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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Crazy”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Crazy" Episode 409 -- Pictured: (l-r) Varun Saranga as Jeremy, Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Dominique Provost-Chalkey as Waverly Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

After last week’s Wynonna Earp episode saw our lovable characters looking towards the future, this week we had some addressing the past in order to move forward. The episode was yet again another hilarious take, while foreshadowing that while things are relatively calm now, something bigger is on the horizon. We also finally get to know the legend of the chicken kicker which ties in beautifully to the main story.

We begin with Wynonna and Nicole sparring at the station. Wynonna knocks Nicole to the ground and Waverly walks in announcing that only she can sweep Nicole off her feet (aww). We see the Earps brought Nicole there to convince her to become sheriff again. She brushes their ideas off, saying the town didn’t vote for her and storms off saying that she has a wedding to plan. Waverly tells Wynonna that since she’s not doing anything BBD related, she might as well help her out at the station.

Nedley catches Nicole trying to pour herself a beer at Shorty’s. He tells her to help him set up for trivia night. Nedley calls her the best sheriff, since him at least. She says it’s not in her anymore which Nedley says she’s just butthurt. She conjures up another excuse saying she’s too busy with Rachel. Nedley tells her Rachel let Billy out from the basement and she seems concerned understatedly.

At the station Wynonna and Waverly deal with complaints from townspeople including someone complaining about a neighbor painting Guy Fieri flames on his car. They ask where Hoyt is and Wynonna brushes them off by telling them their problems aren’t important compared to what they go through usually. Jeremy walks into the room covered in “cherry pie” and scares everyone off. They head into another room and look at the dead body Jeremy is investigating, Ricky Brock, who won trivia last week at Shorty’s. Jeremy and Waverly seem to be overly invested in trivia night. They see vampire marks on his neck, giving Wynonna a reason to talk to Doc. She plays with her hair pretending not to be enjoying having to confront Doc. Jeremy questions if Doc could have done it and Waverly just shrugs.

Wynonna walks into The Glory Hole, drinking from a flask. Doc assures the customers that she’s not there to kill them. Wynonna tells him “welcome to the moral low ground” and implies that he was the vampire who killed the guy. He denies it, saying he found a morally sound way to fulfill his needs. Wynonna points Peacemaker at Doc causing him to vamp out. Other demons come to his aid and she asks them if they know anything about a vampire killing humans. Wynonna asks since when Doc had minions. He tells her he doesn’t have any information but says he’ll keep his ear out for info.

At Shorty’s, Rachel arrives, and Nicole gives her a stern look. She confronts her about Billy. Rachel says he was really weak when she let him out and that she’s sorry. They listen to Rachels headphones, a Lady Gaga podcast, and Rachel tells her Doc would forgive her if she just told him why.

Jeremy has a second body on the table again with vampire marks and it was another trivia night winner, Niles the Butcher. They realize the bite marks are too far apart. Jeremy asks about Doc and Wynonna. Doc thinks that since Wynonna shot Hoyt, she’s off the chain. Waverly lifts the dead body’s head and realizes its lighter than it should be. She shines a laser through his ear and it comes out the other side onto Jeremys pants. The brain is missing. Waverly asks why a demon would want human brains. Jeremy fears it could be as a trophy or something worse. Elsewhere a demon eats a sandwich saying he can feel the facts and numbers. He’s eating the brains! He tells a woman in the room that they’re going to need a lot more brains.

Jeremy and Waverly confirm that it isn’t a vampire to Wynonna’s disappointment. Jeremy thinks it’s a demon, Waverly thinks it is a human. They go back and forth leading to them going at each other about trivia saying they’ll crush the other at trivia night. Wynonna breaks them up. A man comes into the sheriff’s office and says he saw a man yelling “I own you” as he threw a woman into his car, with flames on it. Wynonna knows who it is! They run off and the guy tells Jeremy there was more. He says he tried to break up the argument, but the guy told him to eat shit, and he did it. That’s not normal!

The Earps arrive at the flaming car owner’s home. The guy who was eating brains opens the door and the Earps walk in. The house is a mess. Waverly sees the woman and tells her she’s there to help. Wynonna walks into the kitchen as the guy continues to eat a brain sandwich. He says he used to be dumb but now is a lot smarter. He calls the woman in and Wynonna calls for Waverly. He throws brains at them and flees out the back door.

At the station Wynonna tells the woman she’s safe now and puts Peacemaker on the desk. It begins to glow, and the woman begins to freak out. Wynonna realizes she’s the demon who has been killing. She says his wishes made her do it and she’s a genie. They lock her up and ask how it all happened. He bumped into her at a bar and that’s all it took for him to be her new master. He wants to be the smartest guy in town, so he makes her kill all the smartest people in town. He wished her nails to be poison, which is why the color was left behind in the victims. He’s made two wishes already, so Jeremy assumes he has one left. She tells them he wished for infinite wishes. Wynonna realizes when she said, “bumped into him”, that they have to be physically touching for his wishes to come true. Wynonna says she’ll stand watch. The genie tells them she’s stuck with him until he dies.

Jeremy brings Wynonna to the lab where he tells her about the name, he called himself, Kuru. It’s a brain disease he got from eating brains. Jeremy tells Wynonna he’s off to trivia night and she tells him they have to stop the guy. He gets upset because it’s the finals. Wynonna realizes it’s all about trivia night. He’s trying to get their smart brains to become smarter. Jeremy says he; Waverly, Nicole and Doc will go to Trivia while Wynonna stays and watches the genie.

Waverly cleans off her shirt in the sink while she and Nicole discuss the plan to take Kuru down. Waverly hints at her being sheriff again which bums her out. Nicole tells Waverly she lost her friends and then the election to Hoyt, then the deal she made with Mam, and now everyone hates her. Waverly tells her, so what, everyone hates Wynonna and she still does her thing. Waverly tries to comfort Nicole, says she’s so close to being happy, she shouldn’t blunt her ambition. Nicole says she got Waverly back, and that is what makes her happy. They kiss.

At the jail, the genie keeps telling Wynonna he’s going to come get her. She explains that she has no ambitions and that the wish makers give her purpose to a degree. It’s not romantic, but they all go crazy in the end. Wynonna understands her bad taste in men.

At Shorty’s, everyone is excited for trivia. Waverly and Nicole walk in. Nicole starts to freak out being around people and begins repeatedly asking herself why she’s there. Waverly reminds her they’re there to spot the next potential victim to save them. The men at the bar begin to mock Nicole calling her chicken kicker. Nicole tries to bail but as she tries to open the door, she’s unable to leave because of Kuru’s wish. Trivia begins. She heads to the basement. Nedley announces it’s sudden death trivia (how fitting!). One wrong answer and they’re out. Turns out Doc is also a finalist. Waverly, Jeremy and Doc fly through the questions getting them right. Doc gets eliminated first and wonders why Kuru hasn’t shown up yet.

At the jail, Wynonna and the genie bond over their stories. The genie gets a text and Wynonna caves and lets her look at her notifications. She goes to get the phone and suddenly Kuru is in the cell with the genie. He wished to walk through walls. He wishes for Wynonna to open the cell door. She asks why he isn’t at trivia night. He tells her he realized street smarts are more important. He wants Wynonna’s brain. He wishes for Wynonna to say goodbye to her brain.

At Shorty’s, Doc Jeremy and Waverly realize they left Wynonna in danger, but the spell has Jeremy and Waverly still more interested in the trivia finals. Doc realizes he has to save her on his own. He tries to leave but the spell still won’t let him. He tells Jeremy and Waverly one of them has to lose so they can leave. He tells them to snap out of it and Jeremy Waverly and Nedley yell back at him “we can’t!”

At the station, Kuru tells Wynonna to lay on a gurney. She shoves the dead body off the gurney and lays down on it. He decides he’s going to remove her brain himself instead of having the genie do it. He wishes for a knife and approaches Wynonna.

Doc goes to Nicole in the basement. She realizes she can break the spell if no one answers a trivia question. She needs to make a distraction and says it’s time for chicken kicker (here we go!!!). They go upstairs and ask Rachel for her phone. She needs her to pull up the video. Rachel says she deleted it but Nicole knows she didn’t. Rachel says it’s in a folder marked “tax stuff” and hands her the phone. She connects the video to the tv screen, and a video of a drunk Nicole begins to play. She’s telling everyone off for not voting for her, kicking the door open and stumbling around. She curses everyone off, destroying the dinner meal set up to celebrate. She throws food everywhere and kicks a whole cooked chicken. Waverly watched the whole thing, distracting her from answering, leading Jeremy to get the answer correct, ending the trivia competition, and breaking the spell. Doc opens the door and rushes off to save Wynonna.

At the station Wynonna calls out to the genie for not helping as the knife gets closer to her head. She tries to get her to give her peacemaker. He then wishes for Wynonna to be silent. He makes a wish for a bigger knife. Suddenly he collapses and dies. The genie says she was killing time. His brain had been rotting for weeks and it was only a matter of time before he kicked it. Doc rushes in and Wynonna tells him she handled it. The genie realizes who he is from their talks and giggles.

At Shorty’s, Jeremy and Waverly celebrate Jeremy’s trivia win. Nicole approaches Doc and he teases her, gently, about the chicken kicking. He tells her he knows that she was going to trade him to the Clantons. She says she had her reasons and she’s forever grateful in the end Doc helped bring Waverly home. Doc asks what they wanted him for and she tells him she knew whatever it was that Doc would be able to handle it, and if he didn’t, she and the Earps would figure it out together. She would fight for him too. He tells her he appreciates it. Nicole then decides to address everyone at the bar. She tells everyone that they all do things they regret. She embraces the chicken kicker name saying she’s still going to be their sheriff because she made a commitment to protect everyone in town, even if they don’t like her. Nedley backs her up telling everyone they all make mistakes, and it’s usually about things they care about the most. They all raise their glasses and say that they need her, reinstating her as sheriff. Waverly runs up and hugs Nicole. Waverly says she now understands Wynonna’s bad boy thing (LOL). She finds chicken kicker hot! They embrace and kiss. Doc smiles as he watches.

At the station, the genie gets a text and walks out of the room. In the hallway, Wynonna holds Peacemaker at her side, causing the genie to look uncomfortable. Wynonna confronts her about her “masters” and how they all die in the end. Wynonna tells her that the genie likes to kill for them, but she repeats that she has to kill because they wished it, calling herself a victim. Wynonna tells her she’s still a demon and she’ll find another idiot to kill for. She’s too powerful. Wynonna raises Peacemaker at the genie who raises her hands. She slowly approaches Wynonna telling her she can have all the choices she wants to deal with what’s coming. Hmm that’s ominous. Wynonna tells her she can stop what’s coming on her own. The genie then tells Wynonna she can make Doc love her again. Wynonna smirks and cocks Peacemaker. The genie says they’re the same, except Peacemaker is her master. Oooh clever! It’s true to a degree! Wynonna says they’re not, because the genie has a way out. Wynonna fires Peacemaker and sends the demon to hell, telling her “you’re free”.

As we get closer to the finale, I’m scared to find out what Cleo has planned for the Earps. She’s out for revenge still out there somewhere, and the fact that the genie said something big is coming means we’re probably going to find out soon! Wynonna and Doc still have to talk and fix their relationship. I’m sure it will come up once they have to confront whatever is coming from Cleo.

I’m so glad Nicole has gotten her confidence back and she’s ready to be sheriff again! It seems like now her and Waverly are completely on the same page before they get married. I can’t wait for the wedding!! I love her being a mom figure to Rachel too. They have a great rapport. Hopefully freeing Billy doesn’t bite everyone in the end!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Fridays on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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