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‘Wynonna Earp’ Midseason Finale Recap: “Holy War: Part Two”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Holy War Part II" Episode 406 -- Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Holy War: Part 2 is the midseason finale of Wynonna Earp’s fourth season. This season has been building steadily and we are certainly in for a treat with this episode. We begin with seeing what happens before Waverly walks in on Jeremy drowning Haught in a tub. Haught is in the tub testing out the water and they each run through what they have to do for the exorcism to rid Haught of the hex. Once the time runs out in the hourglass, they can bring Haught back to life and the hex will be broken. Before they begin, Haught makes Jeremy promise he won’t let her come up from the water until it’s done. She thanks them for helping her do this and Nedley begins chanting as Haught lowers herself in the water. Jeremy has to hold her down as her survival instincts kick in midway. Then we see the moment Waverly walks in, and Jeremy tells her it was a success and that it was all Haught’s plan. The previously dead frog in the container is now ribbiting, meaning Haught is in it. Upon seeing the frog Waverly says, “You put my girlfriend into a frog?” What a moment!

Back at the Clanton’s compound, Mam sees that a frog has died in a glass jar and realizes what Haught is attempting. She says she won’t let her get away with it that easy and begins the ritual of summoning the reaper, cursing Waverly. Billy hobbles in as Rachel watches hidden. Mam tells him Waverly Earp is the target. Rachel tries to call Waverly to warn her, but Holt catches her and drags her to the station.

Doc and Wynonna approach Rosita standing on the rock formation as she was in the painting. Wynonna curses her as they approach and says she’ll kill her. Doc says as much as he wants to see her dead too, they can’t because they need her alive. Rosita tells them she was being hunted down by “creepy phil” for sleeping with his wife. She ran to the rock formation hearing stories about it. As she got to the rock, there was rumbling and then poof! All the revenants chasing her were gone. She figures if she comes down off the rock, she’ll also poof. Wynonna realizes the rock formation hurt revenants before the curse was broken, and now protects them now that it is broken. They realize they need to find more of the rocks to protect her.

WYNONNA EARP — “Holy War Part II” Episode 406 — Pictured: Tamara Duarte as Rosita Bustillos — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Back at the bar, the sand in the glass runs out and Jeremy tells Nedley to begin chanting the reversal incantation. Suddenly the bar doors open, knocking the container with frog! Haught in it to the floor. Waverly opens her hand to see a rock with a “C” on it and says she’s been marked. She can now see Billy approaching her, but no one else can. Nedley notices the bottle knocked over, but Billy knocks over another container of frogs. Now they’re unsure which is Nicole. A ghostly figure suddenly pushes Billy into the back room and Waverly blocks the door. Unseen by anyone, Haught’s ghostly spirit looks down on her own dead body.

Doc and Wynonna notice a line of the stone and tell Rosita to step on them like a path, then they’ll take the back stone to the front and so forth all the way to the bar to protect her. Rosita questions if it’ll protect her from agony or Wynonna herself. Wynonna informs Rosita that the rumbling she felt was Bolshar lifting the curse and that there’s no Earp and revenant “thing” anymore. Rosita reminds Doc that it was his baby too that she tried to steal but he forgives her. Rosita makes Wynonna pinky swear she won’t’ hurt her. Rosita steps on the first stone and nothing bad happens. She jumps on Wynonna to hug her and Wynonna tells her she forgot how good she smells. Suddenly they begin to hear the bells ringing again, and a symbol appears before them glowing offering them a shortcut. Rosita and Wynonna step through and Doc gets a call from the sheriff.

At the church, Wynonna presents Rosita to the head nun. Rosita is appalled at being traded and she asks what they want her for, but Wynonna doesn’t know. She says she just has to save her friends and it’s just survival. Rosita questions why it always involves women betraying women. The nun senses tension between the two, rings her bell and declares a fight to the death between the two. As Wynonna begins to protest, Rosita jumps on her back, beginning the fight. The nuns all stand around in a circle all jamming stakes into the ground in delight. Wynonna asks Rosita “What happened to women betraying women?” and Rosita responds, “I saw an opening. I jumped on it”. Wynonna calls her a sexy spider monkey and Rosita accuses her of lying about not hurting her. Wynonna says she’s trying to keep her word but they begin all out fighting. As they fight, the nun’s eyes reveal she’s a demon. Waverly tells Rosita if they don’t find the gun, they’re both dead. They distract the nuns and run off. The demon nun sends the rest of the nuns after them.

At the bar, Jeremy and Waverly try to figure out which frog is Haught, noting that she doesn’t have much time left. Haught’s ghost walks around and tries to find a way to tell them she’s not in the frog. Waverly tries kissing the frogs to find which one is Haught. She says she wishes Haught could give her a sign. Haught yells to no one that she’s trying, but she doesn’t know the “rules of ghost”. She tries to touch a light, causing it to flicker. Nedley realizes the flickering is in a pattern and Waverly realizes its morse code. She spells out “not in frob” which they realize is actually “frog”. She tells them to go to the basement where Billy is. Jremy says he is going to lower Haught’s body temperature more to protect her and worries that he doesn’t know what happens to the spirit if they lose the body. Waverly takes a bat and Nedley takes a shotgun with them as they go downstairs to see Billy. As Waverly approaches, Billy tries to attack her but Haught pushes back and asks Billy what they did to him. Waverly realizes Haught is inside Billy now and they can talk.

Billy tells Waverly Haught sold her soul, a life for a life. Haught gains control of Billy again and tells Waverly she was desperate and didn’t know they were the Clantons when she made the deal. She apologizes and says she should have known she’d find her way home. Billy reveals the deal only ends with both parties in the deal are dead. Waverly tells Haught she’s going to fix it but Haught tries to tell her to stop. Waverly decides she’s going to take care of Mam. Jeremy and Nedley protest saying Haught wouldn’t want it this way and they can wait for Wynonna to come back with Peacemaker. She says there’s no time and heads out.

At the sheriff’s station, Cleo confronts Holt saying Rachel knows too much, but he brushes her off. Doc walks in and Holt tells him he wants to talk to him man to man. He gives Rachel back her phone and lets her leave. Holt tells Doc that he’s tired of the fight. Doc tells him that people can change, and Holt agrees, saying he has a job now and he can do some real good. He also wants to ask a girl out without having to worry about getting shot in the back by an Earp. He laments Billy saying he was uncorrupted by the family and was a good kid. Doc brings up Romeo and Juliet and two love stuck kids stuck in the middle of family drama and hopes it’s not too late to give Billy and Rachel a happier ending. They both agree to bring the proposal to call a truce to their families.

Back at the church, Wynonna locks herself and Rosita in the room where Peacemaker is supposed to be. Rosita asks Wynonna why she needs Peacemaker if the curse is broken. She tells her that her work isn’t done. Wynonna begins calling out to Peacemaker as the nuns begin breaking down the door with axes. She opens up to Peacemaker, trying to get her to reveal herself to her. The nuns break through and enter the room. Sensing Wynonna being threatened, Peacemaker begins to glow, revealing herself to Wynonna. She calls Peacemaker to her, and Wynonna summons the sword, which turns into the gun in a burst of flames. She pulls the gun close to her face and says, “Hey sexy, missed you too.” The head nun gloats, saying they keep these man-made weapons in the room there so people won’t hurt themselves. Giving a look, Wynonna asks Rosita if she wants to tell her, which she says no. Wynonna cocks Peacemaker and it begins to glow. Wynonna fires Peacemaker, killing the head nun. The other nuns’ approach, laying down their weapons. They drop to their knees, saying that she has freed them, and they are at her service.

Doc and Rachel leave the station and she questions Holt’s intentions, asking if they can really trust him. She tells Doc she thinks they hurt Billy. She tells him she saw Mam talking about Waverly, performing the spell, and after she wasn’t able to get in contact with her. Doc, now worried, tells Rachel to get in the car. He tells her he’s bringing her home and he’s going to figure out what’s going on, now looking very worried.

Back at the church, the nun tells Wynona they’re in her debt and they want her to teach them how to be cleansed. She laughs saying she’s the furthest from cleansed and tells them they can just go. They tell her they can’t leave, and Rosita begins to realize that she knows some of them. They were victims of Wyatt Earp. Rosita tells Wynonna she’s going to stay and that they don’t have to be like her to be free. Before Wynonna leaves, Rosita says she has to tell her one last thing. She asks Wynonna if she knows why she tried to steal Alice. Wynonna assumes it was insurance against being sent to hell by Peacemaker. Rosita reveals she had a buyer for her baby, Margo Jean Clanton aka Mam. Wynonna tells her she has to go and walks back out of the portal. Wynonna appears inside the bar and Jeremy is surprised to see her. He tells her that Waverly has been marked and she’s on her way to the Clantons.

Waverly enters a building with her shotgun raised. Mam walks in and Waverly tells her she has one chance to fix Haught before she fires. Mam tells Waverly she was the one who showed them which door was the exit from the Garden. Mam reveals Haughts deal with her. She would bring back Waverly, Wynonna and Doc, and in return, Haught would bring Doc to her. She tells Waverly he took everything from her and she will ruin him. Mam goes to curse Haught with her spell, but Waverly grabs her head with her hands and begins to use her angelic powers on Mam. She screams and falls to the floor. With Mam now dead, Wavelry asks herself what she just did. At the bar, Haught suddenly awakens in the bath, scaring Jeremy. She tells Jeremy she can talk again, and they all celebrate the success

Waverly stumbles out of the barn all disheveled and upset and sees Holt drive up. She ducks out of the way, so he doesn’t see her. Wynonna appears in her car and Waverly is pleased to see her. Wynonna tells her whatever she did worked and that Haught is okay. She begins to cry happy tears when she sees that Wynonna has Peacemaker again and knowing that Haught is safe now. Holt appears out of the barn and yells at them, holding his gun at them asking why she killed his mother. Waverly apologizes and he says they had one chance to end it and now there’s nothing they can do to right the wrongs of the O.K. Corral. Doc fires a warning shot in the air telling them both to lower their weapons. Holt tells Doc it’s too late, but Doc lowers Wynonna’s hand holding Peacemaker and tells Holt it’s never too late to bury a grudge. Holt says he’s the Clanton heir now and he has no choice. Doc tells him he’s learned from Wynonna that there is always another way and approaches Holt. He tells Holt they can work it out for the sake of their kin together. Holt tells Doc Billy is gone and he didn’t deserve it. Doc gets through to Holt, getting him to lower his weapon and tells him they’ll go get a drink together. They turn around and begin walking away when suddenly a shot is fired, hitting Holt in the back, exactly what he had just told Doc he feared earlier. Holt falls to the ground and Doc looks back and sees Wynonna fired the shot. She thanks Doc for distracting him and coldly walks off.

Back at home, Doc tells Wynonna what she did was wrong, especially shooting him in the back. She tells him she’s had to fight her whole life against those who tormented her and her family. She had to kill just to live another day. Does he really think she cares about honor? He tells her she had to do those things because of Wyatt Earp. She accuses him of being upset with what Wyatt said in the video they saw at the museum. Wynonna tells him she likes him because he’s not perfect and he’s busted up inside like her. He walks away from her and says he doesn’t want to be anymore. She taunts him by saying it’s nice to have a choice to. He turns around and tells her she has a choice too. She brushes it off and he tells her that he guesses that she and Peacemaker deserve each other. Wynonna then responds by telling him it was the Clantons that wanted Alice, their child. Waverly opens the door and Wynonna walks in. Waverly invites Doc in, which he first protests, but eventually caves. Inside, Nedley raises a toast to their first and last exorcism, hopefully. Waverly notices the tension between Wynonna and Doc and asks if they’re okay. Wynonna brushes her off. Jeremy, tipsy off of the liquor they’re drinking, asks Waverly and Haught if they’re going to get married. Realizing they never finished that discussion, Haught begins to propose, but Waverly cuts her off, asking if she can do it. She asks Haught if she will marry her and Haught says yes. They kiss in front of the fire. Everyone drinks to the happy moment and Nedley says “Finally!” Wynonna and Doc stare longingly, but questioningly, at each other with everything that just happened between them now hanging over their relationship. Doc leaves the room and Wynonna begins to tear up. Waverly and Haught both tell each other I love you. Adorable!

That was so good! We were very lucky they were able to complete this storyline before the pandemic shutdowns. It was very self-contained, and it tied up a lot of what this season has been building to so far. I was wrong about Eve showing up again, though they did mention her, and there’s always potential in the second half of the season when it returns. They did refer to her as being dead so that could be the final word. Things are a bit chilly between Wynonna and Doc now. Doc was ready to make peace with his past, but Wynonna is more worried about protecting her own future and those she loves to be able to make peace with the revenants and evil forces that are out there. Seeing Rosita and giving her closure was very welcomed. Plus getting Peacemaker back was a huge plus of this episode and Wynonna’s interactions with Rosita.

Now that Mam and Holt are gone, does that mean Cleo is the Clanton heir? And they mentioned there are a lot more of them out there so I’m sure we’re going to meet more now that Wynonna and Waverly have both drawn blood in this war. I really hope this doesn’t put a wrench in Waverly and Haught’s plans to finally get married. Jeremy was so cute when he was tipsy trying to find out what is going on with them. WayHaught deserves all the happiness! We don’t see what happened to Billy after they left him in the basement and now that Mam and Holt are gone, I guess Cleo will be in charge of him? Or will he be free now? Holt did say that he was gone, but maybe he was saying more that the person he was before is gone.

I like how Doc referred to Rachel and Billy as Romeo and Juliet, stuck between their family’s conflict. It was very fitting. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the second half and now that they are filming it, hopefully it’ll show up in early 2021! I need more Wynonna Earp! We’ve waited a long time before, so I guess we can do it again!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp will return in 2021 on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy’s website.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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