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‘Infinity Train: Book 3’ Recap: Episode 8 – “The Hey Ho Whoa Car”


Episode 8 was the final episode in the second batch of episodes released in Book 3 of Infinity Train. In this episode, Grace wakes up in the cave and Hazel laughs at her, telling her she drooled on her while she slept. They laugh and Grace asks how long she’s been awake. Hazel tells Grace that she had bad dreams and has been up for a while now. Hazel rolls over to her bag of belongings and realizes her hand is shifted into the turtle. She quickly realizes she can shift it back and forth. Grace tells her she can’t let Simon see. They suddenly realize Simon isn’t there. A flying snake begins to crawl into the cave. As it goes to strike Grace and Hazel, Amelia hits it with a shovel, saving them. Grace picks up a rock telling her to stay away. Amelia puts down the shovel and reaches her hand out to officially introduce herself. While making eggs, Amelia tells Grace she normally wouldn’t ask for their help, but she needs to figure out the anomaly. As she asks for help, Grace notices Amelia’s number goes down. She tells her and Amelia says with her number so high, a small change doesn’t really make a dent. Amelia serves Hazel the eggs and tells her she reminds her of Alrick. Hazel asks who that is, and Amelia tells her that he was her person and she lost him. Hazel runs over and gives her a big hug telling her that she likes her. Amelia quickly says it’s time to go. Grace says not without Simon and Amelia, annoyed, says fine.

They go out the exit door and suddenly Simon yells for Grace to fall back. He jumps off the top of the train car, landing on the bridge between cars where they’re standing. He tells Grace she was right not to trust Amelia and goes to attack her. As he gets close, an invisible force field surrounds Amelia, Grace and Hazel, knocking Simon to the ground. Simon gets up and notices the symbol of the Apex on her belt. She tells them it’s a sine wave and then looks at Hazel and Grace, also wearing it on their faces, and asks if that’s why they have lipstick on their faces. They begin to tell her the story of the true conductor, causing her to burst out in laughter. She pulls out a voice modulator and makes her voice sound like the “true conductor” causing Grace to gasp. She asks Amelia if she remembers saving her 7 years earlier and Amelia quickly brushes her question off. She tells them they need to move on. As Amelia passes Simon, she sneers at him.

Simon tells Grace they have to leave, and that Amelia isn’t their ally. Grace says she doesn’t think she’s the enemy either. Hazel agrees. Simon tells Grace that Samantha told him not to trust her. Grace interrupts him and is shocked that he went back to The Cat. He stumbles over his words and says it’s complicated. Grace wraps her arm around him, leading him to blush and tells him she trusts him, but she needs him to trust her now. He nods.

In the next car, Amelia looks out into a giant crater in the ground with rocks falling from pipes all saying “hey” and “ho” and “woah”. Amelia says the car has reset and they have to wait. Grace begins to ask Amelia more equations. She asks about her being the conductor. She tells her that she was a passenger and didn’t like how One was running things, so she took control. She tried to recreate her old life but failed over and over. Now she’s quarantining any car she made while conductor. Grace asks if Amelia is One-One’s prisoner and she laughs at the thought of being One-Ones prisoner because of how small he is. She says she’s making amends and maybe one day she’ll get off the train. Simon suddenly shouts, asking why anyone would want to get off the train. Amelia asks if they know why they are on the train. Grace says to get the highest number and Amelia shakes her head no. The whole point of the train is to work through your problems. The worse you do the higher your number goes. Until you get it down to zero, you’re trapped. Simons calls her words lies and says the train is their right. Grace cuts him off and he tells her that Amelia is brainwashing her. Amelia asks Simon if he’s ever considered that he’s wrong. She says of course not before he can answer and laughs in his face, calling him a child. Simon dares her to say it again, getting angrier. He tries to punch her, but her shield belt protects her, knocking him over. He tells her to take it off and say it again. She tells him she’ll give him until the count of three to stop or shell put him down. She begins counting and Simon continues to kick and punch her shield protecting her. Grace tries to pull him back to stop him. Hazel gets upset.

As Amelia says three, Hazel screams. She has fully transformed into the turtle. Amelia and Simon stare in disbelief. Grace tries to pretend like she’s surprised, badly. Amelia says “of course, the turtles” and looks at Hazel’s number. She tells them that was her number. She says Hazel is not a passenger, she’s one of her failed attempts at making Alrick. She’s the anomaly. Grace asks if she’s a clone of Alrick, Amelia says no, she’s something else. She says Hazel needs to be quarantined before the pulse comes through again and that she’ll take it from here. She tells them once the canyon fills with the rocks, Grace and Simon can exit. Hazel sadly asks Grace if she’s going to leave her. She looks back at Simon and snaps at Hazel saying, “I’ll leave if I want to, null.” Simon laughs and Hazel recoils at her harsh words.

Grace tells Simon they should camp for the night and Simon grabs her and shakes her, saying that they can leave. Grace holds herself and says it’s safer that way. Simon for a second is lost for words, then his face drops and blankly says okay, you’re the leader. He turns and glares back at her, walking away. Simon pretends to sleep and walks over to Grace who is sleeping and takes out the vial The Cat gave to him. He pours the contents of it on her head and a film begins to print out of her head. He threads the ribbon through the device he also got from the cat, and it begins to project light onto the walls. He watches, seeing the scene play out when Grace first sees Hazel’s transformation when she says Simon is going to kill her. The part where she says “we just won’t tell Simon” plays on repeat as tears form in his eyes and stream down his face.

Simon is going to completely lose it after seeing that Grace betrayed him. She kept telling him to trust her, and now that trust is gone. It was fascinating to find out that Hazel is one of Amelia’s creations. While a failure, she actually succeeded in creating the great parts of Alrick which are present in Hazel. Grace is slowly getting redeemed, but her snapping at Hazel was a step backwards. She’s still trying to hold on to Simon, but at the cost of Hazel possibly. Only 2 more left to go after this!

You can stream Infinity Train Books 1-2 and Episodes 1-8 of Book 3 on HBO Max now!

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