Days of our Lives star Victoria Konefal Talks Journey to Hollywood, Legendary TV Parents And Why #Cin Is So Popular

Victoria Konefal
Photographer: Birdie Thompson; Hair & Makeup: Allison Noelle; Clothing: Pin-up Girl
Victoria Konefal
Photographer: Birdie Thompson; Hair & Makeup: Allison Noelle; Clothing: Pin-up Girl

That’s awesome. So, what we’re going to do now is just random, rapid fire style questions so our readers can get to know a little bit more about you. We know that you are an avid reader. What is your favorite book of all time?
At Left Brain Turn Right by Anthony Meindl. It’s an acting book. He’s an acting coach. But it is a lot deeper than that. It really teaches you a lot about life and perspective and I recommend everyone read it, not just actors and entertainers.

Traditional book or E-Readers?
Traditional book. I hate E-Readers. I need to flip the pages. Someone got me one for my birthday and I had to pretend to be so happy because I love reading but, no. Not on that thing. Never on that!

What’s worse, New York City traffic or L.A. traffic?
L.A. traffic! It’s just terrible. I can sit in the car for 4 hours and only get 30 miles. It’s not fun. It’s not cute.

That might lead into my next question, what’s your biggest pet peeve?
Bad drivers and people that are on their phones when they drive. I literally scream at people. I need to have a bumper sticker that says ‘Get off your phone!’ I’m going to start carrying water balloons and just soaking people and their technology while they’re on their phones when they drive. I witnessed someone watching Breaking Bad on Netflix on their phone while they were driving! It’s getting out of hand. I need to do something about this!

Talking on the phone or texting?
Talking on the phone. Or better yet, seeing you in person. Yeah, I like that better. I’m throwing in a plot twist! (laughs)

Must have accessory?
Your smile.

Cooking at home or going out to eat?
I love cooking, but I usually go out. Actually, I’ve been cooking more recently so I’ll go with cooking. Final answer.

Heels or sneakers?
Sneaker. Always.

Hopefully you’ll answer this one correctly. This is a very serious question. House Stark, Targaryen or Lannister?
Um.. Um… Um… Targaryen! I’m team Daenerys Stormborn. I was Khaleesi for Halloween last year!

Last question might be a controversial one. Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?
(gasp) Ooh.. girl! Um… Okay so Nicki, she went to the same high school as me and she actually went for drama. She studied in the acting program, so I have that in common with her and I’ve loved her for forever. You can’t make me answer this! I love them both so much. Team Switzerland! I love them both. There’s something so unique and great about Cardi’s voice, but Nicki has been here for a while and her new album is great. She has an amazing song with Eminem on it. I love her for collaborating with Eminem so much. Because Eminem is my top. I don’t know. Let’s just leave it at that. (laughs)

Fair enough. Are there any upcoming projects that fans should be on the lookout for? We heard about Fog City.
That’s actually the first movie I ever booked. It’s just been in post-production for so long, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m waiting for that to come out. I haven’t even seen an official trailer or anything. So whenever that comes out that’ll be great. As far as filming right now, it’s difficult to find projects that are compatible with my shooting schedule but the team is on it. We’re trying very hard. I’m so grateful to have everyone on my team because they really push for me and they try to get me anything. So I’m very blessed, but nothing yet.

Also, I want to talk about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Ever After Ball you have coming up to celebrate kids fighting cancer. Is there a level of importance that you have for charity and using your voice in that way?
Yeah. I’ve always been a very charitable person. Growing up in New York, I always liked to help the less fortunate. I would volunteer at animal shelters and help the homeless all the time. Every time I had leftovers from a restaurant, it was my favorite thing to be like, “ok, let’s find someone who’s going to be able to eat this massive thing that I didn’t eat today.” But as a kid I never really knew how to actually do more. I wanted to do more. And as I get older, the more people I meet the more involved with charities that I get. It’s all coming together. I’m really involved in Greenpeace. I’m very much about environmental conservation and awareness and that’s probably my top issue right now.

TV Source Magazine are huge fans of yours, and we want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.
Thank you.  I appreciate that so much. It was pleasure talking to you as well.

Photographer: Birdie Thompson // Instagram: @birds_eye_photo 
Hair & Makeup: Allison Noelle //Instagram: @allisonnoellemakeup
Clothing: Pin-up Girl Clothing // Instagram @pinupgirlclothing

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  1. I never stand raped crimes on soap operas. LnL on General Hospital is way better then Cin as a rape story on a soap opera. Not saying I’m a Genie Francis nor LnL fan either.

  2. I thought this interview was written by CIN fan. Spot on lol. I think it’s important to remember that CINs popularity is on social media. It hasn’t done much for the ratings. General audience don’t seem to care for this sl overall. I would love to see more objective article on this subject. So the popularity pov can be viewed in another angle. Given that. Has CIN really done much for Days? That’s interesting thought.

  3. Thank you so much for allowing us to get to know Victoria better. Loved the questions and the point on Ciara falling somewhere between heroine and vixen. This may be why I am so drawn to her both currently and in terms of her potential. I surely hope to see more of Victoria on Days.

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