General Hospital Spoilers: March 19-23, 2018

General Hospital Spoilers
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In this week’s General Hospital spoilers: Sam and Elizabeth team up to find Drew and Franco; Ava has concerns about Nelle’s revenge on Carly; Jason meets with Spinelli; Alexis and Julian have a run in; Kiki learns what a creep her mentor is. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 19, 2018.

General Hospital Spoilers: In Search of…
Considering Drew and Franco’s disappearance, Sam and Elizabeth unite in the hopes of finding the men they love. Sam believes there’s more to Drew not responding, and when she realizes Franco is missing too, she reaches out to Liz. Elizabeth looks for answers and turns to Jordan for assistance. Franco and Liz may be on the outs, but that doesn’t mean her feels have gone away. #Samiz make a beeline for creepy Harvey, and though he denies knowing the whereabouts of “Bobby and Andy”, Sam’s spidey-sense gives her cause for concern. Sam gets a break when she later finds evidence that her husband was in Harvey’s room and fills in Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Franco confesses to Drew what he remembers. Later, Drew’s instincts kick in. Will it be enough to get them out of their predicament? What startling discovery will the police commissioner stumble upon?

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Jason meets with Anna. Griffin takes a risk. Ned feels compromised.
  • Griffin offers his advice. Curtis surprised. Kiki is grateful.
  • Ava wonders if Nelle is taking things too far. Griffin accepts an offer from Ava. Michael is let down.
  • Franco is uncertain of his future. Nelle grows frustrated. Carly is pleasantly surprised. Alexis rises to Finn’s defense. Andre encourages Anna to live her life.
  • Sam wrestles with her feelings. Nelle makes a bold move. Jason meets with Spinelli. Andre gets an earful from Sonny. Julian bumps into Alexis.
  • Kiki is unnerved when Dr. Bensch requests a meeting with her in his office. Though she’s uneasy with his ever-increasing invasion of her personal space, she meets with him anyway, unsure if he’s being nice or something more. When her mentor says he’s arranged for her to have a prestigious internship, she’s more than grateful. But that feeling is soon erased when Dr. Bensch kisses her.

Source Sneak Peek: GH Edition – Week of March 26, 2018
Sam has a moment with Jason; Jordan and Dante grow anxious; Bobbie gives Maxie a pep talk. Elizabeth and Jason put their differences aside. Sonny does what he can for Mike.

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