adult swim’s ‘My Adventures with Superman’ Season 2 Review

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My Adventures with Superman is back for an even more charming second season. Moments into the premiere, it is easy to see it is just as thrilling and funny. Now that we’ve gotten to know the characters and their place in this universe, the new season is able to raise the stakes and make us fall even more for these characters. 

Clark, Lois, and Jimmy each find themselves on even more personal journeys. Searching for their past, trying to find their place in the world, and family relationships push each character this season. Sometimes it leads to compelling conflict between the friends which is greatly appreciated. They still care for each other, but they may not be communicating their personal wishes in the best way. Creatively they could just brush over some of these details, but these little moments help craft more long term stories. 

Exciting and intense scenes help to build even more tension this season. It honestly feels more adult swim than Cartoon Network this time around. There is a more grown up sense portrayed, yet it retains the joy, optimism and charm that everyone fell in love with in the first season. Premiering episodes on Toonami feels like a natural placement. Many times last season, the episodes performed better in the ratings on the late night block than their original earlier timeslot.

Threats from villains, some of whom we’ve already encountered, continue to grow. More layers are given to these characters, and we see that there are bigger issues brewing than we thought behind the scenes. All of these, of course, will come to a head at a later point as they continue to build the story through the season. 

Characters are compelling as ever, with lots of thought put into each moment and action everyone takes. There seems to be even more purpose and intention to actions taken by our heroes and their adversaries. I love the series’ creative sense of humor. It’s natural, realistic and feels grounded. As the season dives deeper into the lore of Superman and those around him, it leads to some emotional moments. All the while, it remains truthful to its storied history while finding ways to make it feel current.

Visually the new season is just as cheery and exciting to watch. Every moment on screen invokes a nostalgic feeling. It’s playful and a joy to watch. The voice acting remains on point, bringing so much dimension and layers to each character. The core three of Jack Quaid, Alice Lee, and Ishmel Sahid truly bring the characters to life. They feel even more fully realized with each actor having a firm grip on their identities. You can hear the pain, emotion, and glee in every well thought out moment. 

This season is one not to miss. It is a true gem and is setting up for an even more exciting season. You can tell the creative forces behind the series are doing it all with their hearts on their sleeves.  

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 premieres May 25 at midnight on adult swim’s Toonami block.

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