Angela Romack


West Coast Editor

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Angela Romack is someone who probably writes what you’re thinking about your shows.  If you don’t agree, it’s ok she’s fine with being right.  Had she known TV watching could turn into a (semi) legit thing, college would have gone a much different route. In the meantime, she stays grounded working with tiny humans who are not quite cooked and relies on tv to decompress. Also, she endlessly thanks whoever came up with the dvr and streaming of tv for feeding into this obsession.

Current Favorite Network shows: Scandal, Modern Family, Law & Order SVU, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy

Current Cable shows: Shameless, Suits, and Homeland

Current Favorite soaps: Familiar with all, but depends on who’s deciding to write and deliver the goods.

Guilty pleasure: Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood. Fell in love with them at the Inn with baby Liam and I’ve been smitten ever since.

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