DAYS Previews: Week of August 25

DAYS Spoilers: Week of August 25

Marlena awakes with no memory of John…

DAYS Spoilers: Week of August 25th
BY: Trish Mahon

Thursday, August 16, 2008, 6:54 PM

DAYS Spoilers: Week of August 25

Bo wants to solve the Hollingsworth case as soon as possible. Trent demands Nicole to give him any information she has and Nicole wonders why. Caroline gets a phone call from Max which Trent listens in. Trent thinks that Nick may be the key to finding Melanie and when Trent discovers that Nick is in Europe, he sets out to hire Steve to find him. Melanie meets Nick. Even though Max and Stephanie are in jail, Melanie won’t help them. However, she may know someone else who can help them.

When Marlena wakes up from her paralysis, she doesn’t know who John is. Tensions mount between Roman and John as they each fight on who should care for Marlena. Kate is afraid that Chelsea will find out about her and Daniel’s relationship. Lucas takes Allie away from Sami. Two new tenants move into the DiMera mansion.