General Hospital Spoilers: May 16-20, 2022


This week on General Hospital, the Q’s are not as united in the ELQ/Aurora merger as Michael and Drew think they are, Esme turns up the heat on her plan for Nikolas, Curtis confronts Stella, Portia confronts Spencer, Gladys confronts Sasha and TJ & Molly are on a mission! May 16th kicks off a must-see week on General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Lobbies for Ned’s Support!

Ned is not happy that he has been left out of the loop when it comes to Michael’s and Drew’s plan for the ELQ/Aurora merger and his displeasure grows when they offer him the lesser position of COO and not the CEO position that he feels he deserves. Valentin catches him at just the right moment to be open to hearing him out on his own proposal for who should be running ELQ. Ned has a decision to make. Will he look out for himself or the family as a whole?

Promo Recap: Michael and Drew express their confidence in the Quartermaine unity to Carly. Brooklynn is not happy with Chase. Esme gets closer to Nikolas. Gladys confronts Sasha while Portia rips into Spencer and Curtis demands answers from Stella.

More General Hospital Spoilers:

  • The Quartermaines gather to see Leo recite his poem. Drew and Michael offer Ned a position at ELQ/Aurora. After asking Anna about her relationship with Valentin, Felicia calls him out about his intentions. Stella tells Curtis the truth about what she knew. After a disappointing encounter with Spencer, Esme manipulates Nikolas. Trina shares some disheartening news with Ava and Portia.
  • Michael and Drew receive an unexpected offer from Carly. At his birthday party, Leo reminds Chase of the promise he made. Ned has a meeting with someone unexpected. Ava and Esme butt heads, while Sam tells Spencer she needs answers. Gladys figures out what Sasha has been hiding.
  • Sonny and Brando reconnect about the challenges of family at the garage. Portia opens up to Curtis about her apprehension about Trina’s situation. TJ and Molly go to Brooklyn in hopes of tracking Marshall down. Gladys confronts Sasha with the pill bottle. Brook Lynn and Chase’s close moment is interrupted by an unwelcomed arrival.
  • Bobbie overhears when Carly arrives at GH to pick up the test results and has questions. As Nina has an uncomfortable encounter at The Savoy, Sonny arrives. Stella drops in on Portia and Epiphany at GH, and they all decide to take the evening in a different direction. Finn, Laura, and Kevin have a fraught interaction with Elizabeth. Gregory and Violet enjoy each other’s company at Kelly’s.
  • Tensions rise at The Savoy when Bobbie, Carly, Sonny and Nina all cross paths. Michael and Willow have a lovely parental moment at home before things turn romantic. TJ tries to calm things when events take an intense turn in Brooklyn. Finn wonders to Gregory if Violet is on to something. Taggert confronts Jordan about Trina when Portia steps in.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of May 23rd!

Dante expresses his misgivings about Sonny’s decision. Carly doesn’t react well to being confronted at yoga. Britt asks Brad if he likes his working situation. Elizabeth gets closer to learning the truth about the disturbances. Brook Lynn is frustrated by her predicament with Linc. TJ discovers Marshall’s medication and reveals to Curtis what he’s found.

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