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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Friends in Low Places”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Friends In Low Places" Episode 402 -- Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, titled “Friends in Low Places”, is the second episode of the fourth season. Last week, Wynonna, Haught and Rachel were searching the lab for Valdez’s office. Doc and Waverly were in the Garden of Eden trying to find a way home. The episode picks up right where we left off at the end of last week’s season premiere.

Wynonna, having just seen Haught fall down through the floor, yells down the hole hoping to hear Haught is still alive. To her horror, she doesn’t hear anything back. Rachel tells her they have to keep moving, and the two run off to find safety from the approaching horde of mutant zombies that are after them.

In the Garden of Eden, Doc is still standing confused seeing that Haught is suddenly in the Garden. Haught is appalled to realize she is naked in front of Doc. Doc tries to hand her his jacket to cover her up, but he can’t get it through the barrier and Haught can’t reach out through it either. He runs to find Waverly to tell her about his finding and to see if she can help. Doc finds Waverly back at the campfire. Caught off guard, she quickly shoves the book she chose during last week’s episode back into the bag she picked up.

Back at the lab, Rachel tells Wynonna the scientists at Black Badge Division were working on an interdimensional gateway before they got gassed and became mutant zombies. Wynonna instantly thinks it was a way into the Garden. She assumes once the scientists got it opened, Black Badge panicked and gassed everyone. More convinced than ever she has found a way to the Garden to rescue Waverly, Rachel and Wynonna keep looking for a way to the lower levels to Valdez’s office and to hopefully find Haught alive. They discuss what would happen if they find Rachel’s mom and Rachel says she will take care of Valdez if she’s become one of them.

Doc brings Waverly back to the room where Haught is currently trapped, and she is also unable to get in. The two talk and Waverly states how she’s so surprised to see her there. Haught replies back “Who else would I be?” It is in that moment we flash back to the lab to the real Haught lying on the ground in pain trying to yell back up to Wynonna that she’s still alive. Uh oh!

Wynonna and Rachel plan to get to Valdez’s office and the gate room but first they realize they need to find two key cards to give them access. They banter back and forth, giving us great lines like:

Rachel: “Is everything a sex joke to you?”
Wynonna: “I do try to scissor one in as often as possible!”

Back at the Garden, the alarms go off once again. Doc offers to feed it his own blood to stop the alarms again. Not!Haught asks what would happen if they don’t feed the machine. Doc says they don’t want to find out. Not!Haught gives a frustrated look that he doesn’t see. It is here we start seeing the pieces falling into place. Feeding the machine is probably what keeps Not!Haught in the cage. Who is she, why is she trapped? I bet we’ll find out sooner than later! Waverly begins to hear the voices again calling her to her father’s throne.

Wynonna and Rachel come upon a room of mutant zombies who are dormant, lying in stasis and are a minimal threat to them. They begin to search for keycards on their bodies. At the same time, Haught, still injured, tries to avoid a mutant zombie also on the ground near her from trying to get to her. She quickly shuffles backwards in pain. As she sees the threat becoming more and more likely to kill her, she says, “When I dreamt about dying it involved me in Waverly’s arms and Waverly in Sara Lance cosplay.” I immediately got a huge grin on my face. Haught would want the incredible Sara Lance from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow to be the one to comfort her! That’s everyone’s dream! Wynonna and Rachel continue searching for keycards wearing protective gear, and Wynonna gets hypoxia, becoming more and more loopy from a lack of oxygen. They finally find the keycards they need. They swipe into the room and make it in just as the mutant zombie is about to get to Haught. Wynonna kills it, saving Haught.

Doc looks around the building he’s in and finds a stone with a picture of Nicole (Haught) on it. As he walks around the image, the other side displays an imposter that he calls Not!Nicole (I like Not!Haught better so I’ll keep using that, but keep track, soon there will be more Not!s) Doc instantly realizes that he left Waverly with an imposter, and runs to her, trying to warn her.

Upon inspection, we find out Haught’s leg is broken. Wynonna tells her that she will draw dicks on her cast, which gave me a big laugh. Wynonna gives Haught back the ring that she left at the house after Waverly proposed to her. The three now reunited again find Valdez slumped over at a desk. She died making sure the portal stayed closed. Rachel tells them if they try to change that, by opening the portal, she would kill them. As they try to convince Rachel to let them through, the glass door starts cracking behind them, which will allow the mutant zombies into the room if it shattered completely.

Still with Not!Haught, Waverly wonders where Doc is and why he didn’t feed the machine. Not!Haught says Doc abandoned her again, making sense to Waverly. The cage holding Not!Haught opens, and Not!Haught and Waverly run out of the room. On the surface they kiss. Waverly suddenly gets confused as she realizes she tastes sulfur. Doc in the distance yells at Waverly to get away. Not!Haught tells Waverly she’s going to hurt everyone she loves, and reveals herself to be Eve(!). She drags Waverly as Doc pursues. Doc attacks Eve and she suddenly shifts into Jeremy. Doc and Not!Jeremy throw punches at each other. Doc eventually  distracts Not!Jeremy, and he jams the giant scissors that the scientist used to kill himself last week, into Not!Jeremy. Eve then shits into Wynonna, making Doc hesitate. Waverly says she wont let Eve leave her prison, seeing through Eve’s Wynonna charade, and knocks Doc out with her angelic powers.

Wynonna and Rachel try to find a way to open the gate. Wynonna realizes the same keycards they used to get into the room can open the gate. They swipe the cards and the gate opens. Haught, still not able to get up, tells Wynonna to go on her own. The gate starts closing and Rachel says she’ll protect Haught. Wynonna thanks them and dives in through the portal. Haught throws Bulshar’s ring through a second after. Wynonna, now on the other side, picks up the ring and as she stands up, she sees herself, Not!Wynonna, with the scissors jammed through her and says confusedly “I’m already here.” Wynonna talks to Not!Wynonna. She asks, “Are you a clone? Wy-Clone-A?” giving me another huge laugh. Not!Wynonna tells Wynonna that she is Eve and how she’s gonna kill all of her friends. Wynonna hears Doc calling Waverlys name in the distance and goes off to find him. Once Wynonna runs off, Eve finds the strength to pull the giant scissors out of her body. Elsewhere in the Garden, Waverly approaches the throne stating that Eve can never escape. She says lines like “I am the guardian.” and “I am the failsafe.” Waverly sits on the throne and before Eve can run off, she freezes in place where we last saw her and screams.

On the other side of the portal Haught and Rachel hear Eve scream in Wynonna’s voice, still being in her Not!body. Rachel questions if she made it through but Haught says that it’s a good sign. “She’s definitely driving somebody crazy in there.” Rachel begins to get nervous and trying to get Rachel not to abandon her, Haught asks about her history. Rachel tells Haught her family story. The mutant zombies continue to try to get into the room. Haught and Rachel agree to fight to give them a chance to survive. The door breaks open and mutant zombies pour into the room. Haught reveals that she has one more bomb left and tosses it at the oncoming mutant zombies.

WYNONNA EARP — “Friends In Low Places” Episode 402 — Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Wynonna catches up to Doc, but thinking she was actually Eve, he starts fighting her. Wynonna tries to convince him that it’s really her telling him the short version of her journey into the Garden. Doc thinks it is still a trick, to which Wynonna responds, “Tricks are for kids. We had one. Alice. Remember.” in a very touching moment.  In that instant, Doc begins to believe her but he says he has to protect Waverly, overpowering Wynonna again. She yells out “Hollywood”, their safe word. Now knowing it’s really her, they kiss. Wynonna then goes to find Waverly and Doc goes to take care of Eve for good.

Doc returns and confronts Eve. She shifts back to Jeremy once again. They wrestle back and forth. Doc eventually gets the upper hand and kicks Not!Jeremy through a portal door, and he falls through. Doc calls for the Earps that it is time to go. Wynonna finds Waverly on the throne and tries to convince Waverly to get off it. Waverly resists, saying that it is her duty to make sure Eve doesn’t escape the Garden. Waverly says she must submit to her destiny on the throne, but Wynonna says she’s done submitting. Wynonna attempts to get on to the throne forcibly remove Waverly, but she responds by tossing Wynonna off it with her powers. Waverly tells Wynonna that you can’t undo what is promised, thinking this was her destiny. Wynonna pulls out Bulshar’s ring, the one she used to propose to Haught, reminding her that promises are important. Wynonna says the curse is over and it is time they start living for themselves. Wynonna helps Waverly off the throne and they run towards Doc. They begin trying to find the portal gate to go home, trying all the doors. Fearing the worst, a door suddenly glows, telling them that is the door they are looking for. As they run towards the door, Waverly says, “Let’s blow this popsicle — er, blood machine murder stand!” Another hilarious statement! While running, Bulshar’s ring falls to the ground and they decide to leave it behind with Waverly saying “no more semi-biblical bullshit okay?” They reach the exit door and Wynonna states, “Eden, more like ‘eden’ a dick” and as she trails off, Doc shoves her through the portal.

Wynonna wakes up back at the stairs. She remembers that Peacemaker is gone, but Doc and Waverly aren’t. She gets up and runs to find them. Doc wakes up next, back at the well where he was once trapped, but not inside of it. Doc has Waverlys satchel. He pulls out the book that Waverly chose, and throws the bag down the well. Waverly then wakes up and runs off to find Haught. As she approaches the house, Nicole fires a gun at Waverly, not knowing it is her. Haught, who is all healed now, is super happy to see Waverly once she realizes who it is. WayHaught are finally reunited (!) and they embrace. Waverly tells Haught that she’s home and they kiss, quickly moving inside. A montage of them fully intertwined and having sex all over the house, losing themselves in eachother plays out. This has to be one of the longest lesbian sex scenes I have ever seen on a basic cable series and it is great to see it play out in a giant win for lesbian representation.

Wynonna and Doc reunite and are happy to see each other back in Purgatory. They almost kiss but it is stopped by Wynonna who sees something disturbing behind Doc. Something bad has happened to the town. Back at the house, in a post sex glow, Haught lists all the things she loves about Waverly and says shes going to tell her them for the rest of their lives (!!). She also finally tells Waverly that she said yes to her proposal. Waverly eventually notices that Haught’s hair is longer than we had last seen, telling Waverly that she grew it out. Noticing Waverly is confused by the revelation, Haught confuses her even more and tells her she’s been gone 18 months, three weeks and four days. Back in town, things don’t look good. As Wynonna and Doc approach, we see dead bodies hanging from rope.

What the heck has happened and how were they gone for so long!? Hopefully we’ll get some answers in the next episode! I loved the humor in this episode so much. I had to write down so many quotes that made me laugh. The entire series has great lines but some of these were top notch. I’m glad we’re out of the Garden and back in Purgatory and they’re going to have to fill us in on so much now. The WayHaught sex scenes were powerful and the knew exactly what they were doing. We’ve seen so many hot, passionate, straight sex scenes on TV before, so this was extremely refreshing. Protect WayHaught at all costs! I can’t wait for the next episode.

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Sundays at 10PM on Syfy. You can stream them the day after on Syfy’s website.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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