Days of our Lives Week in Review: Time After Time Resets What You Know


Days of our Lives jumped a year in time and has officially blown my mind! This was literally everything I needed and wanted from head writer Ron Carlivati and team! From new sets to new love interests, Days has people talking. I have a million questions and about as many opinions on what has transpired over the last year. I’m ready to talk some time warp! Are you ready? Let’s dive into the Days of our Lives week in review for November 11-15, 2019.

Kristen and Lani have a habit

Let me tell you I was not ready for this and it was honestly the best part of the week! Way to shock your audience! I had no idea that a Lani/Kristen friendship was what I was missing in my life. The chemistry between the two actresses is powerful, already conveying some sort of deep understanding between the two characters that is organic. They have both lost something immensely powerful and precious – children and the loves of their lives, so why not call it a wrap and give themselves over to God? We all know that it won’t last, but it makes for amazing drama and entertainment. I wonder where they are and what brings them back to Salem. Will Eli or Brady come looking? Will they decide to come back to Salem on their own accord? I look forward to finding out.

Will and Ben’s Jailhouse Rock

Welp! We knew Ben was going to be in jail from the winter teaser from Day of Days and now we know why. He’s in jail for murdering his sister and we all know he didn’t do it. The kicker was finding out that Will was his cellmate and he was in for the murder of his mother in law! The fact that they are cellmates is amazingly soapy and quite hilarious. Why would anyone put William Horton in a cell with the man who tried to murder him? Eh, it’s Salem. I give it a pass.

Ben has an ally in Ciara, who refuses to give up on her strangle bae. She is convinced that Victor is somehow behind Jordan’s murder and is using every avenue she has to get to the truth. She’s playing Victor like a fiddle for now, but don’t expect it to last. Grandpa Vic might be a little blind when it comes to Bo’s daughter, but he isn’t stupid. Sooner or later he will have her followed and he will find out that she’s been seeing Ben in prison. Where will that leave her then? Also, I did enjoy her theory that Xander killed Jordan and Ben shooting it down. Xander couldn’t kill Ben, so why would he kill Jordan? I have a feeling this theory will come back later and bite them in the ass.

Poor Will. Apparently, he’s made some bad decisions over the past year. I think it’s pretty obvious that he didn’t kill Adrienne from the dialogue between Will and Ben. “He made a mistake” and would do “anything to take it back”. That doesn’t sound like he killed someone; it sounds like he is covering for someone. But who? Who would mean enough to him that he would let his own husband think that he killed his mother? Who would mean enough to him that he would be willing to put his daughter through having another parent in prison? It’s pretty obvious that Will still has feelings for Sonny and Sonny still has feelings for Will, even though he thinks Will killed his mother.

Next week should be interesting.

Sleeping Beauty with the good hair

Jennifer Rose, let me tell you that you have a man that loves you more than anything. Not only that sweet montage they showed of Jack taking care of Jennifer, but the fact that he kept your roots up for a year! That’s love right there!

But in all seriousness, it was a testament to the love that those two have for each other. Jack didn’t waver, he never gave up. He knew that his Jennifer Rose would come back to him and when she did, he was over the moon. Those were great scenes between Missy and Matt. Not to mention the reunion with JJ and Abigail. Then to top it all off with Jack having made their wedding rings out of the wreckage of the Loretta? Be still by shipper heart! What a great callback by the writing team.

All that aside, are you really telling me that my girl Princess Gina couldn’t kill Jennifer and she had a year to do it? She really let Kayla tell her that there was no hope and she believed her? My girl check your resources!

Junky JJ Rides Again!

We first see JJ looking rough on a bench in the park when he gets the news that his mother is finally awake. He looks unwashed, disheveled at best and no one seems to bat an eyelash. How can you not know that JJ is using again? Has everyone just been so worried about Jennifer that no one noticed? Abigail seems to be the only one that looks even slightly worried. It made you wonder why he was in such a state. Because of Jennifer’s accident? I figured there had to be more to it. Then we found out that Haley had died.

Ah, now it all makes sense. But it makes me go back to my first question. How did nobody notice? Why is Eric the first one to ask him if he’s high?

Things became a little clearer when Eric took him to an AA meeting and we found out that JJ hates Brady and Kristen because Kristen killed Haley! JJ lost his mind and now we understand more of the bigger picture.

I love stories like this, because there are so many threads that intertwine the whole canvas. I cannot wait for the answers to my questions.

Hey Mickey!

Mackenzie Horton Cook Kiriakis is the cutest damn baby I have ever seen. Let me get that out there first.

Second, I am almost positive that she is Kristen and Brady’s baby.

Third, I don’t care.

Victor’s hatred of that name is hilarious to me. He is still low-key jealous of a dead man and it brings out the petty in me. If I were Sarah, I would tell that old that to mind his own business and he has no say in what I call my baby. She was being way too nice for my tastes.

Hello adorable Xarah! Xander holding that baby made me swoon! He loves that baby so much and enjoys being her father more than anything. Thank God for doctored DNA tests.

Honorable Mentions

  • How great is it that Abe is the Mayor again?
  • Eli is the chief of security at DiMera?  AWESOME!
  • Geli doesn’t do much for me after the fire chemistry of Elani and Stabi, but they are a means to an end, so it doesn’t bother me too much. We all know good things come to those who wait!
  • Kayla and Justin? Meh.. okay. Let me see what goes on from here. I’m not down for it, but I am not totally against it.
  • Hello, Evan! I see you trying to get your man!
  • Gina lives with John and he hasn’t figured it out yet? Seriously? Candles would have been my first clue!

I cannot wait for next week! More drama is to come!

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