Podcast EP 40: Week in Soaps – I Know What You Did Last Spring

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In this week’s new Week in Soaps episode of the TV Source podcast, JT’s back with a vengeance on The Young and the Restless. All that’s missing is a Scream mask and a black cloak, because that’s what’s the series’ once praised domestic abuse storyline has devolved into. In other soap news, General Hospital enlists the colonel for some finger lickin product placement and Days of our Lives‘ gays (the good ones) express public “I love yous” while a bad gay (no, not Leo) murders our favorite bad-boy gay. All that and more in the TV Source podcast covering the week in soaps, July 2-6, 2018.

Episode Taped: July 8, 2018

Scene of the Week (01:00): Days of our Lives star Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal earn this week’s praise as an increasingly anxious Ben spirals into delusion when he learns Salem PD has an ABP out on him due to Ciara’s disappearance. Ben’s inability to discern what’s real from what’s not is enhanced due to great directing and post-production frm the DAYS team. Wilson’s performance as Ben unravels is a journey through psychosis and fear as visions of his abusive father Clyde taunt him over Ciara, with Konefal elevating her game to match that of her scene partner. Who knew the #CabinofSin would be so alluring?

General Hospital (06:48): GH and KFC’s product tie-in — debacle or brilliance? We think it’s a little bit of both. New Cameron debuts, Elizabeth’s friend from childhood (in Colorado) appears with some big news for her Biz, and Milo’s emotional confession to Sonny about his mother’s Alzheimers’ was great, but why is this news to Sonny?

The Young and the Restless (26:21): Billy’s return to gambling is a thinly plotted device set to push him and Summer together and we’re not having it. This is yet another situation where the obvious story is neglected for an unnecessary plot point. Is JT’s return a way of addressing the fan criticism about killing him off? We think not, and if there was going to an attempt made to address criticism, it should have come by partnering with an advocacy group and showing Victoria rebuilding her life through therapy and daily struggles. Also: Nate returns and Y&R’s sex scenes.

Days of our Lives (49:17): Will is forced to cover up Sonny murdering our new fave gay Leo because #Sonnyistheworst. Is it a “fun” Summer story though? In more important news, Paul and Will say I love you in front of a very pleased John. Meanwhile, Brady’s got his mother turning over in her grave at what a mess he’s become. We’re Team Theresa in this custody case. Of course we’d discuss the #CabinofCin and the #BestDamnThingInSoaps™, Ben and Ciara.

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