The 100: Kane, Diyoza, and a Little Hope Proved Me Wrong About Eligius

Pictured (L-R): Ivana Milicevic as Diyoza and Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

“There are no good guys.”

This one quote is what The 100 is known for: there are no good guys, there are no bad guys, there’s only grey moral ambiguity. The show often likes to make our heroes play out the same actions as their previous enemies to make both the characters and the audience understand that sometimes there just isn’t a choice when it comes to saving your people.  Despite this, audience members (or just me) were still prepared to write the new “big bads” of season five, the Eligius crew, off as just that. They were going to be evil, out to ruin the lives and happiness of our favorites who have been around for four seasons before that, and there is no forgiving them. However, I was wrong.

Pictured: Ivana Milicevic as Diyoza — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Charmaine Diyoza (played by Ivana Milicevic) is easily the most interesting new character The 100 has introduced in an incredibly long time. She’s a fully realized character with multiple layers, and so many different facets to her personality that it’s easy to see why members of the audience couldn’t help to be swayed to her side. She’s a tough, former Navy Seal, a leader and observant strategist, a grieving daughter and an expectant mother. Much of the credit for Diyoza’s appeal can go to her Milicevic, who brings level of depth to the character in both the words she says and in the ones she doesn’t.

So, what does this kickass new character need that she didn’t already have? Enter Kane. The idea to match these two up, whether as strange and unlikely allies to maybe even friends has been genius.

From the shows pilot, Kane has been in a constant character transition. He was first introduced as a sort of an antagonist, a by the book at all costs pseudo leader. Since then he was evolved in to the man we see now, six years later, more jaded, and more than a little traumatized by all that he’s both done and been witness to. As of now, we still don’t fully know what went down in the bunker during the six year time jump or the ~dark year~ that has been alluded to throughout season five (hello, cannibalism) but whatever it was (no seriously, if it’s not cannibalism, I’ll give up wine for a year), it has been the end of Kane’s rope. In this fourth episode, Pandora’s Box, we saw Kane willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: his life for the return of Wonkru’s sanity and humanity. Luckily, before that sacrifice could be made, Bellamy and Clarke, with the help of Eligius were able to break in to the bunker and help bring Wonkru back above ground…for better or for worse.

Needing a doctor for ambiguous reasons (which have since been explained), Diyoza turned on her deal with Bellamy and took Abby who insisted Kane be allowed to go as well. Fine, done deal. Or so it seems. Nobody could have predicted the sort of bond that Kane and Diyoza would strike up. He refuses to let her turn in to the kind of leader Octavia proved herself to be and she won’t let him dive too far in to his idealistic version of what he thinks is happening. After all, there are no good guys. Yes, she’s supplying Abby with pills, feeding her addiction in exchange for her medical expertise. But in Diyoza’s mind, that’s Abby’s problem. Ethical? Not in the slightest. However, what are the other options? Abby is an addict and addictions are a disease. When Abby truly hits rock bottom and decides to quit the pills, it’ll be another story. As of right now, keeping her functional and out of withdraw is Diyoza’s priority, for the sake of her own people, which she pointed out to Kane.

Speaking of Kane and Abby (aka #Kabby), Abby’s addiction has taken a toll on their relationship. No longer are they a united front, instead they’re at odds, Kane begging Abby to quit the pills and Abby refusing. Sure, she says she will eventually, but as of right now, the resolve just isn’t there. Will it be in the future? Maybe. But as of right now, Kabby are not only at a stand-still, but in a stand-off.

Which brings us back to Kane and Diyoza. Could this mutually beneficial partnership/friendship go the romantic route? Maybe. Maybe not. But in just eight episodes, the foundation for either a future relationship or simply a beautiful friendship has been laid. Their immense chemistry doesn’t hurt either. The knowledge of Diyoza’s bun in the oven has simply bonded them further, with Kane and Diyoza overlooking a gorgeous valley and envisioning a future that they hope is not too far off: a clinic, a school, bleachers where a girl could have her first kiss by her crush. It was a simplistic scene that painted a picture of a hopeful life for baby Hope. Will that hopeful fantasy become a reality? Well, this is The 100, so not likely. But either way, it was a joy to see two characters amid chaos, trauma, and war come together to share a peaceful dream.

With McCreary back at camp (the baby’s father, maybe) with the knowledge that Diyoza was willing to let him die rather than make a deal to get him back, things are bound to turn ugly rather swiftly. Even with Octavia temporarily neutralized with Bellamy, Clarke, and Indra working hard to ensure peace before she awakens, the odds aren’t good. It’s unclear if Diyoza will even make it through the season. Personally, I would hate to see such an interesting character meet her demise so soon after her introduction, but I know what show I’m watching so my faith is low, and my death watch list is long. And if Diyoza does get offed this season, what becomes of baby Hope? Will Kane step up and be a father figure to her daughter? Will Hope be just what Abby needs to get clean? Maybe. But killing off a mother just so another woman can have her child-even for the sake of getting her clean- is in poor taste (and sends an anti-feminist message in general), so I can only hope that wasn’t the route that was taken. Only time will tie up these loose ends, and with five episodes left, there’s plenty of that in hand.

The 100 returns to The CW July 10th at 8/7c.

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