Days of our Lives Week in Review: Building a Mystery


Days of our Lives was slow this week, I’ll admit it. Did I hate it? Not at all but I definitely didn’t love it. Unfortunately, everything I didn’t love with most recent storylines led the week off. Thankfully, by the end of it there was a much brighter glimmer of hope as we head into the last week before February sweeps. Something tells me things won’t be quiet and slow for much longer…

Days of our Lives Week in Review for episodes airing January 22-26, 2018.

Picks of the Week – Building a Mystery

Why is John poisoning Patch? That little alliteration from the promo for this last week really had me intrigued from the get go. Not just because I’m simple and really love wordplay, but because this is a mystery that actually makes me wonder why it’s happening. Unlike the Andre DiMera whodunnit where I could care less or the convoluted storybook caper on General Hospital, the whos, whats, hows and whys of this one actually have me scratching my head!

Ending the week with Steve Johnson wearing glasses and an eyepatch was enough to solidly get me into this storyline. Just from the start, this mystery has the classic camp of Ron Carlivati mixed with some actual intrigue probably thrown in by partners Ryan Quan and Sheri Anderson. We saw John Black taking a suspiciously long time getting two shots for he and Steve just to pour some mysterious substance into his buddy’s glass. This was all after lots of heavy hinting and wordplay suggest John was behind Steve’s vision loss – then surprise, he was!

After much begging to see favorite veterans on screen, we’re finally getting a mystery story revolving around John, Steve, Kayla and Marlena. We’re soon going to get a dash of the stronger younger cast in Paul Narita and Will Horton thrown into the mix too! Whatever this is seems like it’s going to take a village to get to the bottom of.

Even so, I wish could say I knew what was happening or had any kind of inkling but this story is actually throwing me for a loop! I can only imagine that John is being forced into all of this, someone must be putting some sort of pressure on him or holding something over his head for him to go after his longtime friend. Did anyone else notice the moment he was ready to spill his guts before being cut off? He’s clearly not brainwashed and in his right mind but the question of why still stands! Any ideas?

Come As You Are

Haters will say Will Horton is creeping on Paul Narita – and I will say that I agree! But the difference between the creep that Sonny Kiriakis has always been for the once vulnerable and confused Will is that Will is showing restraint, pushing but still being respectful of Paul. This draw toward his mother’s step-brother is all based in the fact that Will is comfortable being himself with Paul while still learning who he is, he’d never do anything to jeopardize that.

Watching Will light up from across the room when spotting a curious, but still uncertain Paul was one major highlight of the week for me. I’ve never seen a smile so genuine in a moment that felt so true to this character – nor have I ever seen such a perfect eyebrow lift and shock as the one Marlena Evans pulled off right after. I love that she’s there to remind Will that it’s okay to make your attraction known, but to chill out and let Paul have his time to heal. That’s also a major factor in why I know Will is absolutely going about this the right way. Not only is he keen on getting to know Paul, but he’s still getting to know himself too. Literally.

Moving into the Martin House could have been a major step back. Paul was initially very cautious as to why Will would do such a thing but after explaining needing his own space to start his life, the two began to connect. A little Japanese rock later and the two were all sorts of adorable pals. I lived for it! We’ll see soon that Paul and Will will soon investigate what’s ailing Steve and John, making me think that in the search for a new career, Will decides to try out being a private investigator. Probably to get close to Paul at first and then maybe he’ll find that he interestingly enjoys the work. We’ll just have to see!

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