General Hospital Spoilers: April 11-15, 2022

This week on General Hospital the legal battle over Wiley heats up! Whose side is Sonny on? The walls are closing in on Harmony! How far will she go to keep her secret? Can Sam and Dante weather her betrayal of his trust? And Chase…in the shower! Another can’t miss week of General Hospital the week of April 11th!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dividing Lines

Promo Recap: In Port Charles the Chaos Never StopsNina witnesses the Sonny side of Mike when him and Brando fight off attackers! Damning evidence is found against Trina! Trina questions how Spencer can stay with Esme after everything she’s done and Nina’s confident, she’ll be the victor in the legal fight over Wiley!

Bad Choices for Good Reasons

Sam’s actions fracture the trust between she and Dante when she does a favor for Carly. The week begins with Dante and Jordan receiving damning information in Trina’s case. Meanwhile, Sam and Carly discuss the details of the case and are certain to Trina’s innocence and Esme’s guilt. Carly asks Sam to pass along any details of the case she comes across, something Sam doesn’t feel comfortable asking Dante about. However, when Sam hears a report has been emailed to him by Rory, she decides to take a look at it herself. While out to dinner Sam steers the conversation towards the case with an oblivious Dante. Ava interrupts and gives Dante a piece of her mind. When Dante excuses himself, Sam takes her opportunity and gets caught red headed!

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Alexis finds a clearly troubled Harmony on the pier. The legal battle between Nina, Michael and Willow intensifies.  Ava and Trina reconnect, while Jordan and Dante discuss a development in her case. Nikolas receives some tough-love advice regarding Spencer.
  • Sasha and Brando explore what’s next for them. Things get explosive between Spencer and Trina.  The aftermath of the video catches up with Josslyn and Cameron.  At a family dinner, Obrecht pesters Britt about her love life. Sonny makes Phyllis an offer.
  • Sonny tries to lower the temperature as he and Nina face a crisis. Sam is caught in a compromising position. Tensions run high as Brook Lynn, Chase, Austin, Maxie and Spinelli all converge at the gym. Josslyn seeks out Trina. Cameron isn’t thrilled to see Spencer.
  • Chase gets out of the shower to answer an important call. Laura asks what Aiden is up to. Carly expresses her concerns. Willow and Michael give their side of the story. Harmony makes a plan.
  • Britt and Brad go over her Society Setups matches. Anna reveals what she found to Robert and Laura. Elizabeth and Portia clash at work. Jordan finds a contemplative Curtis at the pier.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of April 18

Drew and Michael talk as they spar; Jordan and Portia are at odds; Alexis makes a horrific discovery at the pier; Harmony and Willow bond; Valentin apologizes to Anna; Britt and Spencer have a heart to heart.