‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Quinn and Carter Hit the Sheets Again!


Never again—One more time for the road. The Bold and the Beautiful’s sexiest and scandalous new pairing has the full attention of the TV Source team! What a scandal! Quinn woke with stars in her eyes, wrapped in Carter’s Egyptian cotton sheets as he caressed her from behind. The lonely wife seemed to have no qualms about her recent night’s events, and neither did her handsome companion.

While Zoe is in the office worried about Quinn’s conversation with Carter and the results she was able to achieve, Quinn is elsewhere waking up with something better than coffee in her cup. Zoe’s sister, Paris arrives at the office, letting Zoe know that she has not seen or heard from Quinn, and in a bed near them, Quinn expresses her gratitude for Carter’s considerable talents.

“Is it possible that you gained more muscle since last night? Last night was incredible.”

Lying in bed, basking in the glow of feeling desired, Quinn had no complaints or regrets of her night with the tall, dark, and handsome young man. She seemed impressed with his attention and dedication to making her feel desired.

Tracing his muscular form, caressing his face, Quinn goes on about how amazing it was to feel as close to someone as she felt to Carter the night before and the two-look poised to go for yet another round of “closeness” when Quinn’s phone dings. Realizing that Zoe has contacted her with questions about her talk with Carter sends Quinn into a frenzy.

It is only at that point that she begins to realize the gravity of her decision to bed Carter. Tossing her phone aside, she vocalizes her blunder, she’s now a cheater. The realization sends her reeling while Carter just looks on, dumbfounded.

As Quinn begins to unravel, as does Carter, realizing that he not only betrayed a person he sees as family, but also his boss. He is now afraid of the consequences that could come along with the discovery of their fling. He also admits how detrimental this could be to his friendships and working relationships with the Forresters.

Across town, Zoe is waiting for correspondence for an AWOL Quinn just as Quinn and Carter are coming up with the correct actions to take to conceal their night together. They both agree that it can never be spoken of or repeated, but somewhere in the middle of all that, they agree the night was wonderful. At that moment, you can clearly see Carter realizing that he’d made a real connection without actually admitting it out loud.

Quinn is guilt ridden, thinking about how she betrayed Zoe and Eric, but you can see the longing in her eyes when she admits that Carter has been the only one there for her in the past few months. She even goes as far as to still plead Zoe’s case while still naked under his sheets. Carter agrees to stay mum about the affair, but he is still holding firm on not taking Zoe back. It’s clear that he’s moved on.

Once they finally come to an agreement, Quinn shows her hand by saying she needs a cold shower before work, and she moves to leave. Carter silently agrees for about two seconds and then everything changes. Gripping her shoulder, sliding his hand down the back of her arm, and then up her quivering spine, Carter ignites yet another fire between them.

Brushing the hair back from her face, Carter leans in for another passionate kiss that Quinn does not refuse. Bold also has this way of letting you know when things are about to erupt, and it’s very apparent when a familiar little jingle starts to play. Taking her down on his sheets once again, Carter blankets Quinn with his body and she is all too happy to accept. Again, her wedding ring is the third wheel in this encounter, but neither willing participant seems to mind as this hot, steamy affair extends beyond the night in question.

As their second encounter comes to a close, Quinn and Carter still seem to be without regret for their tryst. They are comforted in the knowledge that their bond is genuine and want to keep their friendship intact as they continue to navigate keeping such a huge secret. And I want to add that the longing and sincere gazes tell the story of an affair that is highly unfinished.

Finally prying herself out of Carter’s bed, Quinn finds herself in an uncomfortable conversation with Zoe about her efforts to reunite the doomed duo. Quinn is half listening while Zoe professes her gratitude and pours her heart out about Carter. Quinn is mentally reliving her aphrodisiacal moments when Zoe migrates into the territory of talking about her intimacy with Carter. Frazzled and attempting to push aside her obvious discomfort, Quinn is further affected when Carter himself appears. You could cut the tension with a knife between the two bedmates.

Zoe shifting her focus to Carter allows Quinn to slip out of the room, much to Carter’s dismay. While Zoe is talking it becomes his turn to remember his coquettish encounter form the previous night and morning. His guilt causes him to actually listen to Zoe more than he has in the recent past, but he shows no sign of wanting to reconcile. His thoughts are flooded with nothing but Quinn, and Zoe is none the wiser. She has obvious questions about Carter’s new demeanor toward her, but she is not able to connect the dots about their night.

Over at Forrester mansion, Quinn calls on Shauna to vent her guilt. Shauna is confused in the beginning, but quickly rises to the correct conclusion when Quinn lets it slip that she needed to feel wanted and to be touched. Taken aback, Shauna repeats, “touched?” And Quinn then reveals to her friend that she did indeed have a night of passion that fed her neglected desires.

While Shauna questions Quinn’s decision to be unfaithful, at Forrester Creations, Eric arrives, fresh off of his business trip and begins a cringe worthy conversation about his sex life with his son and the mother of two of his children, who also happens to be his daughter in law, Brooke. Brooke salivates over the rift in Eric’s marriage, while Ridge attempts to offer advice. Ridge seems to want their happiness, while Brooke revels in the knowledge that Quinn could possibly be cast out soon. For a huge portion of the audience, Brooke’s hypocrisy was sickening. She’s obviously done much worse than what Quinn did to cause the disconnect.

As Quinn continues to recount the details of her affair, Shauna stops in her tracks when Quinn describes her forbidden night as incredible. She then hyper focuses on getting the identity of Quinn’s cicisbeo. Quinn continues to pique her interest when she reveals that the man is a friend and Shauna is floored to learn that Carter is the man in question.

Shauna lists all the reasons this particular man is more dangerous than anyone else, and then surprisingly she seems to change her tune, noting that Carter is, and I quote “hot as hell.” She goes on to say, “sounds like a good night” and Quinn agrees that she thoroughly enjoyed every wicked minute but states it can’t happen again. She vows that one night can’t ruin her marriage and to her utter shock, Eric walks in, stating he overheard her. Eric begins to demand answers, but Shauna steps in and covers, stating that the night in question was none other than the night Quinn and Shauna sabotaged Ridge and Brooke’s already faltering marriage that probably should have ended ages ago. Eric seems to accept this answer, but not without reservations. He doesn’t trust Quinn anymore. Shauna is able to get through to the Forrester matriarch and Quinn sneaks out.

Jumping back to Forrester Creations, Brooke and Felony Flo are having a conversation that is completely none of the business when Carter overhears. He is quick to point out that while Quinn has made mistakes, she loves her husband. Brooke begins to realize that Carter is defending Quinn and develops that squinty little look she always gets when she’s about to meddle in other people’s affairs.

On a high note, the week ends with Quinn sneaking up to see Carter. She explains to Carter that Shauna knows about their rendezvous but assures him that their secret is safe with Shauna. Carter is still unsure, but when Quinn begins to doubt the state of her marriage, he jumps in to give her praise. The attraction is imminently present as they lustfully agree that they will never be together again. That lasts for all of two seconds before they fall into another round of “comfort.” This has been a thrilling ride with Quarter so far.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say what I hope does not happen. The rumors have been swirling in the Bold community, and to offer my two cents, on Quarter, I hope there is no pregnancy scandal/who’s the daddy story in sight for this. Sometimes we just need a little spice. Adding babies to the mix is not always the draw some think it is. Quinn already has a grown son that, for lack of better words, it not entertaining in the least with the storyline he’s currently in. We don’t need any kids mucking up what could be one of the best affairs in recent history.

Quinn and Carter could be a storyline goldmine if done correctly. Carter is finally getting a few severely needed layers outside of performing weddings only to annul them months later, and Quinn is getting the steamy bad girl material that she’s been deprived of since becoming Mrs. Forrester.

As one of the people watching live and tweeting, I can attest to the fact that the majority of us were cheering there were some jeers, but that is to be expected with a controversial story such as this. I’ve personally missed this kind of scandal and sexiness from Bold, and as always, Rena and Lawrence, the chemistry is off the charts. They are nailing this story. I am actually excited to see where this is headed. I’m hoping to get a full-blown affair with all the bells and whistles.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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