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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: ‘Best Christmas Ever’


Well, just when you thought we were done with flashbacks on How To Get Away With Murder, last night’s episode, “Best Christmas Ever,” reiterates that there’s still plenty of backstory to tell, particularly each one of the Keating Five’s disastrous winter break. The kids return to campus after Christmas break, only to find that life post murder still isn’t great and post-traumatic stress disorder is a bitch. Also, Sam’s sister isn’t going anywhere, so things are about to get real interesting.


During the winter break, Annalise took up residence in a hotel room surviving off vodka, pancakes, and KitKat bars. This is how I know we would be BFFs. Anyone who survives off vodka and chocolate is fine by me, even if she is slightly sociopathic in her life choices. Everyone has their cross to bear. Anyway, Annalise comes back to her house to be interrogated by sister-in-law, Hannah, who has taken up living in her house. Hannah is a dog with a bone and refuses to accept anything related Sam’s disappearance or Lila’s murder. She’s constantly around the police station asking questions, being a nuisance and following Annalise when she’s trying to get her game on with Nate, and generally being a pain in the ass for Annalise.  Mind you, Annalise does not let Hannah interrupt her time with a naked Nate. Because priorities.

Annalise and Hannah finally have a sit down dinner to talk about everything, including how Annalise covered for Sam when she learned about his affair with Lila, when her affair with Nate started, and why Annalise isn’t out looking for him. Although there are shades of truth in there about the real deal with Sam, Annalise tries hard to sell her story to Hannah. Unfortunately, Hannah ain’t buying it. Like at all. So it’s going to end well for Annalise.

The Case

Annalise catches a case, where a very bizarre woman walks in and volunteers that her husband has kidnapped two women and held them as slaves wants to come clean with a plea deal. Immediately, there’s something off about this lady. However, Annalise is suckered in by the woman’s abusive past, and falls her story. Turns out, the woman helped drug the women her husband kidnapped, and although for twisted “good” reasons, it’s still not kosher. Added to the fact that Wes figures out that their client has the first baby one of the kidnapped delivered. Annalise tricks her client into revealing where the little girl is and she’s found alive. In a super unethical move, Annalise tells her client she never had a deal with the state and there’s not one person who will testify that she did. In other words, her client has no cards left to play and is going to prison.

The Keating Five

All the kids are dealing with some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder, but each one has their own special way of dealing with it. Wes is having nightmares where dead people are chasing him. Of course, he wakes up every day to realize that it’s actually not a dream because Rebecca is lying next to him in bed and she’s one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Laurel finds her inner bitch and tells off her family at the Christmas dinner table. This is the most interesting she’s ever been, and I need her to stay like this. Also, Frank likes her this way as well and I’m all for it. Connor, the walking libido, turns down an easy hookup at home in Michigan because he has a “boyfriend.” Truth be told, Connor is in love with Oliver and he’s petrified. He’s also the weakest link of the kids because he refuses to deal with his feelings at all. Connor and Oliver bring all kinds of drama to their lives, but I cannot help falling in love with them. Connor is the bad boy and Oliver is the nerd who gets him, it’s perfect. On the other hand, Michaela, who is thisclose to having a psychotic break doesn’t have a person anymore. Turns out, Aiden broke up with her – in the middle of party no less – because he thinks she’s been acting weird. Also, he wants to go chase more hot men, but that’s neither here nor there. Of course, Asher is clueless as to what’s going on with everyone else and remains butthurt with how Bonnie is treating him after their hookup. I can’t help but feel bad for him because he’s feelings are genuinely hurt. He may being a bumbling idiot when it comes to women and life in general, but he does have a gooey center under that idiot shell.

The episode ends with Rebecca watching a news report that reveals human remains have been found in a landfill and have been identified at Sam Keating. The kids had ONE job to do. One. They are the worst at getting anything done without screwing it up.

This show continues to perfectly execute multiple simultaneous storylines without becoming confusing.  Marcia Gay Harden adds a new level of drama because she’s strong enough to play off Viola Davis without changing the dynamics of the show. Watching these two powerful female actresses hold nothing back is what I’m here for. Because when it comes down to it, Annalise is the master manipulator in this game, but having a foil to keep her in check is what was missing.

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