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AMC Spoilers: Week of November 3

Ryan and Annie continue their search for Emma…

AMC Spoilers: Week of November 3

BY: Trish Mahon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008,
7:25 PM

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For The Love of a Child

Ryan and Annie continue their search for Emma. The kidnapper orders them to an abandoned theater where they will find Emma.  Instead of finding Emma, the kidnapper orders Annie to come with him.  Terrified, Annie agrees and Ryan lunges at the kidnapper.  A shot rings out and Ryan narrowly misses getting shot.  Annie and the kidnapper leave.  Meanwhile, Greenlee tells Jesse what is going on and race to the theater.  They find Ryan and Annie calls Ryan and tells Ryan that Emma is alive. Before she can tell Ryan any more details they are cut off.  Aidan uses his Special Ops training and figures out that Annie is in Puerto Rico.  Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee head to Puerto Rico to rescue Annie and Emma.  Aidan confides in Greenlee that he fears that Annie and Emma are dead.  When they arrive in Puerto Rico, they get a lead on Annie and Emma but it leads to a shocking discovery. The kidnapper reaches out to Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan and orders them to take part in a macabre game.  Annie contacts Ryan, but things aren’t what they seem, leading Ryan to have several doubts.

Krystal finds a despairing David, who is contemplating suicide.  He blames Krystal for keeping him out of his daughter’s life.  Krystal tells him that he only has himself to blame. David goes to Babe’s burial, telling everyone that he has changed when in reality, he is plotting revenge on everyone he feels caused Babe’s death. Later, JR tells Krystal that he is taking Little A back to San Diego to live.  JR and Little A say their goodbyes.  Joe reinstates David at the hospital because the hospital needs a top cardiologist. Upon hearing that Little A and JR are heading to San Diego, David demands that Krystal makes JR and Little A stay in Pine Valley. Krystal searches for her son in law and grandson and finds them at Babe’s gravesite. After pleading with JR to stay, JR decides to stay in town for now.  JR warns Krystal to watch out for David.

A New Beginning

Jake is concerned for Taylor as she falls deeper into depression as the days pass.  He fears she is giving up on life all together because of her paralysis.  Jake leaves a wheelchair in her room.  Once he leaves, Taylor decides to try to get into the wheelchair.  She summons her strength and begins to crawl towards the wheelchair.  Tad is curious about the identity of the man who hired him to investigate Taylor. When Tad asks him, the man hangs up.  Jake and David get into a sparring match and David humiliates Jake. Amanda breaks up with Jake as she sees that he has feelings for Taylor.  After seeing Amanda and JR together, David wonders how he can use Amanda to his advantage. Taylor rejects Tad’s offer of help when she tries to get to the wheelchair.  Tad learns that his mystery client is from a VA hospital.  Tad heads to the hospital, looking for answers. Jake tries to get Taylor to fight by telling her that he and Amanda broke up because of Taylor.  He gets her to laugh and then he kisses her.  Meanwhile, Amanda drowns her sorrows and runs into David.  Seeing an opportunity, David starts to manipulate Amanda. He surprises her by kissing her.

Pine Valley Happenings….

Bianca and Reese happily plan their wedding and their life together.  Reese and Erica finally meet.  Bianca and Reese are happy to have a simple wedding, but Erica wants to throw them a lavish party…Erica brings in a specialist for Kendall and the specialist recommends to Zach that she be taken to a Canadian health facility but Zach refuses to consider it.  In the end, Zach agrees and he, Bianca and Erica say their goodbyes…Frankie confides in Randi how angry he is at his father.  Randi pleads to Frankie not to be angry at Natalia saying that she is as innocent as Frankie is.  Angie is given the unfortunate task of telling Natalia that Rebecca has an inoperable brain tumor.  When Angie tells Jesse, he can’t believe it.  Angie promises Jesse that they will care for Natalia. Jesse tells Rebecca not to worry about Natalia, he and Angie will be there for her.  Angie is conflicted when she sees Rebecca and Jesse together.  Randi and Frankie reach out to Natalia…  Erica takes the reins of Fusion and neutralizes Adam’s lawsuit. While Erica throws herself into work at Fusion, Adam taunts Jack by telling him that Erica has fallen in love with him. Regarding Adam and Erica, things seem like old times…Pete tells Colby that he loves her, but it falls on deaf ears

Coming Soon: Week of 11/10…

Frankie wants answers concerning Taylor while David pushes Tad to his breaking point.  Aidan and Annie are playing a dangerous game.  What effect will it have in saving Emma?  It’s a special day when a ghost named Aggie visits Pine Valley in its hour of need. Ryan shares his suspicions about Annie, but can he trust who he tells? David and Amanda start working together and put their plans in motion.

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