Hollyoaks Spoilers: November 25-29, 2019

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In this weeks Hollyoaks spoilers: Ollie wants Mandy and Darren to tell him what to do about the baby while Maxine and Damon come face to face. Take a sneak peek at what’s coming up on the British soap Hollyoaks for the week of November 25, 2019 in the UK and December 9, 2019 in the USA.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Bedfellows

This week as Sylver and Grace have enjoy their first sleepover, Goldie is at Mercedes’ bedside. Goldie tries to call Sylver when Mercedes has a seizure, but Grace rejects the call. Grace continues to reject worried calls from Goldie to Sylver’s phone, but he catches her deleting a voicemail. Sylver reassures Grace that he doesn’t have feelings for Mercedes anymore. Breda is disgusted when Grace bursts into The Dog flat living room wearing just her dressing gown and Sylver’s tool belt. Worried that Sylver’s making himself look guilty, Breda makes him choose between the McQueens and Grace Black. Goldie and Joel arrive at The Dog flat to pick up some things for Mercedes and they’re shocked to find out that Sylver has been sleeping with Grace. They all march down to the hospital but Grace fears that Sylver is being drawn back to Mercedes.

More Hollyoaks Spoilers:

  • Cindy feels rejected when Luke rushes off without telling her where he’s going
  • Goldie asks Sylver to sit with Mercedes at the hospital, but he chooses to spend time with Grace instead
  • Marnie announces that she will soon be opening her French inspired café, ‘Salon de The, du Marnie’
  • Sid turns up at school and confides in Juliet that he’s been sleeping rough
  • Sienna decides to reach out to Sid
  • Damon returns home from prison while Maxine is back from America
  • Brody, Scott and Damon are shocked when Liberty kisses Damon in the pub
  • Sienna meets with Stuart’s wife, Alice and convinces her to be a parent to Sid
  • Scott railroads Mitchell into agreeing to move in together but Mitchell hides Scott in the bedroom when Martine arrives
  • The village reacts to the latest arrest

Source Spoiler Pics – HOLLYOAKS Edition – Week of November 25, 2019

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30 on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7 pm on E4 in the U.K.. Episodes air on a two-week delay on Hulu in the United States. For more on Hollyoaks, visit their official website.

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