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B&B Previews: Week of September 8


B&B Spoilers: Week of September 8

The Forrester’s prayers are answered when Eric wakes up.

B&B Spoilers: Week of September 8


Sunday, September 7, 2008, 6:38 PM

The Forrester’s prayers are answered when Eric wakes up. Donna is sent packing to Paris with Owen. Bridgette is devastated when she hears the truth about Nick and Katie. She, though drops a bombshell of her own. Stephanie never learns and is back to her old tricks. The war between Taylor and Brooke is gas lighted by Rick.

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Monday – Ridge sends Donna and Owen on a business trip. Stephanie and Ridge devise a secret plan concerning Eric. Nick finally makes his confession to Bridget.

Tuesday – Stephanie tells Rick and Taylor what she saw when she walked in Donna. Nick is disappointed by Bridget’s reaction. Katie faces Bridget.

Wednesday – Nick apologizes to Brooke for what he did to Bridget. Brooke makes a surprise visit to Taylor’s and becomes concerned about Jack. Nick walks in on Katie and Bridget’s confrontation.

Thursday – Donna and Owen return to town. Eric’s condition deteriorates, so Stephanie gathers her children to be at his bedside. Stephanie adopts a grateful attitude.

Friday – Taylor gets another unexpected visit from Brooke. Owen offers to take Eric’s place in Donna’s heart. The Forresters try to prevent Donna from seeing Eric.

Week of Sept. 15
Stephanie & Donnie have it out over Eric. Ridge and Brooke prepare for their wedding. |

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