Spotlight: Hollyoaks Star Anna Passey Dishes On The #MeToo Storyline That Has Fans Talking

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Over the past seven years, Hollyoaks Anna Passey has warmed her way into our hearts as the manipulative schemer and methodical heroine, Sienna Blake. Today TV Source – along with other outlets – had the opportunity to hear from Passey as she discussed the Inspirational Ball, current #MeToo storyline, and her characters relationship with Brody.

The character of Sienna Blake has gone through quiet the transition from evil babysitter to school teacher. Passey discussed with us how Sienna’s current job is going. “She loves it! We know she sets out to do well at whatever she puts her mind to, the ex-head girl in her I suppose! She is so focused on it and is doing a great job!”

Looking back on her storylines thus far, Passey was reflective of the opportunities she’d been given and looked forward to the future. When discussing her favorite storylines, she added, “I’ve loved all of them! I’m very lucky to have been involved in so many! The cancer in pregnancy story was a real challenge and I feel we raised some great awareness, so that was very important to me. I’m also excited for my current storyline as it is another big issue-led story that I hope will do some real good. I think it’s such a timely story and Hollyoaks are coming at it with a fresh angle, looking at harassment in the workplace and also within a marriage.”

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This week however, things kick it up a notch as the Inspirational Ball takes place, and Sienna is set to take center stage. Discussing her favorite costumes, Passey enjoyed what the boys were rocking.  “Laurie’s brillo pad sideburns amused me greatly, but I was also a huge fan of Kyle’s Bowie outfit.” Meanwhile, discussing how it was to film those scenes “It was very fun to all be in fancy dress! The sticky punch was less fun, but Sienna’s had much worse happen to her, so it’s easy for me to roll with that stuff!”

The inspirational ball (airing the week of March 4th on Hulu) is being held at Hollyoaks High and the village residents all attend dressed up as their respective favorite and most inspirational people throughout history, and our girl Sienna finds herself right in the middle of the action. “Sienna is in charge of giving a speech about the people who inspire her at the Inspiration ball, hosted by Hollyoaks High. it’s a big deal for her to have been trusted with so much of the organising, but she is distracted, as Laurie is there too and he has kissed her previously. She worries about what he will do or say, and then Sinead finds out….” When discussing how Sienna feels towards Sinead, Passey admitted, “I think she feels sorry for her to be married to Laurie, as she knows what he is like. She will definitely try to talk to Sinead about him, as she worries that she is probably dealing with similar behaviour.”

Passey’s character Sienna is currently enthralled in a #MeToo storyline, as her co-teacher Laurie Is manipulating and pushing his boundaries of what is acceptable workplace behavior. “He is undermining her in the workplace to make her doubt her abilities. He wants her to depend on him and is trying to take her confidence and independence from her. He is also making her feel physically intimidated and uncomfortable with unwanted contact and inappropriate comments.” Passey added, “Sienna feels trapped. She doesn’t know what to do now that she has asked him to stop and he hasn’t. She worries about causing a problem at the school and of what people will think of her. She is afraid that no one will believe her.”

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Things for Sienna escalated as Laurie forced her into a kiss. “She was shocked and disgusted by it. She is trying so hard to not be intimidated by Laurie, but the kiss was a massive step too far, it made her feel very uncomfortable.” But Sienna is terrified of Brody finding out. “Yes. She knows that she has done nothing wrong, but she also worries about upsetting Brody, especially after everything he has been through. She knows he will be angry.” Speaking of Brody, what does Passey think of the pairing? “They are perfect! I love them together. They have both been through an awful lot and have huge capacities for empathy towards each other. He is patient and sees the good in her, and she thinks the world of him. Brody is much more stable than her previous partners, and also Sienna is probably in the most stable place that we have seen her to date, so it bodes well for this relationship. They are honest with each other and don’t feel the need to hide their pasts.”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30 on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7 pm on E4 in the U.K., episodes air on a two-week delay on Hulu in the United States. For more on Hollyoaks, visit their official website.

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