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‘The Outpost’, The Summer Fantasy Series You Should Be Watching, Returns to The CW

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Now is the perfect time to start watching The Outpost. Season 4 kicks off tonight, July 15 at 9 following Walker on the CW. Technically speaking, it is a continuation of Season 3 after receiving an additional 13 episode order during production on Season 3, but is being referred to as Season 4. For that reason I’ll gladly refer to it as that! While it has been a usual summer staple on the CW, last season was pushed to the fall due to the pandemic, and wrapped up in January. While some series showed signs of the pandemic forced changes, The Outpost kept firing on all cylinders, closing out the season out with a bang, resulting in fan favorite characters dying heroically. 

The series is perfect summertime fare, mixing fantasy with compelling characters, twisty dramatic reveals and the perfect amount of humor. Upon its debut, it quickly became one of my favorites and one of the series I most look forward to every summer. This little show is a fantasy epic that fully realizes its world and delivers on its premise. While it may not have the budget as some of the bigger fantasy series, it stands out on its own and transports you to a truly believable universe where these characters fight, thrive and survive. Season 3 was the show’s most confident season bringing in new characters to join our heroes, new villains to cause more tension, and truly made it a show to get excited for week after week. 

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Talon, played by Jessica Green, is the main character and backbone of the series. She has always been a badass ever since we met her, but she came even more into herself and her role as a natural leader in Season 3. She is often underestimated by her enemies, human and Blackblood alike because of her lineage as a Blackblood (recognizable by the tips on their ears), and because she is friends with humans, fighting alongside them, at the same time. This resulted in her seeing the world from a unique place, having to grow up always being on alert, ready to defend herself, and she learns to understand that both her chosen family and bloodline are important. 

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Garret (Jake Stormoen), Talon’s confidant, love interest and reliable fighter, is also shown to be a great strategist in the sense that he knows when to step aside, pick his battles (sometimes), and support those who are closest to him when the time comes. He’s also had to go through many battles with himself and those who try to influence him by mind control or trickery. His relationship with Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) was sweet, loving and showed a true bond. His relationship with Talon has made him even stronger of a person, despite setbacks thrown at him. 

Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia) is the heart and soul of The Outpost. When Janzo or the group are in a pickle, you can always bet on him figuring it out. He has unusual methods to attain his goals, and one would think with his upbringing, he wouldn’t be so confident in his abilities. It did take some time to truly attain the confidence he has now, but his friendships and his belief in Talon brought it out in him. He also has the support of his brother Munt (Adam Johnson) who is another great character that we’ve gotten to know even better season to season. 

I absolutely loved the addition of Izuka Hoyle as Wren in Season 3. Her quirky mannerisms and interactions with the group were just what the show needed. She could make a scene comedic, emotional and quite informational when the story needed it. Her interactions with Janzo felt like they’d been friends, adversaries, and love interests for years. We saw her grapple with the relationship with her mother, Yavalla (Jaye Griffiths) and the realities of her mother’s power and intentions in season 3. Now with how everything ended up, I hope we see her deal with the fallout of it all in a healthy way, while also building on her friendships with the other heroes and her relationship with Janzo. The two together are scene stealers. 

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After being introduced in Season 2, Zed (Reece Ritchie) came into his character even more in season 3. He is a wildcard at times, not knowing his true intentions or what his endgame is. He walked the lines of being an ally and trying to do what’s best for him and his fellow Blackbloods. When it came down to it, he could be called upon as a strong ally, especially as he grew closer to Talon. His time in the human world was a complete journey for him so far and I’m sure we’ll see even more this season. 

The deaths of two great characters in the final episodes of the previous season was heartbreaking. I was shocked they were so bold to kill off both. It will be interesting to see if the deaths stick, though it feels very final. I also can’t wait to see what happens with Falista (Georgia May Foote) now that her main tie to our heroes and their lives was through one of the characters no longer with us. She also has to grapple with the knowledge that his sacrifice was for her. I feel like she has a lot of potential and will help enrich the series even more going forward.

Heading into Season 4, when we last saw our heroes, Talon got to see her father, but it was a short lived reunion, with Gwynn taking his Black Kinj so they could fight off Yavalla, her horde and her White Kinj. With the removal of the two Kinj, the horde was freed and now left looking for someone to lead them after all the chaos. It appears everyone has chosen Talon to be their new leader, but will she truly accept the title, and is she really who they all need to lead them forward. We also witnessed something awaken from the Kinj that were released. Are these the gods we were warned of? Will this be a new threat so soon after freeing everyone? Whatever it may be, hopefully Garret avoids more mind control and manipulation! The trailer for the premiere has me so excited!

There is nothing guilty about enjoying this show. Give it a try! Watch it live. Stream it. Just make sure you don’t miss out on this fun and crazy ride that is The Outpost!

The Outpost airs Thursdays at 9 on the CW. You can stream new episodes the day after and Season 3 now. If your local library allows you access to hoopla, you can borrow Seasons 1 and 2 or stream them on IMDb TV!

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