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The Bold And The Beautiful Recap: Caroline and Ridge Get Artsy, Steffy and Rick Face Off, Brooke Drowns Her Sorrows


You Are Fantastical

Last week Ridge and Caroline took Paint By Numbers to a whole other level. The artist and his muse upped the sexy by 100 as Ridge took his brush from the canvas to Caroline’s skin in one of the most sensual love scene’s B&B has done in a while. A scene that I’m not sure their sister show (YR) would dare explore. These two have become quite the twosome. Fending off Rick’s wrath, ducking bullets, and now steaming up the set.


Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t seem like everyone is happy for their newfound bliss. While they were basking in afterglow, Brooke was devising a plan to woo the dressmaker back into HER bed. She’s tried this before not too long ago but there seemed to be a clear difference in motive. The first time was obviously because she was still in love with Ridge. This time, not so much. Brooke’s interest felt a lot more calculating than genuine. Regardless of motive, things didn’t exactly go as planned. For the second time in a 12 month period, Brooke attempted to steal Ridge back from his latest conquest and for the second time she was left with her jaw on the floor as he walked out yet again. Leaving her with a bottle of vodka as her only friend.

Brooke inability to function without a man has been a long standing staple on this show. But my question is for how long? They are constantly having everyone on canvas, Brooke included, acknowledge it but at what point are they going to actually move on from it? Will Brooke ever do something that isn’t rooted in the affections of the opposite sex? Doesn’t seem to be anytime soon as Deacon showed up to try and heal the once again wounded bird mere minutes after Ridge clipped her wings. Add to that the second thoughts of freeing Bill to be with Katie again and if feels like Brooke is about to spin the big wheel of Lover’s Past to see which one she wants now. For her sake, I hope it isn’t Deacon. Something tells me Quinn is working fast and furious on her next medieval weapon.

How’s The View From Up Top?

Speaking of plot driven unrequited love, Steffy, who has a laundry list of reasons not to sell her Forrester shares to any Spencer, choose lingering feelings as the main one. Yes, the reason Steffy still isn’t on board with Liam’s plot to take over her families company is because she’s still in love with him. Liam looked as surprised by this revelation as I was. I thought for sure bringing Steffy back she would have more resolve and a purpose outside of her ex-husband. I guess we were both wrong. I did agree with Steffy in that Liam’s desire to do all of this for Ivy was a bit… much. I wouldn’t want to be a part of that either.

There are 2 issues I’m having with how this take over story line is going. 1) It’s not. All it’s been thus far is talk. Incessant talk. As fast as this show moves, I expected a board room show down by now. And 2) At no point has anyone explained to me why Steffy selling her shares is necessary for this to work. Why can’t she, Thomas and Ridge just pull their shares together and make a move? The angle in this story had a lot of promise at first and now just feels stalled.

What hasn’t been stalled is Steffy’s tour of confrontations. Next up, old Ricky boy. This is something I had been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. With her stiletto boots resting on his desk, Steffy gave Rick fair warning that he might not want to get too comfortable in the throne he lied and manipulated to get. Their scene proved where this storyline maybe should have started from the beginning. Forrester in fighting over the company, not Liam trying to make things easier for his girlfriend and cousin. I’d much rather see Steffy and Thomas versus Rick and Maya. Especially more than seeing anything versus Ivy.

Ok, so I initially liked Ivy. I think I still do to a degree. But she’s got to be one of the densest characters I’ve seen in a while. It started with her insinuating her opinions into everyone’s business fresh off Air Australia and it’s only gotten worse since. That was clear when she fixed her mouth to tell Steffy that she didn’t view her as a threat to her relationship because her bond with Liam was that strong. Oh naïve girl. We all know that the only reason Steffy won’t be causing any real damage to Ivy’s relationship with Liam is because she won’t be in town long enough. Give that girl a contract and watch all your dreams crash down around you.

Last week we also saw Wyatt grovel for his job back before spending Valentine’s day with his mother and Rick and Maya treat Aly like the hired help. After weeks on the fast track, it felt like things on B&B slowed down a bit. Hopefully just enough to gear up to finish Sweeps on a high note. This week wedding bells are chiming, the family patriarch returns and Steam fills the air!

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