General Hospital Spoilers: June 13-17, 2022


This week on General Hospital, Drew and Michael get the boost they need for Aurora from a surprising person, Joss and Trina find themselves in some hot water and Anna and Valentin finally have their first official date! Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of June 13, 2022, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Invests In Aurora

Drew and Michael are thrilled when Aurora’s stock price shoots up and they are surprised when they find out it is Carly who invested, far beyond anything they ever expected! Michael is not thrilled that she took such a risky investment, but Drew is just happy that his plan is working and it looks like the merger he has planned for ELQ and Aurora will actually happen!

Promo Recap: The Intensity Rises at General Hospital!

Joss and Trina’s plan put them in the middle of a bar fight. Ryan and Esme face off as Ava ponders Nik’s divorce proposal. TJ asks Curtis if he is trying to get rid of him and Carly tells Sonny she doesn’t know him anymore. Alexis has a dire warning for Laura, “something catastrophic is gonna happen tomorrow.”

GH Sneak Video: Sonny Asks Jordan About His Shipment!

Sonny asks Jordan if she can use any leverage with the PCPD to get his shipment in the harbor moving, but she says she can’t help him and asks if there’s more to this.

More General Hospital Spoilers:

  • Michael learns about a surprising backer for Aurora. Jordan gives Martin new information. Valentin is determined to retain control of ELQ. Spencer comes up with a new plan. Ava ponders Nikolas’s suggestion. Esme has a tense confrontation.
  • Carly and Sonny discuss his rift with Michael. Trina and Joss ask Spinelli for help. Sam and Dante question someone from his past. Finn and Gregory take Aiden, Jake, Cameron and Violet camping, in conjunction with the PC Pioneers, to escape their concerns about Liz. In Pautuck, Austin is surprised by an unexpected arrival.
  • Maxie worries about a noise she hears. Cameron makes note of Finn’s efforts. Curtis doesn’t like when TJ and Selina cross at The Savoy. Brook Lynn and Chase make a discovery about Linc. Joss and Trina wonder if they’re in over their heads.
  • Valentin and Anna go on their first official date. Nina questions Sonny’s motivations, while Carly tells Drew he’s a welcomed sight. Britt gets some unwanted attention. Brook Lynn explains to Chase her intentions with Linc, but things go awry. Selina reacts when Brad tells her about an unexpected player in the game at The Savoy.
  • Esme seeks Kevin’s insight, while Spencer enlists Victor’s help. Mac is upset with Felicia when he finds out what she did. Martin and Laura discuss who targeted them. Portia, Curtis and Taggert express their concerns for Trina. Valentin makes an admission to Anna on their date.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of June 20th!

In this special 15,000th episode, the town of Port Charles comes together when an unknown political force takes aim at beloved Laura Collins.

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