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AMC Previews: Week of September 29


AMC Spoilers: Week of September 29

Zach and Kendall problems become problematic for everyone.

AMC Spoilers: Week of September 29


Friday, September
26, 2008, 7:45 PM

It's All For Love

Adam leaves Annie in a predicament when he takes back his story about leaving
his gun in her room.  Feeling the pressure, Annie asks Kendall and Zach to
take care of Emma instead of handing the child over to Social Services. 
Kendall's behavior continues to annoy and frustrate Zach.  Greenlee tries
to be there for Ryan when he needs someone, which puts Ryan in an awkward
position.  Despite his feelings for Greenlee, Ryan pushes her away and
tries to resist the temptation.  The two come close to sharing a kiss. 
Frustrated with the situation, Greenlee goes to confront Kendall, whom she
blames for the situation between her and Ryan.  Annie watches from afar as
Greenlee holds Emma in her lap while visiting with Kendall.  Later, Ryan
informs Annie he is filing for divorce and going to pursue full custody of Emma. 
An upset Greenlee begs Aidan not to leave her when he discovers she lied to him
about seeing Ryan the day before.  His love for her too strong, Aidan
quickly forgives Greenlee for her misgivings and takes her to the construction
site of the new home he is building for the two of them.  Annie blasts
Kendall for sticking her nose in everyone else's business to avoid facing her
issues she has with Zach.  Greenlee tells Ryan they no longer can be
friends, and later Ryan sets things straight with Annie who has jumped to the
wrong conclusions.  Aidan secretly secures a listening devices to one of
Greenlee's earrings.

Meanwhile, Opal sees the warning signs in a tarot card
reading and quickly tells Krystal what she saw.  Later, Krystal is shaken
by Opal's predictions and when giving Babe a tarot card reading, Opal faints at
the signs coming from the cards she has laid out on the table.  Opal can't
dismiss the horrible feelings she is suffering and believes there is doom
hovering over Pine Valley.  Even after sharing her feelings, Opal cannot
convince Erica there is something bad about to happen.  Krystal, on the
other hand is not as skeptical as Erica and believes Opal's predictions. 

Pine Valley Happenings….

Taylor walks in on Amanda and Jake in bed together and storms out. 
Later Jake finds her at his cabin and they share a kiss.  Pete overhears a
private conversation between Erica and Opal, and learns Erica's true intentions. 
Jesse is contacted by an anonymous person and later finds someone lurking
outside his front door.  Randi and Frankie grow closer as Frankie asks her
to move in with him.  Someone has their eyes fixated on Babe and JR.

Can’t Miss…..

Adam and Pete are up to know good on Wednesday, October 1.

Carmen tells Randi not to be afraid to open her heart to Frankie on
Thursday October 2

Babe and JR begin to wonder if Annie has really lost touch with reality on Friday October 3.

Next week on All My Children…

A desperate Annie turns to Zach for help.  Adam sets his plans against
Fusion into motion.  Ryan tells Kendall to mind her own business and to
stay out of his.  Jesse's past has finally caught up with him.

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