General Hospital Spoilers: January 18-22, 2021

GENERAL HOSPITAL -- Pictured: "General Hospital" Key Art -- (Photo by: Walt Disney/ABC)

This week on General Hospital it’s confrontations, conversations, and contemplation. Find out what happens in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 18, 2021.

  • Britt gets another perspective on Peter (Spoiler alert, Britt: He’s trash.)
  • Liz confronts Franco
  •  Dante and Maxie have an emotional conversation.
  • Alexis is accusatory
  • Anna looks for answers
  • Joss comforts Carly
  • Jax is apprehensive
  • Alexis tries to make amends (The Alexis Apology Tour continues. Sigh…)
  • Liz is furious with Jason
  • Franco looks to Scott for help
  • Nina is wise to Valentin’s machinations (It ain’t hard; he’s super obvious about everything he does)
  • Carly enlists help
  • Ava is determined to make peace (Even though it’s only gotten her kicked in the teeth before)
  • Willow makes an important decision (I wish I had bigger decisions than which beep to bounce on)
  • Maxie attempts to diffuse a potentially bad situation (Just dump Peter already! Jeez!)
  • Please note the General Hospital airdates have been adjusted/will be adjusted due to recent preemptions.

Source Sneak Peek: GH Edition – Week of January 25, 2021

Bobbie attempts to distract Ava; Elizabeth has a heart to heart with an old friend; Jax and Nina resist Valentin’s bait; Lucy is dismissive of Carly; Jason and Britt come up with a strategy.

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