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Backstage Shake Up at ‘The Young and the Restless’: Griffith Out, Rauch In!


Rumors of Josh Griffith’s departure from Y&R weren’t so far fetched….

Major shake ups behind the scenes at two daytime soaps began on August 18th, when news broke that Ed Scott, executive producer of Days of Our Lives, and was being replaced with Gary Tomlin (former interim Head Writer of One Life to Live and Director of Passions). It was also rumored Josh Griffith, Executive Producer of The Young and the Restless would be let go. We shall wonder no more, as TV Guide confirms those rumors are indeed true.

With yesterday’s news of Griffith leaving Y&R, also comes news about his replacement, Daytime Emmy winning Executive Producer Paul Rauch.

Rauch is the former Executive Producer for the CBS daytime drama, Guiding Light. He had been EP for Guiding Light for 6 years, 1996-2002. Prior to his position at GL, Rauch served as an Executive Producer for Another World (NBC, 1972-84), One Life to Live (ABC, 1984-1991) and then Santa Barbara (NBC, 1992-1993). He was nominated for 4 Daytime Emmy’s, and received 2 wins (Outstanding Daytime Drama Series for Another World in 1976 and Outstanding Children’s Special for Run the Wild Fields in 2001).

Rauch not only served as Executive Producer for Daytime Dramas, but he was EP on several made for TV movies as well as TV series from 1975-2003. He was also co-creator of a TV series called Lovers and Friends/For Richer, for Poorer in 1977. In 1980, Rauch was also a writer for the TV series Another World: Texas.

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