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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: ‘Holy War: Part One’

WYNONNA EARP -- "Hell Raisin' Good Time" Episode 405 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

As we approach the midseason finale of Wynonna Earp, we were treated with the first episode of a two-part episode arc. This week we got an episode titled “Holy War: Part One” and after seeing what happened to Haught at the end of last week’s episode, had a lot to do with her. The episode opens with Haught dressed in all black as wedding music plays. Wynonna approaches Haught and asks if she’s ready. They walk down the aisle arm in arm. Everyone there has their head bowed as they pass. Wynonna commends her for keeping Purgatory safe in their absence and Haught tells them that it’s her home and that Wynonna and the rest are her family. They reach the front where Nedley, Doc and Jeremy stand and Haught begins to look for Waverly. Wynonna tells Haught she’s not coming, not after what she did. Her reality begins to crack, and everything becomes distorted. Wynonna lights a cigar and everyone begins coughing. Haught suddenly wakes up, realizing it was a dream, to the sounds of a fire alarm going off. Coughing over the smoke she is inhaling; she tries to wake Waverly to no response. She lifts her up and carries her out of the room.

In the barn, Wynonna suddenly wakes up and reaches for her gun, pointing it at Doc sitting on the edge of the bed. He tells her he’s been keeping watch over everyone and because he’s a vampire, and he doesn’t have to sleep. Wynonna saunters out of bed and approaches Doc. As she leans in to kiss him, she smells smoke. They run outside and see the house is on fire and run towards it to rescue Haught, Waverly and Rachel. As they reach the house, Rachel comes outside saying she put it out and the only casualties are the couch and Wynonna’s porn. Haught then bursts out the door and lays Waverly on the porch, still not waking up. Waverly suddenly comes to.

In the morning, the group tries to figure out what caused the fire. Wynonna thinks someone attacked them again. Wynonna accuses the Clantons but based on Doc’s investigation of footprints around the house, whatever because it just appeared, possibly something supernatural. Doc and Wynonna go to investigate at Glory Hole and see if the bar owner knows anything about it. When they arrive, Wynonna fires a crossbow at Amon (I finally picked up on his name!) and misses. He tells Doc he’s happy to see he finally bought Wynonna around. They exchange words and Amon leans in and tells Wynonna it’s time to get Peacemaker and fight back. She tells him she doesn’t know where it is. Amon tells her he knows where to find it. He explains that demons talk when they’re drunk, and he hears things. Doc asks why he’s going to help a demon hunter get her gun back. He tells them the Clantons are more powerful than he is and he doesn’t like it. Amon tells them the people who have Peacemaker are going to want an offering in return. Wynonna throws possible offerings such as gold and Lizzo tickets. Doc and Wynonna warn Amon that if he sends them on a goose chase, they’re going to come back and kill him.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Noam Jenkins as Amon — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

In town, Jeremy is taking back the Black Badge Division offices and runs into Cleo and Holt. Cleo tells Holt they should do something before they get run out of town but Holt reminds her what Mam said last time she tried to cross her wishes. Haught and Waverly arrive, Jeremy hugs them both excited to see them. Wynonna and Doc arrive at the BBD offices and tell them that Amon is scared of the Clantons but they don’t know why yet and that he knows where Peacemaker is. Haught is skeptical that a demon would help them. Doc reminds her they don’t know how accurate his information is yet, but it’s their best lead right now. Waverly asks where Peacemaker is based on Amon’s information, all excited at the prospect of finally getting the gun back. Haught suddenly has a look in her eye. She holds a power drill and points it at them, drowning out Wynonna who snaps at Haught for the noise. Haught suddenly comes out of a trance and apologizes, now confused at what she did. They all agree to follow his information and they then realize no one has seen Rachel since the morning. Rachel squats against a fence holding binoculars. She gets a call from Haught but tells her by text she’s elsewhere and goes back to looking at the Clanton’s property.

Doc and Wynonna arrive at a museum and seek out the item Amon told them to get. They search for the item and Doc gets distracted by an old black and white film being played in a room. A man in a cowboy hat is talking. Doc tells Wynonna that is her great great grandfather, the one and only Wyatt Earp.

Jeremy walks back into the office and catches Waverly and Haught kissing on the couch. Jeremy shows them the binders he found with information on the Clantons. Haught gets snippy with Jeremy for not keeping in touch and Waverly asks about Robin. He tells them he’s safe and they all did what they had to do while the rest were in the Garden. Haught suddenly recoils in pain holding her stomach. She runs out of the room and vomits, noticing something in the mess she made on the floor. We see Haught in a flashback talking to Mam. She is upset and asks if Mam can help her. Mam tells her the price is steep but Haught will do anything to get Waverly back. Mam whispers her terms into Haught’s ear and Haught agrees that if she saves them from the Garden, she’ll do it. Back in the current day, Haught says she couldn’t have agreed to that and yells again in pain. Waverly and Jeremy run over to her. Haught tells Waverly she did something terrible when she was in the Garden. When Waverly asks what she did, she throws up again and this time a frog comes out.

Back at the museum, they continue watching the interview with Wyatt Earp. He tells a story about being rescued by Doc. He says it was that moment that he was bound to Doc forever. In the footage, Wyatt begins to talk about the Clantons and reveals that Doc was the one to take the first shot at them. Doc and Wynonna look at eachother with a confused look and Doc says he didn’t shoot first. Wynonna thinks out loud about wondering if Wyatt would be proud of her.

Back at the Clantons, Cleo and Holt are cooking, discussing how they got into all of this mess. Mam walks in telling them she has a reason to celebrate. She’s set the wheels in motion to the end of the Earps. Holt and Cleo ask what the plan is to kill them. Mam says they dont deserve death, they deserve to be destroyed by each other.

Waverly and Jeremy bring Haught to the bar where Nedley is cleaning up. Haught asks for tequila to get the taste of frogs out of her mouth. Nedley is caught off guard by her saying frogs. They tell him that she’s been hexed and any time she tries to tell them what she did, she throws up. Haught tries to write down what she’s trying to say and is unable to write the words she wants to say. Nedley says instead of trying to find the words they should find a cure first.

At the museum, they follow the directions from Amon. They steal a piece of artwork with dull gray strokes of paint on it and run outside. Amon said whey will be contacted by the collectors after. They notice a celtic symbol on a wall outside and as Doc tells the history of the symbol, they hear loud bells ringing, causing them to recoil in pain. When the bells stop and Doc comes to his senses again, Wynonna is gone. We see Wynonna alone in a room, confused at what just happened. A nun approaches her and it is the group linked to the symbol they just saw. The nun tells her they’re in a sanctuary which cleanses women who lost their way. Women like Wynonna. Wynonna presents them with the artwork she stole and tells the nun they have something that belongs to her. The nuns begin chanting and the dull painting suddenly becomes vibrant revealing a woman standing between two rocks. The nun shows her the way to find Peacemaker. They enter a room with random weapons and object scattered around the room. Wynonna begins calling out to Peacemaker, as if it were a lost puppy. The nun says maybe the weapon served its duty and is no longer responsive to her. She tells the nun she needs it because she still needs to protect those she loves. The nun offers her an alternative, what if she chose a life of peace instead. Wynonna scoffs saying “How? When the monsters keep coming and coming. How am I supposed to live a normal life? Why the fuck would I want to?”

At the bar, Doc holds a gun to Amon’s head. He accuses Amon of creating a ruse to get rid of Wynonna. Amon tells Doc that he doesn’t take sides, so if it was a ruse, it wasn’t by him.  Doc tells Amon he doesn’t have the luxury of being neutral in times of war. As he walks off, Amon stares at his drink pondering the words Doc just said. As Doc walks away from Amon,  he sees Sheriff Holt at a table and approaches. They talk and the mood grows hostile with them both drawing guns on eachother. They eventually cool down and Doc refers to their hostility as a war. Holt tells him it’s not a war, just a town who wants to see them rip each other apart.

Back home, Haught finally brings up the reality of her engagement with Waverly. Waverly tells her they will figure this all out before they deal with getting married. Haught tries to speak but begins to vomit. Waverly says “You did something terrible, right? But you being you, how terrible could it be?” Haught gives her a look. Jeremy enters the room with some possible cures, all 3 being terrible choices and if they mess something up, the consequences would be bad for Haught. Wynonna comes home and talks with Haught. She apologizes, saying it’s probably her fault this has happened and Wynonna would understand she didn’t want to marry into their family. Haught objects. Wynonna asks her what she’s waiting for then. Haught says she’s scared Waverly won’t want to marry her when she finds out what she did. That’s not a good sign! What did you do Nicole?!  Wynonna lifts Haught’s spirits by reminding her that she didn’t give up on them during their year and a half in the Garden. Haught admits she did give up. She begins to vomit again before she could explain more and Wynonna shifts the subject telling Haught that Peacemaker rejected her. Haught responds, “do you want me to frog barf on her?” Wynonna shows Haught the painting she stole and Haught recognizes the location where the rocks are located. Doc arrives home and Haught begins to get sick again. She goes inside to check on the cure potion but instead, she dumps it all in the sink, suddenly in a trance again. She then opens the knife drawer with a strong tug.

Wynonna tells Doc what happened when she disappeared and how Peacemaker rejected her. Doc brings up the idea of making peace with the Clantons, telling Wynonna that it was different times in the old west and that they may benefit from doing the opposite of what they did back then. Holt’s words clearly left an impact on Doc. Haught suddenly enters the barn and throws a knife directly at Wynonna. She ducks, avoiding the knife. Haught approaches now with a cleaver and begins slashing at Wynonna. Doc holds Haught back and Waverly runs in. Wynonna tells her Haught started it and shows that she got cut. Wynonna punches Haught to try to stop her from attacking again. Doc suddenly feels his vampire instincts kick in with the blood in the air. Haught begins to say no over and over again, realizing what was happening. Doc notices clothes in the room that aren’t Wynonna’s and begins sniffing them. Haught says they are hers and Doc says they smell like gasoline. She realizes she started the fire, pulling a lighter out of the pocket. Wynonna says it’s time to storm the Clanton’s compound, but Haught objects saying she still doesn’t have Peacemaker. Waverly agrees and says its a suicide mission. Doc also agrees. Waverly says they have to try plan A before they jump directly to plan Z. She says they should find the woman in the painting and get Peacemaker back. If that doesn’t work, then they’ll take on the clantons all together. Wynonna agrees to the new plan and they set off.

Back at the Clantons property, Rachel snoops around and tries to call Billy’s phone. She hears it ring and follows the sound. She enters a barn and finds BIlly’s phone with all of her missed calls and texts unread. She suddenly shivers and Billy stands right behind her, but she cannot see him.

Waverly ties Haught up in the kitchen while Jeremy tries to salvage any of the cure they brewed that was dumped into the sink. Haught suggests getting the handcuffs from upstairs to secure her tighter so she doesn’t interfere in their new plans. They go upstairs and Haught tells Waverly how much she loves her. Instead of cuffing herself to the bed, she cuffs Waverly. Haught runs off with Jeremy with Waverly yelling at them to stop. They arrive at the bar and find Nedley. Haught apologizes to him for trying to kill him when he was transformed into the monster, saying she should have known it was him. He realizes she’s going to ask him for something so he asks what she needs. She tells him she needs him to kill her. His face drops.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Wynonna and Doc arrive at the location painted in the artwork. A woman stands in between the rocks as portrayed in the painting. As the woman turns around, both Doc and Wynonna realize it is Rosita. What the whaaaaaat??? We haven’t seen her since season 2 when she tried to steal Wynonna and Doc’s baby!?

Waverly, having broken free of the handcuffs, arrives at the bar to see Jeremy holding Haught down in a tub of water drowning her, while Nedley is reciting a spell out of a book. Her face drops instantly and Haught suddenly stops fighting Jeremy, her body now still in the tub of water. Jeremy notices Waverly and goes to her saying that he knows how it looks, but he needs her to trust them. What did they just do?!

A lot of twists to process at the end of this episode for sure! It really feels like they were leading up to a season finale, but it’s only the midseason finale! Whatever Nedley was chanting had to be some spell to revive Haught. Right? Maybe “killing” her would free her of the hex and Mam’s hold on her. Right? RIGHT??? I need more cute and sexy WayHaught moments, especially after this trauma! And how is Rosita all tied into this all!? We know for sure now that she is a revenant or at the least some supernatural being. Will she be the key to taking down the Clantons or finally creating peace between them and the Earps?

Come on Peacemaker! We need you! Or maybe we don’t. It seems like everyone is starting to realize they might not always have to go full force into battle. We have BBD, now not an evil organization. We have Doc rethinking his former life in the wild west. Even Holt was questioning if they are actually in a “war” with each other. Maybe they’re all starting to come around to a more normal life with everyone coexisting. I also have to wonder, thinking forward to the midseason finale next week, could we see Eve again? Last we saw Doc kicked her into a portal. Maybe she’ll show up at the end as a part of the second half of the season? Or maybe that was the end of her? Who knows! They managed to pack so much into these first 5 episodes that the stakes are so high right now. I cannot wait for this midseason finale next week!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Sundays at 10PM on Syfy. You can stream them the day after on Syfy’s website.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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