Hollyoaks Spoilers: September 23-27, 2019

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In this weeks Hollyoaks spoilers: Liberty tries to put Sienna in a good mood by taking a pregnancy test while James confronts Maxine about her faking her illness. Take a sneak peek at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of September 23, 2019 in the UK and October 7, 2019 in the USA.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Covering Tracks

Maxine tells Damon that she only has a few weeks left to live and tries to get James to waive his legal fees. However, James refuses and Damon decides to sell his half of The Loveboat. Sienna is furious when she discovers Maxine’s latest lie and refuses to help her anymore. Maxine panics when James wants to see her medical records. James informs Damon and Maxine that he can’t get hold of Levi for Maxine’s medical records. He also reaches a dead end with Misbah but is growing suspicious of Maxine. Maxine gets to Mitchell before James arrives at the hospital but James spots her. James realizes that Maxine’s file is in Mitchell’s bag and gatecrashes his drinks with Scott at The Dog, will he find what he’s looking for?

More Hollyoaks Spoilers:

  • Marnie has a surprise date lined up for James
  • Cleo and Mitchell have the house to themselves, but Cleo invites Scott over too
  • Mitchell and Scott accidentally switch bags and Scott ends up with Maxine’s medical records
  • Joel tells Goldie that he’s planning to join the Church of England and become a vicar
  • Sienna is at boiling point and slaps Maxine, telling her to face up to what she’s done
  • Scott tells Mitchell that they’re more than friends, but Mitchell doesn’t want anything to do with him
  • Joel tries to tell Goldie that his faith will take a long time to sort out and she takes it the wrong way
  • When Anita questions what it is that he wants, Mitchell pulls her in for a passionate kiss
  • Goldie tells Cleo about their plan for Joel to switch churches to become a vicar so they can be together publicly
  • Breda visits a terrified Tony and tells him that she’s being tested, and people are getting in the way of her mission

Source Spoiler Pics – HOLLYOAKS Edition – Week of September 23, 2019

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