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‘The 100’ Review: “The Queen’s Gambit”


Man, alive. Get it? Because Cadogan’s alive. And absolutely nobody is shocked.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was….something. I’m not going to pretend I liked it just because I happen to love Miranda (sorry, girl). That being said for as much as I didn’t enjoy this episode it did set up the backdoor pilot very nicely as well as giving me more theory fodder, and a headache as my mind works in overtime to piece together all of my half theories and ideas. It’s very much a feeling of having all of the pieces of the puzzle but not being able to get those pieces to fit in to a cohesive picture.

There was so much in this episode I didn’t like or understand motivation wise (“You’re my family now.”….How? More than how, why?) some moments of boredom (sorry Sanctum), but also a (scant) few I did actually enjoy. So, let’s go ahead and dive in and breakdown this episode.

[This review contains spoilers for the ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ episode of The 100.] 

The 100 Review: ‘The Queen’s Gambit’
Season 7, Episode 7 | Airdate: July 1st, 2020
Directed by: Lindsey Morgan | Written by: Miranda Kwok

Things I Loved (Eh, Liked)

Directing: Congrats to Lindsey Morgan! This is something I can say would honestly be under ‘loved.’ There were so many extremely well done close ups of Richard Harmon, JR Bourne, and one particularly heart-wrenching one of Eliza Taylor, how could I not love it? Putting all of those close-ups on the back-burner the transition of the ring in to Echo’s iris was simply beautifully done. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about directing and can only comment on the things I thought were noticeable so if this seems light, I apologize. Kudos to you, Lindsey. You did great.

JR Bourne: Sanctum may be boring me to tears but watching JR Bourne is just an absolute joy. Literally the note I wrote down with no other context was “I LOVE JR BOURNE!!!” The talent, the beauty, I am the definition of “Oh boy, I am blessed.”

Pairing Richard Harmon and JR Bourne was a wise decision. They feed off of each others energy very well and there’s something about Murphy’s feigned aloofness playing off of RussHeda’s surface level amusement that easily transitions in to chilling intensity at the drop of a hat as he demands respect that is just fascinating to observe.

Emori’s Big Heart: First things first. Twitter has been abuzz with the idea and the jokes that the Memori baby is coming. My first reaction was, “Lol, nah.” But just call me a convert because I now do believe it’s coming. And what changed my mind? Nikki Bang Bang.

After conferring with Nelson which we’ll get in to under a different section) and seeing Emori walking in Nikki Bang Bang makes some snide remarks asking Emori that she looks “fresh and pretty:” before adding on, “Or is it palace life giving you that glow?”

I see what you’re doing, show. I see it. I’m not mad at it.

I do have to question why none of the people of Sanctum/Believers are questioning why these adult siblings are sharing a room with one bed. They don’t find that strange? That’s going to be a tough baby to explain, “Kaylee.”

Moving on to Emori’s storyline this episode. If it wasn’t obvious to see that Emori is so insistent on reuniting the “nulls” with their families because of her own past of being abandoned because of her own “defect” the dialogue decided to make it easy for you and literally spell it out. It’s hard for your heart not to bleed for her. Luisa D’Olivera has a way of showing vulnerability while also maintaining a strong exterior that’s a perfect blend. It’s a crime that she was never made a series regular, honestly.

Emori is doing her best with the limited power she’s been given. Apparently, “Kaylee’s” power and influence isn’t as strong as that of “Daniel’s” with the Believers which is so beyond sexist it makes me want to hurl. Regardless, that’s the world she lives in. She has created a gala of sorts to reunite lost children with their parents and knowing that Nelson is a null she approaches him begging him to consider letting her do it for him as well. Nelson, in his own sense of self-preservation, declines the offer but she steals his barware and decides to go behind his back and do it anyway.

Obviously her deviousness had both positive and negative consequences.

Positive: she got a hit on the DNA and invited his parent’s to the reunification party. Nelson showed up despite saying he wouldn’t and mother and son had a touching and emotional reunion. We also learn that Nelson’s given name was “Sachin.” Do with that what you will.

Negative: Without Murphy around to play the role of Daniel Nelson’s father snapped and told him he was an abomination and that they made the right choice to give him up before beginning to choke his son out.

Ouch. Talk about a stab to the gut. See what I did there?

In case you didn’t I’m referencing Nelson literally stabbing his father in the stomach as he was being choked and his mother looked on in horror. The Primes giveth and the Believer religion taketh away.

Nikki Bang Bang decided to make another appearance with her Eligius friends all toting the missing guns from 7×06. Nelson, traumatized and hurting from the attack from his father and possibly having killed any potential relationship with his mother, agrees that he and the rest of the Children of Gabriel will team up with the Eligius prisoners to take over Sanctum. Death to Primes and all of that.

He also blames Emori for everything that has suddenly gone wrong in his life (personal responsibility dude. She didn’t make you stab your dad or make your dad attack you. She was trying to do a nice thing) and holds her at gunpoint. Nikki tells him to cool his jets before he can act on his rage. First they make demands, then they can start killing people. “No need to rush the good stuff.”

What a psycho.

Diyoza/Hope (Mother Knows Best): This is going to be an interesting dynamic to see play out over the rest of the season. When Diyoza last saw Hope she was ten years old and is now twenty five. She’s all grown up. Diyoza makes sure to point out that just because she’s older doesn’t mean she’s grown. She points out how naive she is to think that they can escape without death being the immediate consequence. Further, since she knows that Hope now knows all about her past anyway she’s going to kick what’s left of the pedestal she might have been placed on out from under herself and admit to Hope that she was the product of sex designed to manipulate a man to her side. Bad reason, beautiful and joyous result. The last thing that Diyoza wants is for Hope to follow in her footsteps which she seems to be doing readily and with a maniacal smile on her face.

To try and knock some sense in to her daughter Diyoza makes a proposition: If Hope is so grown and powerful then she’ll follow what she says and attempt an escape with her. The catch is for her to do it Hope has to manage to knock her on her ass. The two spar it out and Hope loses quite readilly.

Don’t mess with Diyoza. She knows her shit. As mother wraps her arms around daughter in a sign of comfort she tells her “Violence and rage will only destory your soul. Revenge is a game with no winners.”

Hope has a breakdown in her mother’s arms sobbing that she can’t help it, that she wants to go back to how they were before but they can’t because her mommy was stolen from her.

The Meh Things

The Rest of Sanctum: I’m sorry but I still find Sanctum to be so boring. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: the cast is the only thing that saves the Sanctum storyline. I am looking forward to the time where the Bardo and Sanctum storylines merge because obviously that’s eventually going to happen.

It’s possible that I find it boring because it’s still the same fight with commanders and chips and flames and fights for power while Bardo has the mystery of the anomaly and Cadogan’s masterplan and all of that jazz to keep you guessing. It’s something at least somewhat new and fresh or at the very least, the storyline that seems to be the one to tie the entire series together in the end which is what a final season should be focused on. Stop rehashing old shit and start tying everything together.

Moving on to the actual plot of Sanctum outside of Emori, Murphy and Russheda are playing chess. When Murphy brings Russheda his breakfast (which had a note in the cookie from one of the Believer’s informing him that the reunification ceremony was that day) it doesn’t take long for Russ to figure out that he knows who he really is.

Russheda invites Murphy to play a game of chess and if he wins he’ll tell him everything he knows and all of his plans for Sanctum but if he loses people will die.

No pressure.

Russheda makes a lot of chess puns that low-key threaten Emori as well as mocks Murphy for not having as good of a survival instinct as he claims but instead a need to be a hero and a deep rooted desire to be loved. When Murphy realizes that RussHeda isn’t really playing to win as much as to keep him away from the ceremony he jumps up to leave. Unfortunately for him, RussHeda knows how to kill with very little at his disposal and digs a sharp chess piece in to his neck and tells him if he makes a move he’ll kill him. He lets him go when they hear the gunshots coming from the ceremony because apparently that was part of his plan all along. It’s clear that RussHeda is very much playing his own chess game and using the COG, Eligius Prisoners, and the Believers all as his pawns for his rise to power.

I also want to bring attention to RussHeda telling Murphy that something being bad or not is based on perspective but from his (Murphy’s) perspective he would consider it bad. Sounds like just another way to say “There are no good guys.”

Things I Didn’t Like:

The “Little Girling” of Madi: Listen, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: STOP DRESSING MADI LIKE THIS. There’s a way to make a point that she’s still a child without putting her in a potato sack! Lola Flanery grew up over the two years it took to film seasons five through seven while Madi is still supposed to be the same age. Trust that this is something your audience will just accept. It’s one of the extremely rare things we’ll let slide without comment because even the most dense of us realize that people age and grow. There’s just something about putting a young lady in to clothing to make people infantilize her that is so disturbing.

We can’t talk on Madi this episode without also touching on Jackson. Somewhere along the line Jackson has also now become a therapist. When Madi asks if seeing memories that aren’t her own makes her crazy he even says, “We don’t like that term.” WHO IS WE? Are we to assume that when you’re a doctor on the Ark you’re also trained in the field of psychology? Apparently. This is actually one of the things I will not accept without comment. When you’re a doctor you are trained in a specific field. Medical and psychological do not overlap unless you have several years to spare to thoroughly study both. I do not accept that just because he’s a “doctor” that he has a blanket knowledge of all doctor based professions.

Here’s where things get tricky for me with my gut instinct versus probable intent. While speaking with Madi he brings up Bellamy asking her to take the Flame in season five to save Clarke and how it was wrong and he shouldn’t have.

My first reaction was pure and utter rage because the treatment of Bellamy by this show any time he makes a mistake or wrong choice is absurd. He continues to get slapped in the face with all of his bad decisions over and over, season after season. It’s particularly frustrating given that he’s not even on screen enough this season to defend himself. Other characters like Clarke and Octavia are also continuously thrown under the bus by other characters for the bad things that they’ve done but are at least granted the opportunity to show that they’re trying to “do better” on screen. And maybe it’s because he hasn’t been around at all this season that has me on such edge to rush to defend and slip in to the mindset of “BELLAMY BLAKE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE” mindset.

It’s easy for me to get there, to be perfectly honest. Blink hard enough and I’ll rush in with a list of why Bellamy Blake is the best.

However, once I breathed and pushed beyond that the intent became a little more clear. It wasn’t that they were intentionally trying to villainize Bell (I hope *insert mad side-eye emoji here*) they were trying to show that putting that kind of pressure on a twelve year old, even if it was the truth of the matter, wasn’t fair.

That being said, that’s a lot of big talk for a man who was a-okay putting some wristbands on a bunch of teenagers being sent to die on the ground but what do I know?

Speaking of Bellamy….

Bellamy and Echo: I don’t like this couple, I will never like this couple, I will never stop screaming about how it was a manipulative and spiteful stalling tactic for Bellamy and Clarke and to create angst for the Blake’s. I’m a biased Bellarke fan, and what about it? I’m not ashamed of it. If you want a review with no opinion then what you’re looking for is a recap which you can readily find at most other sites. Have fun reading them!

To say that this scene felt shoe-horned in for no other reason than to address all of the Bellarke fan complaints and arguments in forty-five seconds or less is an understatement.

  • “It took him three years to forgive her, we don’t know when they actually got together.” = Making out (with BELLAMY making the first move) on the three year mark.
  • Echo’s actions leading to Gina’s death/stabbing Octavia = “We all make mistakes.”
  • “How did they live together for six years and also date and him not know about her parents or even her real name?” = “You don’t talk about yourself much.”
  • “Well, Clarke’s Bellamy was clean shaven so at least we have that.” = Clean shaven Bellamy. And when did he decide to just stop shaving if he was still doing it three years in? Also, joke’s on you because clean shaven or not, Echo or not, he was, is, and always will be Clarke’s Bellamy and I’ll explain why a bit further down. Sorry about it, Echo.

It’s so obvious what you’re doing and the spiteful reasons why you’re doing it and thanks, I hate it. I have made my peace with the fact that I will never see Bellamy and Clarke in the relationship they deserved to be in with each other but do not think for even one second that once the series ends and it never happened that I won’t be publishing a “WHAT WAS THE POINT” article with all of the bait thrown in over the years both on the show and the gaslighting on social media. This is my villain origin story.

Now that we’ve gotten that rant out of the way let’s discuss the other dialogue in this scene because there is actually a bit to unpack. The two of them are discussing weaknesses and Bellamy admits that Octavia is his. The writing is on the wall for Bellamy dying for Octavia as his final arc. I see it and I hate it. Not that he’s dying for her but that he’s dying at all. I am beyond open to being wrong about this but it’s a gut feeling that I’m not.

Echo’s weakness is her loyalty and she’s a shapeshifter. She adapts to the people that she’s surrounded by which ties in readily with the message this season of Echo not knowing who she is or what to do without a master to follow. Echo claims that being loyal isn’t a weakness to which Bellamy says, “It is when it causes you to do something you know you shouldn’t.”

While this is supposed to be the segue to the “We’ve all done bad things.” line it also gives pause because it feels a lot like foreshadowing. Echo is going to do something that she knows she shouldn’t because of her loyalty to Bellamy. Maybe it’s the whole killing everyone in sight thing, maybe it’s something bigger than that that we haven’t seen yet. And I have a slight idea of what it might be that will be discussed in another section.

The next piece of dialogue is Echo saying that their environment on the ring isn’t real before Bellamy leans and kisses her. I’m not going to act like the scene wasn’t portrayed intimately or badly. The lighting was good, there was a pretty background, and there was a peacefulness to it that can’t (and shouldn’t) be ignored.

And here’s why Echo is right and why he’ll always be Clarke’s (and Octavia’s) Bellamy.

Despite assuring Echo in 5×01 that nothing would change between them on the ground, the fact of the matter is that it did, however subtly to them. Do they even realize it? The second Clarke was alive and he was reunited with both her and Octavia his priorities did shift despite his “Spacekru is my family” bullshit mantra. In season five he poisoned Octavia, his sister, his responsibility, his weakness as established this episode to keep her from killing Clarke. Bellamy spent the first half of season six mourning the loss of Clarke and the second half fighting tooth and nail to get her back. Even when they’re fighting and at odds his priorities will always be Clarke and Octavia first and everybody else second. I can’t assign Clarke and Octavia any lower than a joint number one because he has put one above the other equally at different times. These two are the most important people in his life, period. Whatever romantic relationship he may have with Echo doesn’t hold up to the love he has for his sister or for his “platonic soulmate.”

My eye-rolling at that term is indefinite and it can literally die in a fire.

It’s also important to note that since returning to Earth (despite having a sex scene) Echo and Bellamy have not had a scene that even comes close to resembling this one showing that again, things did change whether they’ve realized it or not. Whatever they had up on the ring did not translate back in their reality.

The 100 — “The Queen\’s Gambit” — Image Number: HU707a_0282r.jpg — Pictured: Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Octavia…You Good, Babe?: Why is Bellamy “dying” all about Echo and not even a little bit about Octavia? Like…can I get some grief from the girl who just lost her brother or is that too much to ask? When Octavia is attempting to comfort Echo just says, “You’re hurting. I feel it.” Are….are you picking up on her pain while having none of your own? Like….this is just so strange. I’m not asking for her to join Echo and Hope on their next killing spree but some tears would be nice.

Octavia owning her mistakes and regretting beating Bellamy and wishing she would have hugged him instead was so long in the making and we love a woman who takes responsibility for her actions with no excuses and only regrets. What she did was wrong and it’s nice to see that verbalized within the context of the show even if it was said to the wrong person.

While the context of the hug between Octavia and Echo makes sense narratively (her wishing she would have hugged her brother instead of beating him, wanting Echo to not make the same mistake as she did) it still doesn’t actually make sense. Echo even points out that she was the monster in Hope’s bedtime stories and that’s true. So, what the hell is this complete and total 180? While it’s understandable to attempt to work through your grief at a shared loss and reluctantly bond over it that isn’t what this was. There were about 5165465165 scenes skipped to make Octavia say, “You’re my family too.”

The 100 — “The Queen\’s Gambit” — Image Number: HU707a_0111r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Tasya Teles as Echo — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

HOW? Literally how? You haven’t seen her in at least six years and you hated her through all of them, even after you calmed down and worked through your inner demons. What makes you family? Is it because you loved Bellamy and she was in a relationship with him? Was it her spending five years with Hope? Because again, those are two different things and don’t change the relationship as it’s been portrayed and since season three.

Zero sense is being made.

Moving on from the cringey confusion. When I said I needed Echo to chill out carving into her face to symbolize the Azgeda method of “signifying the that the pain is over, the wound is healed so that we never forget” wasn’t exactly what I meant. Stop murdering people was what I was leaning more toward, personally. Also, it seems pretty obvious that this was a way to remind the audience that Echo is a nightblood. Where will that go, I wonder.

Echo tells Octavia that they aren’t being held prisoner, they’re being recruited to fight in the oh so popular final war. After banging on the door and telling whoever’s listening that they’ll fight the door to both Octavia and Echo’s/Diyoza’s and Hope’s cell opens, releasing them all. Anders meets with them in the hallway and asked if they all agree to fight. Octavia agrees that they’ll fight if he frees them to which he says, “The last war will free us all, Ms. Blake.”

I am side-eyeing this so damn hard that I’m practically a damn pigeon.

After everyone agrees the camera does an extreme close up to an enraged (and let’s be real, deranged) looking Echo glaring after Anders as the voice over the loudspeaker says, “There will come a time again soon where we will be tested and we will be victorious for all mankind.”

Nelson The Tea Spiller: Why the hell did Nelson tell Nikki Bang Bang about Russell being dead and Murphy/Emori impersonating Primes? Like, what the hell dude? Keep secrets that can get people killed to your damn self.

Honorable Mentions

Clarke Finding Out Bellamy Is Dead: Okay, “dead.” I can never not correct it, at least not until he’s actually dead and I can rage in full with no quote marks.

The super slow close-up to Clarke’s extremely pale face as her relieved expression drops into unblinking shell shock and the Bellarke theme plays in the background? Excellent. Beautiful. Chef-kisses.

It’s actually interesting when you compare the three women that love Bellamy and their reactions to his “death.” Echo went into a murderous rage, Octavia has…well, as mentioned above I have no idea what Octavia has because she’s being granted exactly zero point of view, and then Clarke’s quiet grief and shock as a handful of the people who know her best look at her in surprise, sympathy, and pity.

But speaking of Clarke finding out Bellamy is “dead” why don’t we back up just a little bit to…

Gabriel: Gabriel is just chilling on a bed in the beginning of the episode before he is unceremoniously dragged off of it and in to the stone room where he is met with Anders. And may I just say Anders is so chilling. His facial expressions, his tone of voice, the way he holds himself? All so damn unsettling but almost in a good way.

Anders explains to Gabriel that the stone is “a gift from those that have transcended. Or so we believe.” This can be taken two different ways.

One) They believe the stone was a gift

Two) They aren’t sure if those that came before them have actually transcended. Which feeds in to my theory that there are Bardoians living on the surface of the planet so that’s the one I’m going with.

Anders also says that “The Shepherd teaches us that winning the last war brings upon the final evolution of a species.” A species. WHAT SPECIES?

Anyway. Anders allows Gabriel to say goodbye to Orlando’s corpse (with a 6×10 callback to Death Is Life) before it’s sucked in to the anomaly to Nakara. He then urges Gabriel to join his decipher team to crack the code of the anomaly because they’re both striving towards the same goal: figuring it all out. When Gabriel asks why should he, Anders gets very “Join or die” like and says he will or he’ll be executed and says he has different plans for Hope and Echo (which we now know means turning them in to Disciples).

Anders tells Gabriel that he will help and he can do so by telling him everything he knows about Clarke Griffin, that she’s the key to everything and if he joins the cipher team he’ll see why. Appealing to Gabriel’s logical side is the way to get him to do anything, honestly. Plus, he was obviously so over Echo and Hope’s murdering and at his wits end with them that it”s not surprising he agreed. Also, what’s interesting is that they always say that Clarke is the key to the war not the key to ending the war. It would appear that she’s the kick-start to it.

When we meet back up with Gabriel at the end of episode three months has passed and he’s now a Level Two conductor/code-cracker/Disciple type person. He makes a remark about how long they’ve been working with no results to which his new Disciple buddy says “That’s science.” Gabriel snorts derisively and responds “It’s not science, it’s trial and error.”

What do you think science is, fool? You think people just know how to make formulas and shit? It’s all trial and error until you prove a hypothesis correct. Like me with this show. I guess and am either proved right or wrong but don’t know until I get the answer one way or the other.

As they’re joking around and playing with the stone it opens up and Clarke and Company come out of it with guns drawn out and on high alert. When Gabriel realizes who it is he smiles and tells Clarke they’ve been waiting for her as another conductor gasps out, “The key!” like she’s seeing God her/himself. I’ve seen Eliza Taylor. What a mood.

Raven asks where the others are and Gabriel in the weirdest most detached manner informs them that while Octavia and Echo are there Bellamy has died. Before we get into the weird ass way he delivered that devastating news let’s mention that it’s kinda fitting that the same man who helped Bellamy bring Clarke to life has to inform Clarke that Bellamy is “dead.”

Now Gabriel’s delivery needs to be addressed and analyzed six ways from Sunday. While I’m not saying that he’s 100% “Team Bardo” I do think whatever they told him about Clarke being the key was legit and logical enough for him to feed into the idea. His whole demeanor with her was off from last season. Plus, he knows better than maybe almost anyone (with the exception of Octavia) what Bellamy and Clarke mean to each other given their interactions in 6×10. He has to know that maybe a week, two at most, has passed in Clarke’s life between Bellamy bringing her back with the kiss of life to him telling her that he’s dead. The same man that saw Bellamy Blake forcing his breath in to Clarke’s lungs as he literally acted as her heart, saw them embrace afterwards, watched Bellamy watch Clarke sleep, etc would not deliver that news so coldly.

Something is up and two possibilities come to mind.

One) Gabriel somehow knows Bellamy is alive. Possible because he agreed to give Anders all of the information he knew about Clarke and Bellamy is a big part of that. Presented with facts and logic about why Clarke is the key he knows Clarke would do anything for Bellamy and the way to do that is to manipulate her with his “death.” Least likely.

Two) More likely, he’s been on Bardo for three months, he’s building relationships with his co-workers, he’s a level two, and he’s bombarded day in and day out with overhead subliminal messaging about conquering lesser emotions and the importance of fighting the last war.

I still think he buys into Clarke being the key though. Whatever that ends up meaning in the long run.

Cadogan Is The Shepherd: We been knew. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how predictable this was. Level 12 is the highest a Disciple can go and on the 13th floor Cadogan is chilling (literally) in cryo. There’s something there about Jesus and the twelve Disciples that I can’t formulate into a cohesive thought but it’s there and I trust that you know where I’m trying to go with it.

Before Anders opens up Cadogan’s cryobox he says a quick prayer, “From the ashes, through the Bridge, the Shepherd will rise.”

Upon waking Cadogan says, “You again?” to Anders indicating that they’ve met before (probably to be seen in the prequel) and that if he’s woken him so early they must have cracked the code and has the war begun? Anders tells him that it has not but they now have the key to which Anders looks deviously thrilled about.

*We’re Going Back To Earth, Y’all: Between Diyoza’s quote about Clarke being gone and Madi’s drawing of (it has to be Becca’s memory )of people exiting an anomaly stone I’m convinced.

We also know that Cadogan’s followers burned Becca at the stake. We know that there’s an anomaly stone on Earth and is likely the one currently offline. We know Becca saw people coming out of the stone hence the drawing. We know that Cadogan always preached about the evils of technology and that Becca created ALIE which triggered apocalypse one. We know the Flame is nothing more than Becca’s original mind-drive and that is holds her memories and Clarke is the last person they know of to have had it.

I think it’s possible that the code that Cadogan wants to crack and that he thinks Becca knew was how to use the stone to travel back in time to a specific time on Earth. He wants to kill Becca before she can create ALIE and destroy the world. Or something along those lines. Whatever the final war may be it’s going to come down to Becca versues Cadogan one way or the other.

Quotes That May Or May Not Be Relevant Or Foreshadowing:

  • “…reported in his light one day. War, Pestilence, Famine,….”—Overhead Speaker
  • *“Earth is gone. Blown up. Twice.” –Diyoza
  • “You’re not going to hell.” –Emori to Murphy
  • “Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons isn’t doing the right thing.” –Diyoza

Bellamy: I’m choosing to believe that the indention on Bellamy’s forehead that I’ve never seen before is from where Bob Morley facepalmed at the audacity of it all and his wedding ring left a mark.


DO NOT REVEAL – “The Queen’s Gambit”

  • Clarke and company arriving on Bardo
  • Bellamy flashback
  • Anything about the reveal of the true disciple leader
  • Any character deaths
  • Anything about Sheidheda’s plan or alliances

Next week is the prequel episode of The 100 and I fully expect Clarke to find out Bellamy is not dead by seeing him in the last five seconds so jot that down. Not a spoiler because as of the publishing of this review 7×08 screeners have not been released.

The 100 is on The CW Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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