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Your TV Source Roundup: AMC Picks Up ‘Nautilus’, TBS ‘Friends’ Marathon Tribute, ‘My Demon’ Teaser, ‘Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show’ Teaser, ‘Feedback’ Trailer, ‘Life Below Zero’ Premiere Date, and More!

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AMC has picked up Nautilus after being dropped by Disney+. The 10-episode live-action series is inspired by Jules Verne’s beloved “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” It tells the origin story of the iconic Captain Nemo: an Indian Prince robbed of his birthright and family, a prisoner of the East India Mercantile Company and a man bent on revenge against the forces that have taken everything from him. It will premiere in 2024 on AMC and AMC+. 

TBS is set to tribute Friends star Matthew Perry with the “Best of Chandler” marathon November 1 through November 5. The marathon will spotlight the character’s most hilarious and heartwarming episodes. It will also highlight friendship episodes with ”Best of Chandler and Joey’s Friendship,” and the “Best of Monica and Chandler’s Relationship.” Max has also added a title card to the season premiere episodes of all seasons honoring the late actor. 

My Demon premieres November 24 on Netflix. A demon Jeong Gu-won is superior to humans in every way, but when he loses his powers, he will have to work with a chaebol heiress Do Do-hee to recover them, and romance begins to bloom in this process. 

Live with Kelly and Mark’s annual Halloween special airs October 31. This year’s Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show will celebrate Halloween with over 50 costumes and celebrity guest cameos. 

Feedback premieres on Netflix November 15. A former rock musician, addicted to alcohol, sets out in search of his son. His journey takes him through the darkest corners of the human psyche, the largest reprivatization fraud in Poland, and memories of the harm done to his family. Is he prepared to confront his past and unravel the mystery of his son’s disappearance? 

Life Below Zero returns for season 22 November 14 on National Geographic. Alaskans enter a new dawn of survival. Ricko DeWilde’s children take an active role in their way of life. Sue Aikens restores her body and spirit on the tundra. Andy Bassich and Denise Becker seek new resources on the Yukon River. The Hailstones adapt to unnerving changes. Jessie Holmes recovers from a near-death accident. And Cole Sturgis teaches his daughters to survive in the Southeast. 

Sex Sells returns November 29 on Fuse. Hosted by former tech professional-turned podcaster and sex positivity advocate Weezy, Sex Sells celebrates the entrepreneurs and industry leaders in sexual health and wellness while exploring just how these independent business owners are creating success. In season three, Weezy gets down to business with the creator of a leading AI sex toy, a celebrity sex tape broker, a burlesque costume designer, a surrogate partner, an intimacy coach, and more, to give viewers an honest and unfiltered look at what goes into running these lucrative sex-positive companies across America. From overhead costs, to growing memberships, to pricing out services, Sex Sells is a crash course lesson in business. And, in a special finale episode, Weezy heads to Paris to see how “The City of Lights” illuminates local entrepreneurs’ paths to success while promoting sexual health and positivity. 

Sesame Street is changing up its format for the upcoming 56th season. For the first time, the series will feature two 11 minute segments with a new animated segment, Tales From 123, in between. The series previously featured magazine segments, and now will be able to utilize longer storytelling. 

Nickelodeon’s Erin & Aaron will premiere on Netflix November 3. Erin and Aaron’s names may sound similar, but they couldn’t be more opposite – and through music these new stepsiblings are learning to live in harmony. 

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