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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Look at Them Beans”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Look At Them beans" Episode 403 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tom Rozon as Doc Holliday, Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp picked up right after Waverly, Wynonna and Doc returned to Purgatory after an unintentional extended stay in the Garden of Eden. The episode was directed by Melanie Scrofano, the actress who plays Wynonna herself. Last week we were left with a bunch of new questions that needed to be answered and we got a lot of them in this episode titled “Look at Them Beans”.

Wynonna and Doc are in town and note that something must be off with the town after they see the bodies hung in the center of town for all to see. They head to the bar, their usual stomping grounds. Inside it looks completely different, decorated in a tropical theme. Wynonna is instantly confused because she had just left it before she had to rescue Waverly from the Garden of Eden, not knowing they have been gone for 18 months. Wynonna sees Chrissy Nedley who instantly yells at Wynonna and throws a bottle at her. Chrissy comes around from behind the bar and tries to attack Wynonna, but she holds her off. The people inside the bar suddenly all take out guns and tell Wynonna to let Chrissy say her peace. Chrissy announces she’s placing Wynonan under citizen’s arrest for the murder of her father, Randy Nedley. Wynonna turns to Doc and says, “It’s just so good to be home.”

The mob drags Wynonna out of the bar telling her that she was the last one seen with Nedley and then she disappeared, with him not being seen either since. They push Wynonna onto a flatbed and take out ropes to hang her with the other dead bodies. Doc takes out his guns. Suddenly a man fires a gun behind the mob. We see it’s a new sheriff who tells the mob to put the ropes away. Wynonna is confused that the sheriff isn’t Haught and the new sheriff tells Chrissy this isn’t how her father would want it to go down or how they handle the law there. The sheriff helps Wynonna off the truck and says she’ll have a trial, taking her away to the station. Doc runs off to get Haught and the others.

At the homestead, Waverly comes downstairs dancing after her night of sex after being reunited with Haught. Rachel is in the kitchen, catching Waverly off guard. She covers herself up with a robe and Rachel offers her kombucha saying “after last night I bet you need some hydration”. An alarm goes off and Rachel says something is caught in the trap. Rachel and Haught get guns and run to the trap. Waverly is confused because she knows that the curse is broken, but Haught says there are now creatures in the woods who are trying to get into the homestead. As they arrive at the trap, they find Doc stuck in it. They free him and he informs them Wynonna is in jail for the murder of Nedley.

The sheriff puts Wynonna in a cell with another prisoner. She asks for a phone call and he ignores her request. Inside the cell already is another prisoner named Casey. He instantly fears for his life when Wynonna tells him who she is. He still thinks she has Peacemaker and keeps the fact that she doesn’t have it anymore close to her chest. She asks him what happened in her absence. She learns about the monsters in the woods.

At the homestead, Haught helps fill in more of the blanks we were missing. She tells Doc and Waverly that people came back to town after the evacuation, but others just disappeared. Doc asks about Kate and Waverly asks about Jeremy and Robin (who I completely forgot existed during this extended break between seasons until this very moment). She says she hasn’t seen Kate since the train and Jeremy is getting by, but they haven’t spoken in a while and drifts off as she says Robin’s name. Waverly tries to wrap her head around all the time they missed exclaiming, “I missed so many Property Brothers!” to which Doc says, “I feel that”. Doc thanks Haught for taking care of the homestead and she gives some of the credit to Rachel and the Earp shotguns that helped protect it. Doc asks about Mercedes since she was the last seen with Nedley and then asks about Charlene, his car. Mercedes is working at a new demon bar in town and he decides to go ask her what happened. Now reunited with Charlene, Doc is instantly gleeful and drives off. When he arrives at the club, he is initially turned away at the door but knocks out the bouncer. He takes out his gun and notices the bar is named “Glory Hole” (I love how the writers come up with the most over the top things sometimes) questioning if that was actually the name. A man approaches, naming his birth date and place of birth, who knows all about Doc and introduces himself saying he’s the owner of the bar. Mercedes appears on stage and begins to perform for a crowd of demons.

Back in the cell at the station, Casey asks Wynonna how she got into town with the problem at the border. Confused, he tells her there is a quarantine at the border. Demons can’t get out, but regular people can. Waverly shows up and tries to be Wynonna’s lawyer. The town magistrate walks in acting like a complete airhead who clearly has no idea what she’s doing. The sheriff says she has to play this one carefully because of the angry mob in town that wants Wynonna to hang.

WYNONNA EARP — “Look At Them beans” Episode 403 — Pictured: Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

At Glory Hole, Mercedes approaches Doc, he thinks she’s now a vampire and she tells him it’s safer to make everyone think she is since things got bad in town. Doc asks where Nedley is since she was the last one seen with him. She says “I tried my best to Meredith Grey that magnificent old bitch back to health” but he took off into the woods on his own. I love these pop culture references they throw at us all the time.

In an over the top moment, the magistrate suddenly announces a Nedley Memorial Chili Cook Off event in Nedley’s honor for a chance for a prisoner to get out of jail free. Wynonna and Waverly stare at her in disbelief. At the bar, all the prisoners arrive for the cook off event. Casey tells Wynonna it may be her one chance to get out of jail since the magistrate occasionally throws these events and one prisoner gets freed in the end. Waverly and Haught show up to help Wynonna with her chili entry. Haught and Wynonna hug it out and Haught thanks her for getting Waverly back home. The competition starts and Waverly and Haught help cook while the magistrate fires t-shirts out of a t-shirt cannon into the crowd.

While out investigating, Doc finds an abandoned truck with blood on it. He opens the back of the truck and finds cases of liquor inside. He goes to look at the rest of the boxes and hears a noise behind him. He sees a hairy creature approaching the truck. He takes out his gun and waits for it to get closer. Doc fires at the creature. He sees it doesn’t make a dent and runs off with a bottle of liquor.

Back at the bar, Wynonna asks Haught why she gave up the star, and her position as sheriff. Haught tells Wynonna that Cleo, the magistrate, waltzed into town, took control and she named her own sheriff. Wynonna is confused why no one stopped her power grab. Haught says she was too busy with Rachel and the homestead and looking for them. Sheriff Clayborne approaches Haught, teases her, and she gets worried about Rachel. She runs off at Waverly’s suggestion to go make sure she’s okay.

Haught arrives back at the homestead and finds Rachel injured by the creature. Rachel says Doc diverted its attention away and she survived. Haught brings her inside, turns off the lights and Doc shows up, trying to get inside and away from the creature. Hearing the creatures howl, Haught stands frozen in the room. Rachel tries to get her to snap back to reality and lets Doc in the house. Haught fires a gun at the creature that they call the “crusty booger beast”.

At the chili cook off, Cleo announces that Chrissy will be judging the competition to Wynonna and Waverly’s dismay. Chrissy glares at Wynonna. The magistrate announces the winner of the competition. To Waverly and Wynonna’s shock, Wynonna has won. Waverly tries the chili and gags on it. Two men suddenly grab Wynonna and take her out of the bar with the magistrate following. She informs Wynonna she is going to drive her to the border and get her out of Purgatory once and for all. Wynonna says she won’t go.

Back at the house, Doc tells Haught he doesn’t think the creature is their enemy because of a look in his eyes when he saw it. Haught disagrees and shows him that she found a piece of Nedley’s shirt with the monster and that the creature was the one who killed Nedley. Doc puts the pieces together and he and Haught both realize that the creature itself might be Nedley!

Cleo arrives at the edge of town with Wynonna against her will. She shoves her down a hill and hogties Wynonna, telling her she is going to feed her to the creature instead. Cleo leaves Wynona as the creature approaches. Waverly suddenly appears and attacks Cleo, throwing her down the hill. Cleo gets back up while Waverly tries to untie Wynonna. The creature approaches Wynonna as Waverly and Cleo struggle. Doc and Haught appear with a water gun and rope. Waverly grabs the t-shirt cannon from the chili cook off and they run down the hill towards the creature. Cleo runs back to the truck, gets in and drives off. Wynonna smiles and laughs tied up on the ground still, as Waverly fires the t-shirt cannon, Haught sprays the creature with water and Doc lassos it. Everyone is a complete mess falling to the ground trying to get the creature and Wynonna keeps smiling and calls each of them idiots. I had a giant smile on my face the entire time. Suddenly the water has shed the beast of its fur, revealing a naked Nedley still alive. Waverly frees Wynonna, and she fires a t-shirt at Nedley for him to cover up. Nedley asks what’s going on.

WYNONNA EARP — “Look At Them beans” Episode 403 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Nedley goes to the bar where Chrissy is relieved to find him. Chrissy apologizes to Wynonna and the rest and thanks them. We find out she was more upset they weren’t around to help her find Nedley. As they leave, Haught tells Nedley he should get them both out of town while he still can.

Doc brings the bottle of liquor back to Glory Hole and Doc and the owner flirt relentlessly. The owner offers Doc blood as a thank you. Doc instead asks for a future favor. Guess we’ll be seeing these two interact more this season!

Back in bed, Waverly and Haught kiss. Waverly tells Haught about how the garden tried to trick her. Haught gets nervous but Waverly says she didn’t fall for it, telling her “I know every curve. Every sigh. Every taste” in a very sensual tone. They hear a noise and Haught, still on edge, jumps up ready for action. Waverly says it’s just Wynonna getting a snack. Nicole gets anxious and looks away. Waverly asks about what happened in the 18 months she was gone. Haught gets jumpy again and says she’s going to check the traps without answering. Waverly offers to go with her and Haught says okay with a wry smile. Waverly looks concerned, having seen these sad and scared looks all day on Haught, and follows Haught out of the room.

We then see Chrissy approach the border checkpoint in a car. The guard stops her and asks when she expects to return. She says never and the guard goes to get a supervisor. The supervisor returns with her ID and says she’s clear to go. Chrissy whispers to him “they’re back” and drives off. The camera pans back and we see that Jeremy is the supervisor at the border and he has a hard to read look on his face. Is he happy? Nervous? Scared?

At the homestead, Wynonna approaches Rachel who says she’s going to move into the barn now that everyone is back. Wynonna says she can stay in the house saying, “I’m better in the cold,” taking the barn for herself. Rachel replies “Okay Jon Snow in a B cup” which made me laugh hard. Wynonna asks why she left her home and Rachel says she wanted to help Haught. Wynonna thanks her and gives her a nickname, “Smalldez”. Wynonna enters the barn, turns on the light, and Black Badge Division agents instantly surround her at gunpoint and throw a black bag over her head. Uh oh!

There were so many worrying looks that Haught gave in this episode. I’m glad Waverly picked up on it and is also aware of these looks Haught was giving throughout the episode. Her mental health must not have been great during the time Waverly was missing and it shows. Plus, with Nedley missing, and protecting the homestead on top of it all. We’re lucky Rachel was there to help her get by and they have clearly made a bond of their own. Hopefully being with Waverly again and being able to let her guard down a little more will help make her feel better.

This episode did a great job of filling in all the blanks while setting up the new normal in town. Should Wynonna be worried Doc is flirting with another person? Or is it the usual Doc flirting with everyone. Yeah, he’s going to flirt with everyone let’s be real! I’m interested to see how Jeremy falls into place now that we know he is working at the border. What happened to his boyfriend? Good thing the show reminded me he had a boyfriend after all this time! Plus, with the ending of the episode, what does Black Badge Division want with Wynonna this time?! My guess? It probably has something to do with Valdez, but we’ll hopefully find out in next week’s episode. I cannot wait for more. Oh crap. I just remembered we’re only getting 6 episodes for now so we’re actually already halfway through this part of the season! Nooooo!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Sundays at 10PM on Syfy. You can stream them the day after on Syfy’s website.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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