FiGPiN teams ups with Stranger Things for their latest pin collection

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While Stranger Things still awaits a premiere date for it’s highly anticipated fourth season, FiGPiN has come out with its latest line featuring the Netflix series. My FiGPiN collection began when I received my first pin as a thank you for helping a buddy of mine move into his new place. From then on, I became a big fan of these pins. Made of high quality material and a solid construction, these highly collectable, fun and easy to display or wear pins are a great addition to any pop culture fan’s various collections.

Ranging in designs from anime and video game series to Marvel, Star Wars and Disney, among a whole lineup of other properties, there’s a pin for every fan. Pins have become highly collectable in the past few years and can be spotted at many fan conventions, or just every day helping to create that perfect look. 

FiGPiN’s latest collection comes from Stranger Things, the immensely popular Netflix series. Having released a silver plated deluxe collectors set earlier in the year, these five pins are black plated with the same design. Each pin comes with a backing stand to allow the pins to be displayed or pinned onto something. 

Each pin also comes with a unique serial number, which can be added to the official FiGPiN app. This app helps track your pin collection and has a fun point system which makes collecting even more fun! You can see your specific pin’s production number, how rare the piece is and gain bonus points by being one of the first to unlock the pin by adding it to the app.

First up is Lucas, on his bike, sporting his red jacket from the first season. 

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Up next is Mike also on his bike with his season 1 design. I love the way his front tire is angled to give it depth. 

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Eleven is also a part of this lineup, as the quintessential member of the group. She’s wearing her hospital gown, arm stretched out, ready to use her powers.

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Dustin in his classic hat, also on his bike is the next pin in the collection. 

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

Last but not least is Will on his bike, unaware of what is to come next on his journey in season 1. 

Photo Credit: FiGPiN

These Stranger Things pins are sold exclusively on FiGPiN’s official site. Each pin is limited to 1000 pieces only, so don’t hesitate to grab your favorites or the complete pin collection! As FiGPiN says, “You’ll want to grab the whole gang for your collection before the Demogorgon takes them to the Upside Down!”

These pins will help make any fan happy while we eagerly await the new upcoming season!

FiGPiN’s Stranger Things pins and many more designs can be ordered from FiGPiN’s official site.

Lee Arvoy
Lee Arvoy joined the TV Source team in the summer of 2020 as a TV Writer.

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