Podcast EP 42, Part 1: Week in Soaps – In Our Y&R Feelings…We’re Upset


There was so much to talk about in Week in Soaps for July 16 that we had to split up this TV Source Podcast. In part one of this week’s episode, our hosts focus on The Young and the Restless‘ big developments — Nicholas Newman’s heel turn and the reveal of Dark Horse, and the deadly accident with Hilary and Lily. We’re admittedly in our feelings — good and bad — about a lot in this episode, so it’s only fitting Drake would be the inspiration for this week’s title.

Episode Taped: July 22, 2018

GC, do you love me, are you riding? 

The Highlights

  • (01:00) Nick Newman does the very thing we wanted him to do when he vowed to take everything from Victor, albeit not necessarily the way we thought. We’re about 80/20 on Nick’s turn to the dark side, as his reasons for adopting his father’s machinations to beat him at his own game are quite valid, but at what cost?
  • Dark Horse dovetails into Phyllis and Billy’s issues leading to Nick and Phyllis falling back into old patterns aka banging each other. It’s not that we’re against the idea of Nick and Phyllis, but why now? Why this moment? It doesn’t make much sense to revisit this tryst, especially when Nick and Sharon have come so far. And Phyllis’ trigger for hopping onto Nick is seeing Billy doing what addicts do — even after Jack gave her words of advice? It’s paper thin.
  • (17:55) We’re hella upset about the treatment of Hilary Curtis. While great emotional moments, we can’t help but question why someone who’s driven as much story as she has is being killed of (and her baby) when others have been allowed to leave in one piece. It feels a little…hateful, and as fans of Devon and Hilary we’re upset.
  • We can be critical and in our feelings and still enjoy the show. All of these things can be true. Speaking of things that can be true…we lay out a couple few (yes, “couple few”).
  • And even though we’re hella mad we still aren’t calling for Mal Young’s head. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Episode 42, Part 2 will be published tomorrow afternoon with discussion on General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives. 

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