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‘Krypton’ Recap – Season 1 Episode 5 – ‘House of Zod’

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OH. MY. ZOD! So much to unpack this episode, but let me say first and foremost that Ann Ogbomo (Jayna Zod) is a treasure and I would lay down my life for her. Krypton continues to deliver each and every week with “House of Zod” proving to be an exceptional episode. Let’s dive into this week’s Krypton recap.

Krypton Recap: Season 1 Episode 5: “House of Zod”
Airdate: April 18, 2018
Julius Ramsey directed the episode written by Lina Patel

“What makes a Zod? Is it blood? Jayna. Vidar. You were born into a great house. A house of warriors. Warriors whose courage, honor, and loyalty to the state are without equal and without question…To earn the name Zod, you must place honor above all. Above love. Above life. Even above family.”

The opening sequence of tonight’s episode brings us inside the House of Zod and Jayna’s upbringing. As Jayna grapples with a choice between staying loyal to Kandor and the Voice of Rao or saving her daughter, she channels her frustration and anger in training with a robot version of her brother. Throughout the episode, we get glimpses into her past, growing up with a father who trained her to put loyalty and honor about all else. We see as she and her brother are pitted against each other as the heir to the House of Zod. As Jayna remembers her past and the choice she made to leave her brother to die, she must decide if she will do the same for Lyta or if she will make a different choice. It is clear that her decision in the past haunts her. Why else would she choose a replica of her brother as a grown up as her sparring partner?

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Ann Ogbomo shines in this episode as you can see and feel Jayna being torn in opposite directions. Feeling love for her brother and her daughter, knowing all she was taught to be, and trying to reconcile the two. It is a powerful moment when she makes the choice, with pain in her eyes, she cannot bear to see Lyta executed and she betrays all she has ever known. In saving her daughter, she has committed her greatest disgrace. In a moment that should have been a loving and tender mother/daughter reunion, she can only manage to remind Lyta of all she has given up to save her. “You’ve always been my greatest love, and now my greatest shame.”

It is hard to imagine that Lyta was brought up in the House of Zod as she seems so different from her mother. Lyta wears her heart on her sleeve, bearing the same volition of loyalty, strength, and honor that her mother has; Lyta places value on family and love. It would appear Jayna did not attempt to brainwash Lyta the way her father did to her. Lyta is released thanks to the Vex’s and and her rank and position restored. She finally hears her mother admit she loves her for what would appear to be the first time in her life. Georgina Campbell, another standout performance, as she physically reacts to her mother telling her she loves her and she’s her greatest shame all at the same time. The way she recoils her body and withdraws her emotions back inside is powerful and you just want to hug her.

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

Lyta’s love life becomes even more complicated this episode. While sharing a tender moment with Dev when he comes to visit her, he admits he has always loved her even if she doesn’t feel the same. She kisses him and tells him that she does love him. Later on, when Seg is in danger, he sends Adam with a message for her; “You are everything good in me and I love you.” Lyta springs to action and together with the Sagitari and Adam, they rescue Seg and she has a confrontation with the mysterious Commander. A confrontation that ends with the Commander recognizing her. He is wearing a necklace identical to hers. She asks who gave it to him; “You did. I’m your son.” WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Mysterious Commander dude is GENERAL FREAKIN ZOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not see this coming and damn near fell out of my chair. So he’s also a time traveler? This explains the cryptic comments last week to Seg. But what? How? Who’s his Daddy?! I NEED answers. But, alas, that was the end of the episode.

(Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

The other huge and important thing we learned tonight, was there is another religious faction on Krypton. As Seg attempts to escape, as we saw last week, he comes upon another prisoner that he frees. She says she can get them to safety and leads him to another cave. Seg sees a door that bears the sigil of House El and House Zod combined. What is this?? He doesn’t have time to wonder because he’s suddenly surround by Cythonnites. You will recall that there were 6 gods, one of them was Cythonna, the ice goddess. If Rao is the sun god, they are essentially opposites. This group of people are her followers, believing her to be the One True God. The group is wary of Seg knowing he is an El and want to kill him. The woman who helped him escape explains that he has the power to destroy everything, because the House of El has done it before. She refuses to elaborate and Seg lies saying all of his brothers and sisters and cousins are looking for him so she better let him out. She does and this is how he ends up back with the Commander at episodes end when Lyta saves him. The Commander, who we now know is Dru Zod, is furious Seg has let this woman go as she “is the key to defeating Brainiac”. This opens up a lot of questions that I’m sure will be explored moving forward. Perhaps Daron Vex can provide answers.

Speaking of the Vex’s and ice, it gets even more icy between Nyssa and Daron this week as he’s angry with her for going to Jayna with their plan. Moreso, he’s angry he’ll now have to sacrifice Kol-Da who he is apparently having some sort of affair with. He claims she has recounted her testimony against Lyta and Daron has Kol-Da killed, making it look like a suicide. Nyssa is shocked when she realizes that Daron cared for Kol-Da. There is a deep sense between these two that perhaps Nyssa and Lyta didn’t have such different upbringings. Nyssa comments that most parents love their children. Her bitter tone senses resentment and it cannot be easy for her to hear Seg’s declaration of love message to Lyta later on. It will be interesting to see which side she ends up on by seasons end.

Adam had some great moments this episode as he seemed to be the only one concerned that Seg was nowhere to be found and no one had heard from him. He feverishly searches for him, asking around, “he’s about yea high, dreamy eyes, legs for days?”. Adam is so excited to finally hear Seg’s voice on their transmitter, and we get to see Seg do a little science to make it work. Adam proves a loyal friend as he heads straight to Lyta with the message and a hope she can help him find Seg. Together they rescue our dreamy main character, but not before Adam checks out one of the gentleman Sagitari. They’re totally having a steamy affair soon.

This episode was firing on all cylinders and delivered in max capacity. As always, the women of House Zod were shining bright and I cannot wait to see where our cliffhanger takes us next week.


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