’s Crazy!” thought process. She really does want to help but only in the most irresponsible, dangerous way.

No matter how twisted it was having Sami watch as Ben Weston proceeded to strangle Will under her orders, I was absolutely riveted. Sami was absolutely in the wrong but as always, she believes that if her motives are pure then the actions should never be judged. Sorry, boo, it doesn’t work that way! I mean look, there’s a convicted killer calling you a monster – it’s truly time to rethink the plan. What came from this harebrained scheme was some great drama and acting from Chandley Massey (I was pleasantly surprised!), Ali Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo. The three of them have an undeniable chemistry as a family unit paired with all that messy history over the last 20 years and you have a perfect storm! I loved when Will fled to Marlena and John’s place only to have Sami roll in and get roasted by the entire family! There’s no way Sami should have walked away from doing that thinking getting Will strangled was okay.

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The reason why this moment was my top pick of the week though was because it touched upon this trait of Sami that I adore so much – her selfishness. Sami was painted as a hero for so many years, even when she did dastardly things, it didn’t feel right for her to still be seen as the good guy. The Sami I know will gladly go all out for someone but she’ll also have other motives in mind too, motives that will benefit herself in the end. Getting Will to remember his life in Salem by having him choked out was done because Sami wanted him to remember her, on her terms and by her metaphorical hand. You could see the way it thoroughly upset Sami when Will just naturally gravitated to Marlena and her patience, even without knowing her!

Sami’s been repeating this line about feeling responsible in getting Will’s memories back because she’s his mother. She’s desperate to carry this burden because she’s so desperate to be redeemed in Will’s heart – and not just for everything Susan Banks lied to him about but for all the real problems she put him through. I think in a way that’s admirable and I can understand her frustration, but Sami needs to learn how to take herself out of the equation to truly think of others. I’m sure if she’d asked Will if he wanted to be strangled by the hottest serial killer on TV right now, he might have thought about it.

But who are we kidding, it’s Sami! She’ll never truly learn, at least not as quickly as a normal functioning adult.

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