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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: ‘She’s a Murderer’


Well, the Keating Five are all about to crack like porcelain dolls as “She’s A Murderer” opens this week’s How to Get Away with Murder with Sam’s remains being found in a landfill. Meanwhile, Hannah rages like The Hulk and wants Annalise arrested for his murder. All the while, Annalise is holding down the fort in her class, a new case, and her jumpy murderous ducklings.

The Keating Five

Basically, these four murderers are walking around looking like they have “I did it” painted on their foreheads. They’re panic stricken that Annalise has sold them out by telling the police where Sam’s body parts are located. However, had they listened to Wes (really Annalise), they wouldn’t be in this situation at all, but they’re collectively slow.

They take on a mob case Annalise has assigned them, which pretty much keeps them occupied and not obsessing over Sam’s murder 24 hours a day. They figure out that the storage container chosen (that did have about 2837472 pounds of heroin in it) was the only one selected by the feds to be searched. Of course, that means there’s a leak somewhere and Laurel figures out who it is (Laurel continues to grow on me because she’s finding her backbone and sticking to it, plus she got that thing for Frank).


On the heels of her dinner with Hannah, Annalise learns of Sam’s remains being found in a landfill, with Hannah still at her side. Hannah immediately starts screaming to the police that they should arrest Annalise for murder and is generally just a huge pain the ass for Annalise. She even convinces the police that Annalise threatened Sam years before, getting them the open door they needed to search Annalise’s house, which has been cleaned with bleach by Annalise herself. Also, she has a super unhealthy attachment to Sam, but when Annalise drops, “Incest is best. Put your brother to the test”, you realize just how icky Hannah’s attachment could be. Hannah appears to have YEARS of issues resting on her shoulders as she comes for Annalise. Ironically, she believes she’s figured out that Annalise and her boyfriend have murdered Sam to be together, when in actuality she just gave Annalise a perfect plan.


As Annalise works her case for the Lombardo mob family, she uses the information the Keating Five found about the storage container search to bring down the prosecution for illegally searching her client’s storage container and wins the case. Meaning the mob family is indebted to her, and don’t think she won’t call up on them for a favor later down the road.

In the meantime, Annalise settles the ringleader of the panicked kids by pulling Connor aside to promise her protection for him and the other three. What’s interesting is how Annalise can manipulate each one of those kids perfectly by playing on their insecurities. Honestly, she’s perfect at playing on everyone’s insecurities/character flaws, including Bonnie’s and Nate’s.

While Bonnie has figured out what happened to Sam, for the most part anyway, she tries to dissuade Annalise from protecting the kids (If anything, Bonnie should worry more about Annalise framing her for Sam’s murder because of her thirst for Sam’s body during her entire time of employment, but that’s just me).  In the end, Annalise protects the kids from being discovered by having Frank plant Sam’s ring in the woods where the police are searching. Frank is literally her ride-or-die guy and the best guy to have cleaning up a murder because he doesn’t open his mouth jabbering away like the kids do.

And about that ring, Frank planted Nate’s fingerprints on it like a pro. So basically, Annalise gave the go ahead to set up her lover for her husband’s murder. That’s ice cold, especially since Nate needs to be in more tailor cut suits, not orange jumpsuits. In her defense, Annalise is distraught about setting up Nate, but she did promise the kids she would protect them, so all is fair in love and murder. Of course, when Annalise calls her mom, you know she’s done hit the wall. You only call mom when things have reached THAT level. And I have a feeling that if Annalise has any part of her mother’s genes, Mama is coming to clean house.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Viola Davis and Marcia Gay Harden go toe to toe, and would legit watch Hannah and Annalise try to outsmart each other on a weekly basis. Add in Cicely Tyson next week and I’m in heaven. I try not to mention Rebecca, because well, it’s Rebecca, but when Wes starts to think there’s something fishy with her and his apartment’s previous tenant, you know something is definitely off. She is literally the root cause of this entire cluster already going on and now she’s done something shady to the guy who got carted away for a mental breakdown. She’s the worst. Ever.

What are your thoughts on Rebecca? Or Hannah’s obsession with Sam?

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