General Hospital Spoilers: June 4-8, 2018

General Hospital Spoilers
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In this week’s General Hospital spoilers: Anna comes clean to Robin about Peter being her son with Faison; meanwhile Peter’s disappearance is the talk of Port Charles, with Nina being pulled into his kidnapping and his whereabouts being a cause of concern for Sam, Jason and Drew; will Julian’s apology be accepted? Get a preview of what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 4, 2018.

General Hospital Spoilers: All About Peter (Again)

Last week an unknown assailant knocked out Peter before he could escape town, the identity of his captor will be revealed, and it’s not Nina Cassadine! Though it looks as if an emotionally vulnerable and out for revenge Nina will have more than enough valid reasons to keep mum about his whereabouts. Speaking of Nina, her divorce with Valentin is moving forward, much to the consternation of her problematic boo.

Across the pond, Anna tells Robin she has a secret older brother! Unfortunately for Anna, her daughter is quite upset with what she hears. Thankfully Anna has a really charming, emotionally supportive not-boyfriend named Finn there to comfort her.

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Maxie is moved to tears. Finn’s timing is impeccable. Drew makes arrangements. Oscar steps up. Mike gets the attention he needs.
  • Sam asks for help. Valentin keeps his word. Jason has doubts. Kim hears a different side of the story. Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion.
  • Finn is supportive. Anna comes clean. Sonny cautions Carly. Julian apologizes. Alexis is stunned.
  • Ava relays what she saw. Josslyn is on the defense. Griffin is interrupted. Lulu makes a promise. Franco takes matters into his own hands.
  • Alexis confronts Monica. Jason is put on the spot. Nelle is thrilled. Michael makes a call. Curtis wants to help.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of June 11, 2018
Julian has a lot to prove. Alexis has questions for Valentin. Peter sees an out. Jason and Sam meet for coffee. Drew’s confession has resonance with Oscar.