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Rick Hearst Inks New Deal with ‘General Hospital’


Hearst Renews with GH

General Hospital’s Rick Hearst (Ric) has signed a new multi-year contract with the long-running soap opera.

General Hospital fans have been speculating for months about whether or not Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) would be renewing his contract with the show. Hearst spok with Soap Opera Digest a few months ago and was hopeful that he would be inking
a new deal. GH fans have to worry no more, Hearst inked his new multi-year
deal with the show, according to the latest soap publications.

Rick Hearst joined General Hospital as money launderer turned lawyer, Ric Lansing in 2002. Originally planned to be Sonny Corinthos'(Maurice Benard) brother-in-law, Enrique, writers soon changed gears and wrote Lansing as Sonny’s long lost half brother. Lansing
had a chip on his shoulder as huge as Texas and had an axe to grind with his newly discovered half brother. His unhealthy obsession with Sonny became apparent as Ric plotted and executed the kidnapping of Sonny’s pregnant wife, Carly. After attempting to keep his own wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), from finding the panic room in which Carly was kept, by drugging her and manipulating her, his plans went awry when Carly escaped the room. Sonny and Ric’s relationship strained even more so after that, it wasn’t looking good for the two brothers to mend the fences between them.

The ongoing feud between Sonny and Ric only escalated when Ric married Sonny’s former attorney, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Sonny and Alexis having had a child together fueled the fires as Ric was now raising his brother’s daughter, Kristina. Things didn’t bode well for Ric as his marriage began to crumble and his step-daughter Sam moved into the house with he and Alexis. After getting drunk with the step-daughter, Sam, they had sex and unbeknownst to them, Alexis was witness to the act. His marriage now over, he found someone new to keep him warm at night. After a visit to his childhood home in Martha’s Vineyard, Ric met a young woman named Marianna (Yennifer Behrens). Their relationship didn’t last long once Ric discovered Marianna was in bed so to speak with his father, Trevor (Stephen Macht), to gain control of the piers Ric had in his possession.

Through all the trials and tribulations over the past 8 years, Ric Lansing has sustained a reasonably large fan base as does his portrayer, Rick Hearst. Fans were worried about Ric Lansing’s longevity on GH, since Ric is not a very nice man and there would be many residents in Port Charles who would not cry if he was found murdered. With the hopes of Ric haters dreams squashed now that Rick Hearst has inked a new multi-year deal, only time will tell what the writers have in store for Ric Lansing.

You can watch Rick’s story unfold on General Hospital weekdays at 3PM EST on ABC.

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