General Hospital Spoilers: May 2-6, 2022

This week on General Hospital, Port Charles embraces The Force while old and new friends show up unexpectedly to various degrees of welcome, plans go awry, Sonny and Nina grow closer as his family moves further away from him, Willow wants answers and Carly wants her to have them, but her mother doesn’t! The week of May 2nd is can’t miss on General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers: Secrets Come Out to Play

Promo Recap: May the 4th be with you! Britt advises TJ, Brooklynn brings some Star Wars into Chase and Violet’s princess party, Scott lets Nina know it’s a war they’re fighting, Sasha struggles with what she’s done, Willow demands answers and Carly tells Harmony to give them to her!

Love or Money

Martin’s back this week and while he shares a passionate reunion with his lover Lucy their pillow talk turns serious when she makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want to be his dirty little secret. He must stand up to Valentine in defense of their relationship or it’s over. Martin’s put in a position that he will have to risk his friendship, and business relationship, with Valentine to keep a possible future with Lucy. What will he decide?

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Carly shares shocking news with Willow. Felicia and Mac coo over Bailey and reminisce. Sonny and Spinelli share an unexpected warm moment. Britt, Nina and Obrecht spend a night out. Finn tries to cheer Elizabeth and take her mind off everything.  
  •  Carly presses Harmony to tell the truth. Maxie confronts Austin with an issue. TJ cares for his patient on a tough case. Sonny opens up to Nina as they get closer. Lucy and Martin reunite and defend their relationship to Valentin.
  • Sonny is visited by an old friend. Felicia and Mac seek out Anna and Robert. Michael, Sasha and Brando try to distract Willow. Nina talks with Phyllis when Valentin arrives. Harmony asks Carly to make a promise.
  • Sonny welcomes Chet back as Dante arrives with news. Chase is apologetic about forgetting special plans with Brook Lynn. Elizabeth and Terry’s outing doesn’t go as planned. Britt counsels TJ. Carly and Michael are careful about what they say around Wiley. 
  • Willow is in disbelief. Valentin offers Gladys assistance. Jordan and Curtis cross at General Hospital. Nina needs Scott’s complete attention now. Dex lobbies Sonny for a job. Harmony makes a plan.