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GH Previews: Week of November 10


GH Spoilers: Week of November 10

A mob war escalates and innocent people are in danger!

GH Spoilers: Week of November 10


Friday, November
7, 2008,
7:10 PM

A Mob War Spells Danger for Many

Jerry manages to talk his way out of a sticky situation when Sam is able to
send a distress signal to the Coast Guard.  He threatens Sam that she is
running out of time.  Jason and Spinelli learn the whereabouts of Jerry and
Sam, and Jason realizes Jerry is holding Sam captive, she is not his accomplice. 
Jason is impressed when Spinelli is able to plant a tracking device on Jerry
during their scuffle.  Jason discovers Sam on the freighter.  During
Jason and Jerry’s struggle, the bomb is detonated and Jason and Sam jump for
safety, narrowly escaping the explosion.  Later, Jason and Sam have to
explain the situation they were in to Elizabeth, whose anger subsides quickly
after hearing the truth.  Jason rips into Maxie for filling Elizabeth’s
head with lies about he and Sam.  After a pair of Russian goons destroy
Kelly’s, Maxie fills Jason and Spinelli in on what happened. 

Meanwhile, Harper pays a visit to Sonny and arrests him for murder. 
Olivia and Carly realize each other know the truth about Sonny, as Jax realizes
Carly didn’t have Sonny at her place for romantic reasons but walks away from
her when she can’t promise him she will never help Sonny if he finds himself in
trouble again.  When the police come asking questions, Carly lies and tells
them she and Sonny were having sex during the time of the murder.  Carly
tries to justify the lies to Jax but to no avail.  Jax goes to see Kate and
tells her she is a fool if she believes Sonny and Carly can stay out of each
other’s lives because they have a bond no one will be able to break.  Kate
leaves to go confront Sonny. 

No one is safe when the Russian mob make their move against Sonny and Jason. 
Who will be the next innocent victim to be caught in the crossfire?

Port Charles Happenings….

After witnessing Sonny commit cold blooded murder, Olivia wonders how
Elizabeth can justify being with Jason.  Laura is reunited with her
children and she learns the truth about Jake’s paternity from Lucky and
Elizabeth. After hearing Maxie’s story of lies, Elizabeth confronts Jason
and Sam at the penthouse and proceeds to tell Jason he needs to make up his mind
about their relationship. Nikolas and Nadine have mis-communication when
Nadine jumps to the wrong conclusion.  Elizabeth begins to have doubts
about her and Jason.  Robin begins to recover, but has a long road ahead of
her. Tracy makes it very clear she is fighting for Luke. Laura tells Tracy she can give as good as she gets after Tracy tries to send Laura to France for treatment. Laura meets Johnny and Nadine. Scotty is up to his old tricks. Elizabeth tells Jason he needs to make up his mind whether or not they’re together. Sam and Lucky work things out. Lulu assures Johnny he’s not like his father.  Robin is on the road to recovery.

Can’t Miss…..

Carly is devastated when Jax hands her divorce papers on Monday, November 10.

Jason and Sam make a daring leap to safety; Meanwhile, Lucky and Elizabeth tell Laura the truth about Jake’s paternity on Tuesday, November 11.

Any chance Carly had with reconciling with Jax is ruined on Wednesday, November 12.

Mob violence targets Mike on Thursday, November 13!

Olivia finds herself in danger when she’s in the wrong place at the wrong
time; Sam and Maxie don’t realize danger is lurking on Friday, November 14.

Coming Soon: Week of 11/17…

Jason unleashes his anger on Sonny for starting the mob war. Unexpected feeling re-emerge in Sam for Jason. Sam tells
Jason he’s going to need her help if he wants to defeat his enemies.  Jax
takes sides, and it’s not Carly’s, but Kate’s.  Tracy tells Luke their
marriage is over.  Jax has Nikolas right where he wants him.  Sonny
tells Anthony he’s accepting the deal he offered.  Jason insists Elizabeth
and Sam lay low for a while. Spinelli vows to get vengeance for Maxie. Jax drops a bomb on Nikolas. Johnny finds Spinelli in the nick of time.

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