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Your TV Source Roundup: ‘A Friend of the Family’ Trailer, ‘Love at First Lie’ Premiere Date, ‘The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist’ Trailer, ‘Habla Loud’ Premiere Date, ‘The Playlist’ Trailer, ‘Glitch’ Trailer, FX Sets Comedy Specials, and More!

A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY -- Episode 105 -- Pictured: Jake Lacy as Robert ‘B’ Berchtold -- (Photo by: Peacock)

Peacock’s limited series A Friend of the Family premieres October 6 with three episodes. The nine episode series is based on the harrowing true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over a period of a few years by a charismatic, obsessed family “friend.” The Brobergs – devoted to their faith, family, and community – were utterly unprepared for the sophisticated tactics their neighbor used to exploit their vulnerabilities, drive them apart, and turn their daughter against them. This is the story of how their lives were permanently altered – and how they survived. 

MTV’s Love at First Lie premieres October 12 with back to back episodes. The 12-episode competition show hosted by Tori Spelling allows viewers to play along at home to discover who is in a real relationship and who is fake. Power games test their relationships and give insight into who could be telling the truth or lying through their teeth. At the end of each episode, during the Truth Ceremony, the couples must eliminate who they think is lying about their love from the competition. If they guess correctly and kick out liars, they add $25,000 to the prize fund each time. Only one couple can win and take home the entire prize pot, but will they be lovers, or will they be liars? 

The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist premieres on Netflix September 21. First there was the reality series, then came a Hollywood movie – but the truth about the Bling Ring burglaries has never been told… until now. 10 years after the notorious heists, the culprits have served their jail time and are coming forward to tell the real story behind the Hollywood Hills home-invasions that gripped the nation. A cautionary tale for teens today, the docuseries shows what can happen when a fame-and-celebrity-obsessed culture meets the rise of social media and spins wildly out of control. 

Habla Loud, the sixteenth installment of the HBO Habla series premieres October 7 on HBO Max. The hour-long special features interviews from inspiring celebrities and influential Latinos putting the spotlight on filmmakers and content creators for a global audience, in both English and Spanish. It will feature Nicolas Entel, Leila Cobo, Carla Morrison, Wilson Cruz, Isabella Gomez, Natalie Diaz, Ritchie Torres and more.

Netflix’s The Playlist premieres October 13. At the height of piracy, established heavy-hitters were fighting against where the turbulent music industry was heading. The series centers around young Swedish tech entrepreneur, Daniel Ek, and his partners, who revolutionized a whole industry by offering free and legal streamed music around the world. 

Glitch premieres on Netflix October 7. A young woman joins forces with a UFO enthusiast to investigate her boyfriend’s sudden disappearance and stumbles into a wild conspiracy.

FX is getting into comedy specials with the announcement of Kate Berlant: Cinnamon in the Wind and Byron Bowers: Spiritual N***a. Both will premiere on hulu September 15. In her first live solo standup special, filmed in 2019, Kate Berlant performs an absurdist set, in an intimate space, shared not only with the audience but the mirror reflection of herself. After a life-altering revelation while tripping on psychedelic mushrooms, comedian Byron Bowers stumbles straight from the desert into the Decatur Boxing Club, to deliver an intimate set in his hometown Atlanta. 

ABC News’ Soul of a Nation returns for a new special honoring three influential figures in the Hispanic and Latin American community. Titled Soul of a Nation Presents: Mi Gente: Groundbreakers and Changemakers, María Elena Salinas sits down with music icon Gloria Estefan to discuss the singer and actress’s legendary and trailblazing career and how she’s now making music with her children and grandchildren, continuing her legacy in the industry. John Quiñones has an in-depth interview with actor Diego Luna, star of Disney+’s Andor, and the first Latino to have a leading role in the Star Wars Galaxy. Stephanie Ramos explores the impact and influence of Hispanic and Latin American athletes with Major League Baseball legend and Hall of Famer David Ortiz. It will air September 14. 

Due to previous commitments, Big Sky season two series regular Omar Metwally will not be a series regular in the upcoming third season. His character could pop up later in the season, but his missing presence should be addressed in the ABC series. 

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