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‘Famous in Love’ Recap: ‘These Kids Aren’t All Right’

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

The fallout from Alexis’ reality show bombshell continued to plague the cast and crew of Locked during the latest installment of Famous in Love.

“These Kids Aren’t All Right” kicked off with Rainer refusing to get any sleep despite Harper’s best efforts. He’s far too keyed up about the ocean pollution to take the time to rest. And he’s definitely not interested in the Backsplash reunion.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

However, Harper convinces him the reunion is the perfect opportunity to tell the world about their mutual love for charity work. Not only that, Rainer’s new girlfriend has also decided to run interference between him and his former friends.

Is this really her angle? She’s so desperate to help the world that she wants Rainer all to herself? It seems too easy (and too nice). There has to be another reason Harper wants to isolate him.

After calling her out for spilling secrets, Jordan opted to change his tactics when it came to Tangey. He secured a room at the same hotel and attempted to smolder his way back into her good graces.

But Tangey has another potential love interest thanks to her musical team up with Pablo. Despite the friction caused by Alexis’ would-be Twitter war, these two seem to be on solid ground. Boring ground since their scenes are about as exciting as watching paint dry, but solid ground. At least until Jordan works his magic again.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

No one wanted to talk to Alexis on set so she locked herself in her trailer and screamed about her fat suit. Seriously, are we supposed to like her? She seemed far more tolerable last season. Nina finally coaxed her out of the trailer by pointing out that if she could handle the onset gossip, so could Alexis.

When she wasn’t on Alexis duty, Nina was scheming with her assistant to get a meeting with her former Backsplash producer Rob Estes (he probably has a character name, but I didn’t catch it).

This seems exactly like the story she had with Alan last season. First, they disliked each other in the past. Then, they get close in the present. Except Rob’s character has a Yale graduate for a daughter (who’s close to Alexis) instead of a secret kid with Nina. But really, this is the same story, isn’t it?

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Speaking of the same story…Paige and Jake are fighting about Rainer again. And now Vera, too, or should we say Billy? Paige and Cassie tracked down the diner waitress at her new job. Then Paige and Jake got her fired from that job because they were arguing during the show.

But everything worked out: Billy happily accepted the offer to replace Paige in the movie. Then she and Jake spent some time rewriting the scenes together, only for Paige to get jealous at their closeness.

Seriously, Paige and Jake only seem to like each other when the other one has the potential of liking someone else. Just save us the trouble and break up already, okay?

Oh, and Paige has a stalker who buys expensive champagne. Because that’s definitely what was missing from this show.

Miscellaneous Musings

-Claudia Lee is a fantastic addition to the cast and one of the only bright spots of Season 2. I loved her on Hart of Dixie and she’s only gotten better since then.

-The Backsplash scene was HILARIOUS. The actors clearly had fun playing younger, terrible-acting versions of their characters. Definitely the highlight of the episode.

Locked makes no sense, which I guess is the joke at this point, but was the fat suit scene really necessary? Alexis’ life is a disaster of her own making, but being stuck in a fat suit is her breaking point? Because being fat is the worst thing ever? Be better than fat-shaming, show.

-Cassie telling Paige not to be “champagne stupid” was great. Except maybe she should question why her best friend is so interested in Rainer’s problems

Finally, a serious question: Would the show be more entertaining if we were able to watch all the episodes at once like we were in Season 1?

Or does it need to go back to its original premise: Paige navigating Hollywood and her love life?

(I don’t have the answer, but this is the end of the road for me. Someone tweet at me if/when Paige and Rainer kiss for real so I can watch it on YT).

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