General Hospital Spoilers: August 15 – 19, 2022

This week on General Hospital, Sonny confronts Dex, Anna conspires with Lucy, Willow receives her diagnosis, Carly and Nina come to blows and Trina’s verdict is in! Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of Aust 15th, 2022, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers:

Promo Recap: It’s All or Nothing and No One is Safe!

Jordan confronts Nik at Wyndemere, Sonny confronts Dex, Carly tells Nina she deserves everything she is getting and “in the matter of Trina Robinson, the jury has reached a verdict”!

GH Sneak Video: Joss Makes a Confession!

Cameron meets Joss at the pool, and they talk about the upcoming verdict in Trina’s trial. Cameron asks her about how Trina took the news about Spencer trying to trap Esme and Joss admits that she hasn’t told Trina about it yet.

Trina’s Verdict is In!

Trina hopes truth will win out but prepares herself for a guilty verdict. Spencer wants to tell her how he really feels but isn’t sure the time is right with everything else she has going on. Trina has feelings for Rory but can’t help but revisit her love for Spencer in light of his testimony for her. She is determined to get answers to her questions about him and his motives.

Portia and Curtis have a plan to help Trina, but it could land them in jail with her! Esme’s disappearance complicates things for Ava and Trina. Her machinations will have far reaching consequences and “lives will never be the same and when all is said and done, some will be lost.”

More General Hospital Spoilers:

Finn and Terry discuss their worries about Elizabeth.
Curtis and Portia anxiously await to see if their plan works.
Cam meets Dex, and Cam does not have a good feeling about him.
Spencer makes a tough decision.
Victor questions Nikolas about Esme.
Trina nervously awaits the verdict.


Trina learns her fate.
Olivia discusses Carly and Drew’s budding relationship.
Sonny and Nina have a romantic date.
Later, Sonny confronts Dex about his past.
Willow receives some devastating news.


Spencer is having second thoughts.
Ava and Nikolas conspire with an unlikely person in order to protect themselves.
Willow opens up to TJ.
Nina and Carly come to blows.
Jordan starts to investigate the Esme case.


Valentin tries to convince Victor that Anna is no longer a problem.
Meanwhile, Anna concocts a plan with Lucy.
Brook Lynn has a surprise assist to help Chase with his career.
Scott wants to tell Lucy about Cody.
Maxie encourages Britt to give Cody a chance.
Elizabeth is triggered by another disturbing memory.


Finn reaches out to someone in Elizabeth’s past.
Dante is afraid he may have messed things up with Sam.
Alexis and Gregory connect.
Austin tries to set boundaries with a family member.
Britt confronts Cody.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of August 22nd!

The Quartermaines host a GH charity picnic. Olivia and Brook Lynn plot to help Sam and Dante commit to each other. Marshall and Jordan clear the air. Willow consults with Britt. Dex is worried Sonny is suspicious of him. Nikolas comes with a plan to keep the Esme situation under wraps. Curtis surprises Portia.