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AMC Spoilers: Week of October 27

David vows revenge on the Chandler’s for Babe’s death.

AMC Spoilers: Week of October 2

BY: Trish Mahon

Sunday, October 26, 2008,
11:45 PM

A Father’s Vow of Revenge

David is devastated that he didn’t have the chance to see Babe before she died.  David blames Adam, Krystal and JR for coming between the two of them.  He swears revenge against the Chandlers for causing Babe’s death.  David punches JR and lets him know that if he could, he would kill him.  Later, Krystal tries to talk to David about leaving Pine Valley for good.  She believes that she succeeded but David has other ideas.  He swears he will take Adam and JR down if it is the last thing he ever does.  JR desperately wants a drink but resists, Colby is proud of him.  Adam confesses to Pete that he told Erica everything and that he will arrange it so Pete can go to Europe.  Colby scoffs, she knows that Adam is playing Pete and she stands up to Adam. Later, Adam and JR find David with Little A. As JR takes his son out of David’s arms, David informs everyone that he will be suing for custody of his grandson.  JR, Adam and Krystal come together and tell David that he will never have custody of Little A.

Meanwhile Erica contacts David and asks him for his help with Kendall. Kendall is taking a turn for the worse and is dying. Because of that, Zach agrees to let David perform the life saving procedure.  Even though David is full of grief, he does the surgery.  Afterwards, it doesn’t look good and he informs Kendall’s family that Kendall may never wake up. When Babe’s funeral begins, all of her friends and family gather at the parlor.  Colby needs a friend and is happy that Pete is there for her.  David, who has leased Wildwind, shows up for his daughter’s funeral.  David tries to antagonize JR into killing him.  Later, Krystal comes across David in a private moment and witnesses the depth of his grief.

Port Charles Happenings….

Ryan and Annie are terrified that something terrible will happen to Emma. They receive another note.  This note tells them not to go to the police.  Greenlee begs Aidan to help the couple out.  Aidan agrees and arranges for Ryan to meet with Jesse.  Ryan doesn’t tell Jesse that the kidnappers contacted them again.  Later, Jesse confronts Annie and Ryan with his suspicions that they aren’t being honest with him. Annie and Ryan insist that isn’t the case.  Ryan and Annie are then instructed to go to a motel room and once there, they find Aidan there. The three watch a video that the kidnapper left.  It’s of Emma and the kidnapper warns that Emma will be safe…for ten million dollars.  When Ryan and Annie can’t come up with the amount, Annie does the unthinkable.  Even thought Ryan tells her not to do it, she asks Greenlee for the money.  Greenlee immediately agrees to give them the money for Emma’s safe return.  Annie gets jealous when she sees the looks between Ryan and Greenlee.  The kidnapper then informs them where to drop off the money.  Greenlee convinces Ryan to put a tracking advice in the money back.  Before Ryan can do so, Annie takes off with the money bag. Greenlee and Ryan soon follow. Annie, Ryan and Greenlee are at the dropoff point when a shot rings out…

Pine Valley Happenings….

Erica meets her new granddaughter Bianca’s daughter, Gabrielle. Erica is shocked to discover that Zach is Baby Gaby’s father. Erica tries to be strong for Kendall.  Reese, Bianca’s partner arrives in Pine Valley with Miranda and a ring…Taylor is paralyzed from her fall down the stairs. Joe and Jake hope it’s not permanent. Taylor feels that her life is over.  Jake uses tough love on her.  Amanda realizes that Jake is developing feelings for Taylor…Natalia’s mother, Rebecca arrives in town and Angie and her meet. Jesse is surprised to find the two together. Rebecca assures Natalia that everything is fine with her, but later collapses in front of Angie… As Zach is praying in the chapel, Kendall’s finger twitches.

Next week on All My Children…

Erica makes her presence known as she takes charge of Fusion. Jake is determined to help Taylor walk again. A woman catches David’s eye. David tries to work on Krystal to stop JR from moving away. David wants Little A to stay in Pine Valley so he can keep a close eye on both JR and Little A.  Jesse can’t believe what Angie tells him about Rebecca and Natalia. Aidan gets a lead in Emma’s kidnapping.

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