Shadowhunters Final Season Premiere Review: Aren’t All the Legends True?

(Freeform/John Medland)

Shadowhunters returned for its final season after a nine month hiatus with “Lost Souls.”

The (technically) midseason premiere resumed a few days after the events of the finale. Clary’s “dead” and her friends and family are grappling with guilt and grief.

Jace, Izzy, and Alec kicked things off on the hunt for an escaped Seelie, who was using all his magic tricks in order to avoid being sent back to the Clave.

Though likely not intentional—since this was filmed before Freeform rudely pulled the plug on the show—it’s fitting the opening echoed the show’s pilot with the trio during their BAMF thing.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Except this time Jace seemed to have both a hardcore vendetta against the escapee and a death wish.

Not surprising given everything he went through during the first half of the season. Jace kept his memories while doing Lilith’s bidding.

I guess that’s why he remembers his love for Clary even though Magnus’ potion should have erased it permanently? Maybe the flashbacks were enough to restart his heart.

(Or Clace’s love is just that strong—it definitely is in the books even if the show doesn’t always show us).

But, in the end to the least exciting cliffhanger ever, Clary’s alive and well(ish) in Siberia with Jonathan, who now has a new face, and nothing but love for his little sister.

(Seriously, this is going to get creepy).

(Freeform/John Medland)

Clary attempted an escape only to end up passed out in the snow. Jonathan carried her back, made her soup, and she stabbed him through the jaw with a dagger (BAMF).

Unfortunately for Clary, thanks to Lilith’s spell, she and brother dearest are magically connected. So the injury affected her, too, until Jonathan pulled out a stele and created a healing rune.


So we know Clary’s trapped for now, but hopefully not forever because having the team separated for too long will suck.

(And pacing’s not the show’s strong point).

Luke seems to be on the case. After Jace frightened Izzy and Alec with his suicidal tendencies, he paid a visit to everyone’s favorite werewolf dad.

(Freeform/John Medland)

And the detective, taking some time off, was deep into red string territory. He remembered some sort of legend about demons being able to access interdimensional travel.

Jace seemed skeptical, but he promised to use Institute resources to look into it. Hopefully, that will lead him to Clary and cut down on the brooding.

Simon also suffered from massive guilt since he believes he delivered the death blow to his best friend. He wants the Mark of Cain removed pronto.

Except it won’t let him do anything to harm himself—like jamming a knife into his skin to cut it out—thank goodness for the mark on that one, Simon.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Maia returned from her New Jersey sabbatical. She wanted to help Simon, but didn’t seem interested in picking things up romantically.

(Did they break up officially? My recollection of the first half of the season is hazy at best).

Maia turned to Izzy assistance—who made sure Maia knew exactly how much Simon suffered in her absence.

(Seriously, I completely forgot everything having to do with Heidi and his mom).

(Freeform/John Medland)

They ladies sent Simon to Raphael for help. He’s in Detroit working in a soup kitchen and trying to turn his life around.

(I remain proud of my problematic vampire fave).

Raphael steered Simon toward a legend of a powerful vampire living in the sewers of NYC because why not?

Maia bowed out once again, but Izzy’s going into the sewers to hunt with Simon. And I am here for it. RISE, SIZZY, RISE.

(Although for the record, I like Maia and Simon, too).

Last but far from least, we have Magnus and Alec dealing with the aftermath of Magnus trading his magic to help Alec.

(Best boyfriend ever).

(Freeform/John Medland)

Magnus is struggling with mundane things like having to put on his own eyeliner (“Tigers have stripes. I have eyeliner”).

Alec went into overprotective boyfriend mode when Iris returned to snatch Madzie. But Iris managed to kidnap Magnus by overpowering Alec and Izzy.

Even without his powers, Magnus proved he’s a force to be reckoned with. He used his centuries’ worth of memories to block her from finding Madzie’s location.

Once again Izzy reminded everyone why she’s the absolute best: she came up with a plan to trick Iris.

They kept Madzie safe, retrieved Magnus, and sent Iris back into custody. And Alec promised to teach Magnus how to fight (here for it).

Speaking of the Clave, it looks like the elders are up to their old tricks again. AKA being shady AF and never having anyone’s best interests at heart.

They’re torturing Downworlders.

Because they’ve learned absolutely nothing from the Valentine debacle or from every other time in history when people tried to wipe out other races/species.

We’re in broken record territory, but it’s worth repeating. All the elder Shadowhunters are just the worst.

All in all, it was a solid hour that set up the next block of episodes leading to the (sob!) two-hour finale movie.

There’s still a lot of book material to cover and there are even more threads dangling in the TV verse. Will everything be resolved? Will all the characters get the right endings?

Judging by some of the show’s past missteps, it’s okay to be doubtful. No final seasons are ever perfect and we know this one was rushed.

But there’s no harm in hoping for the best and enjoying the ride.

(And praying for decent pacing along the way).

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