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Supernatural Recap: “The Bad Place”

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

In the last episode of Supernatural, Lucifer escaped Hell World only to end up powerless and captured by Asmodeus, along with Castiel. The Winchesters found out that Ketch was still alive courtesy of a spell by Rowena, and Ketch joined forces with Asmodeus. So overall a real crap week for the good guys. Here’s hoping that this week is better but knowing it probably won’t be. Sob.

This week’s episode opens with a surprisingly well-informed and articulate jack meeting with an Native American artist that can dream walk. Jack pays him to dreamwalk into Hell World. When the artist appears to struggle to see, Jack steps behind him and channeled his power to see what the dream walker was seeing. Unfortunately, he basically cooked his brain doing it, and burned out his eyes. Dick move, Jack.

Dean reached out to Patience, the late Missouri’s psychic granddaughter, for psychic help finding Jack. She’s avoiding his calls and from the looks of things, she’s avoiding her gifts too. But after a call from Jody, it looks like the boys are finally on Jack’s trail. After realizing Jack is looking for info about the Hell World, Dean is suspicious that Jack is looking for daddy Lucy. Sam wants to find more info before they leap to that conclusion, so they follow a lead to another dreamwalker. Too bad Jack found her first. She’s sassy Latina, like myself, so I’m hoping our boys will get there before it’s too late.

Jack convinced Kaia to escape from the rehab she’s in just as the Winchesters pull into the parking lot. He seems to be disturbingly in control of his powers as he angel touches the group counselor’s forehead and knocks him out. But once they escape, Kaia wants no part of his whole situation. I don’t blame her even a little. He tries to stop her but Sam and Dean show up because heroes. Dreamy sigh. But in a surprising and happy twist, Jack explains that he’s trying to find Mary for them, and he has. He also left that artist alive, so he’s not all crazy town murdery. What a relief. He proceeds to angel touch Sam and Dean and show them what he saw. Side note, I should explain what I mean when I say angel touch because it occurs to me that it sounds dirty. I mean touch his fingers to their forehead. That’s all. Gutter brains. :D

Anyways, after Jack angel touches Sam & Dean, they see their mom is alive and not so well, given she is hanging in a spiked cage. Ouch. Meanwhile, Kaia is hitchhiking and picked up by some angels, who are obviously the eye burner outers. Angels are such dicks in this show.

Cut to Patience, who is having a super disjointed dream about someone, maybe Jody, getting stabbed. Sam and Dean are there too, preferably alive and well.

The angels who kidnapped Kaia are using her to get to Jack. They admitted they tortured and killed that artist to find Jack. So much death is in their future.

Meanwhile, Dean is shaken to realize that he had given up on their mom too soon, and Sam was right all along about her being alive. Sam consoles him by clarifying that he hoped she was still alive, but he hadn’t been sure. Jack is hurt and shocked to think that they believed he could kill that artist. Sam makes excuses but Dean keeps it real as ever and admits they thought he was looking for his dad. Jack is surprised because he doesn’t consider Lucifer to be his father. In fact, he’s no one to him. It’s Sam, Dean, and Castiel who are his family. Dean agrees that they’re family now, and praises him for finding their mother. Jack looks pleased and it’s the cutest. After angel radio so rudely interrupts their moment, Jack announces that angels have Kaia.

Elsewhere, Patience is packing a bag. Her father is freaked out to realize she’s been having visions all along but ignoring. But now that she saw friends in danger, she can’t ignore them anymore. He gives her the classic dumb, desperate parent ultimatum that if she leaves and embraces that life, don’t bother coming back. She leaves because duh. What a dumb dumb he is.

The angels are waiting with Kaia, who sadly thinks no one will care if she’s missing or want to come looking for her. But that’s where she’s wrong because there’s no one too unimportant for the Winchesters to want to help. They arrive with Jack in tow and confront the angels. The angels claim Jack belongs with them, but he’s quick to point out he doesn’t belong with murderers. In a show of incredible power and equally impressive restraint, Jack uses his newfound abilities to gravity toss the angels away without harming anyone else.

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

They free Kaia who is NOT interested in their whole situation. Sam pleads their case, asking for her help but she refuses. When she dreamwalks, she always ends up in the Bad Place and when she’s hurt there, she’s hurt in real life. Sam understands and wants to let her go, but Dean pulls his gun and forces her into the car. It’s a dark, scary side to Dean and a look into just how desperate he is, and how far he’s ready to go to save his mom. Sam and Jack look shocked and I’m right there with them. I don’t like where Dean’s going.

Sam is trying to reason with Dean, while Jack shows Kaia what he saw through the artist. Whatever she sees, seems to give her hope that her powers aren’t all bad. While they’re driving, one of the angels that escaped shows up, but this time she has back up. They’re desperate to save their race and aren’t worried about casualties. Dean apologizes for dragging Kaia into this, and I’m so relieved. It doesn’t make what he did okay, but I’m glad he isn’t heartless enough to disregard that he put her in danger. Kaia suggests they combine her powers with Jack to create a rift to Hell World and escape. Not much of an escape but better than nothing, I guess.

While the angels do some kinda rhythmic chant to destroy the enochian runes keeping them out, Jack and Kaia work together to open the rift. But it’s not Hell World Kaia sees when she dream walks. It looks more like Purgatory. Jack tries to help her focus on Hell World, but it flickers back and forth between The Bad Place and Hell World. Finally, it comes to a bad head and Jack and Kaia’s combined power explodes in a wave of light, incinerating the angels and pulling her, Jack, Sam, and Dean into a rift, which stays open.

Patience shows up at Jody’s door and announced something bad is coming.

Slowly, it becomes apparent that something went wrong when they were all pulled into that rift, because they’re not together. In fact, they were pulled into different realities. We see Kaia unconscious on the side of a road who knows where, Jack is in the Hell World with Mary, and Sam and Dean are in the Bad Place. Because of course that’s where they would end up. As they climb out of what seems like a small ditch, the camera zooms out to show that they are, in fact, standing inside a ginormous footprint. Are they in a world where fracking dinosaurs exist?! Because that’s what it looks like!!

Okay, so I’m super excited to see where everyone is when the show comes back from winter break. That was awesome!

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